Tim Tebow Rumors: Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders Top 2014 Options With Minnesota Vikings For Quarterback Future?

New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow

New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow warms up before facing the New York Giants in their NFL preseason game in Foxborough, Massachusetts, August 29, 2013. (Photo : Reuters) “

The Tim Tebow saga likely will not end anytime soon and while there have been reports that the former Heisman winning quarterback will jump to television, there is a good chance that the QB will try and get back onto an NFL team this offseason after no one picked him up this season and some options include the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings.

All three of those teams could have quarterback issues going into next season, including the Raiders, who have not found an answer with Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin. According to Pro Football Talk, the Jaguars will evaluate their QB situation with Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert as well as the draft class that will include Johnny Manziel and the report also says that Tebow could be an option way down the line if none of those end up working out how Gus Bradley wants.

 The NFL season is moving along into the final week of the schedule and with teams dealing with a number of injuries at important positions, including at quarterback, some names that are on the market that could get attention includes Vince Young and Tim Tebow, but that was from weeks ago and now it appears that Tebow will not be getting into the NFL this season and that puts his future in question. Here is a look back at Tebow’s chances from a couple weeks ago.

The Green Bay Packers seemed like an obvious option for any of the above names, as Young and Flynn were both previously there and that’s why the team signed Flynn and while Tebow is not even close to coming in, hey, anything could happen. Aaron Rodgers was lost for a number of weeks to a collarbone injury for the Packers and while they aren’t the only team with QB issues, either Young or Flynn could make their way back there eventually, especially with Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien as the two backups for Rodgers until he comes back. The Packers are now locked in a tight division race and the way things shake out with injuries could change what the team decides to do down the line. UPDATE: Rodgers is back now and will start against the Chicago Bears.

Tebow has been trying to find a job for the entire season since being released by the New England Patriots and after getting some consideration from the Rams, he has still not been able to get on a roster. No team has given him a chance as a backup either and now reports have him possibly moving towards football broadcasting, as he hired an agent from CAA to handle his entertainment career and that could end up being very lucrative for him. Tebow had some success for the Denver Broncos before the team decided to bring in Peyton Manning, as he led them to the playoffs and a win over the Steelers, but after getting traded to the Jets, everything went wrong and now Tebow is looking at a possible future in TV and not the NFL.

The Jets had no idea how to use Tebow and they eventually decided to cut him loose and after signing with the Patriots, it seemed like he would have a place, but even Bill Belichick felt the fit wasn’t right, making him a free agent again. Teams like the Browns, Rams, Bills, Raiders and Buccaneers all dealt with quarterback issues or injuries this season and players like Young and Tebow were not really considered, giving them a tough go of it on the market

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  1. ck says:

    What a conspiracy and, yes, that is what it is!!! He is better than all the mediocre QBs they have now and can WIN!!! They are the losers imo!!!
    Hey, David, help me out here as you have the evidence!!! Where is The Mascot Army?

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