Tim Tebow Keeps Positive Attitude Despite Being Without a Career

Are there really no good options for Tim Tebow in terms of his professional football career right now?  

Tebow is still without a National Football League (NFL) team, but he guarantees that he is happy with his life through the guidance that he gets from Jesus Christ.

Tim Tebow keeps a positive attitude even without a career in the NFL.

 Tebow claims that he has found his self in Christ rather than when he was still playing football. “When you find your identity as a Christian, then regardless of you status or your fame or your popularity or your position, that never changes,” Tebow told Sports Illustrated. The former New England Patriots quarterback also revealed to the sports journal that he is thankful that he no longer has to live with the ups and downs that the world has presented on him.

Tebow even revealed that he is at the best condition that he has even been.

Sports Illustrated has honoured Tebow in a seven-part article, discussing his life as a football player during his amateur and professional career as well as his life being a Christian.

It is widely known that Tebow is a devout Catholic. Everyone knows that he has always been very vocal about his religious belief. The former NFL player used to preach the Christian Gospel to school children in the Philippines, where he was born. In the U.S., Tebow has also shared the Word of God to prisons, schools and churches, among many others.

Tebow may not have a career in the NFL at the moment, but with God and Christ in him, he knows he can survive. It has been reported that he might land himself a broadcasting job, dealing with college football, on the TV. International football team Milano Seamen of Italy has also expressed their interest of signing the quarterback. However, Tebow has not made any official decision yet whether he will grab the hosting opportunity or sign with an international football team.

Bing, the second-most-used search engine in the U.S., has revealed that Tim Tebow is the most searched athlete of 2013. This could mean that a lot of people are still eager to find out what Tebow’s been up even though he doesn’t play for the NFL anymore.

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18 Responses to “Tim Tebow Keeps Positive Attitude Despite Being Without a Career”

  1. Clinton says:

    While Mr. Tebow is a devout Christian, he’s a protestant. The article mistakenly states that he
    is a Catholic.

    That detail aside, I wish the man all the best in whatever career choice he makes. Any organization
    would be lucky to have him.

  2. shaztah says:

    This writer does not know anything about Tim. He is not catholic and he has never “lived the ups and downs that the world has presented on him”. Tim has always stated that he does not listen to the media or worry about what he can’t control. He is always positive and respectful and he has stated more than once that his life is not the rollercoaster ride that people think it is.

    • Ang says:

      I almost fell off my chair when I saw devout Catholic. Really? This guy has to do a better job in getting the facts straight. I stopped reading after about the third sentence. I know there’s nothing to report, Buzzy. I appreciate all you do with this site! Promise I’m not whining. Hope you all have a great Christmas!


    • Brandi says:

      The writer is an Aussie for an Australian Market. If you scan around the world looking for articles on Tim Tebow, you’re going to find all sorts of things. Much of it is simply the differences in colloquialisms. One person says “Christian” and it’s automatically assumed Catholic or Anglican. If you’re not the latter, you must be the former. Etc., etc.

      Liam Neeson was asked about Tebow as a “Good QB” and Neeson responded he doesn’t really understand the game. He meant exactly that. So being asked if he was a good QB was like asking if martians are green. He doesn’t know the difference between the positions. Reporters here immediately said…He doesn’t know who Tim Tebow is.”

      This kinda crap is going to go on every day. It’s just how it is when you start thinking everyone has the same knowledge, understanding and common language…even when the language they speak is called by the same word “English”.

      • Sage says:

        I sort of imagined Tim could do some good by playing a game or two in Russia.

        It’s understandable why some thought that was absurd, but what has his abstinence won him? A few kind words from Robert Kraft? Useless.

        • Hoot says:

          I thought so too about him going to Russia. It would have been a good platform, right?

          But we don’t know the details. There’s always a risk for injury, so is there even more a risk if he played in Russia? Physical and contract wise? There’s also that stereotype of the “circus”…

          By him not going there, it gave him more time to practice those skill sets that he’s been criticized of since college with “experts”. It probably game him more time to focus.

          As for Kraft? Who knows? Maybe the door is open for him come next pre-season? To get there, he needs to meet their demands and answer the critics. I think Tim can do it.

          • Sage says:

            It would be nice, but it looks like Brady should get at least 3 more seasons.

          • Brandi says:

            I never felt very good about the signing with New England. Everything I’ve heard has been that he’s had numerous options from NFL teams. But the Jets made him gun shy. Signing with the man who has been interested in him since College and his OC, who actually Drafted Tim, makes sense from the “They won’t lie to me” perspective.

            But that’s the only perspective that has every held any merit to me about the Pats. Even if they let Mallett go on his way, as a straight Back-Up to Brady, Tim makes little sense. Why? To “learn” a Pro Style that’s becoming a thing of the past? A Style that no more than a handful of QBs at any time can run effectively and none more effective than Brady?

            Tim with the Patriots only makes any sense if they’re not sure Brady will be around more than a couple more years.

          • Sage says:

            It’s a pity that Tim does not seem savvy about who to trust or why.

            You’d think someone around him could provide better guidance. Perhaps Urban Meyer thought NE was a good play.

  3. Bigfan says:

    That picture says it all…sad day for that writer and editor!!

  4. Alexis says:

    “It is widely known that Tebow is a devout Catholic.” Wait what? He is a devout Christian, and he identifies with the Baptist denomination I believe.

  5. jason says:

    And once again all of you forget and also don’t have a clue what the NFL looks at.
    All tim ever had to do was learn the skill set they want not try to run fast or whatever crap he did in the offseason. Learn to play the game from the pocket 1st and then do something else but tebow missed even the most basic of coverage in reads but yet angry tebow fans never see such nor do they take time to understand that the NFL will be just fine without tebow.
    The best way tim gets back is to learn the skill set that the GMs and HCs want not how you feel.
    Brandi have you been right about it? CK? Sage? ….knowing the league is what its about and none of you do.

    Not one person has pulled for tim to make it as he will have to but want the league to just bow down which won’t happen and as all of you have learned the league hasn’t been harmed without tim.

  6. jason says:

    Hey but arleast you folks are always right about what everyone in the NFL should think.

    • Brandi says:

      yes Jason. The NFL is the Unsinkable Juggernaut. That’s why 10 Million fewer people watch Monday Night Football than did in 1997.

      • jason says:

        And their total revenue has grown by how much angry brandi…..
        The NFL has done great before and after tebow. Why don’t you learn the league instead of just complain about it without knowledge of how it worka top to bottom.
        You have been completely wrong about it where i have been almost completely right other than i thought the patriots would go long term on tebow but then again i guess belichck is an idiot right?
        Buzzy Says : Cant you just make a statement without cutting someone.

      • ck says:


  7. jason says:

    Above all though go take time to learn the NFL brandi because regaurdless of how upset you get you still see tbat year after year they do just fine.
    How you feel means nothing. What the millioms of NFL fans do even though you don’t like or disagree with it. 🙂
    Buzzy Says : Monday&Thursday Nite Games ratings have dropped

  8. ck says:

    Buzzy: I would believe you over you know who anytime AS YOU HAVE THE FACTS!:D Hope you had a Merry Christmas and all on this blog who are T2 FANS!!

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