Tim Tebow gets an offer to play pro football in Italy


Tim TebowTim Tebow has been a free agent since getting released by the New England Patriots earlier this year. (Jared Wickerham / Getty Images)
By Dan LoumenaDecember 5, 2013, 11:38 a.m.

 Tim Tebow‘s dream of playing quarterback for a professional football team might be over in America, or at least the NFL, but Italian league team Milano has offered him a four-month contract.

Milano team President Marco Mutti told the Associated Press that the offer has been sent to Tebow’s agent and the club is awaiting an answer.

“We would be more than happy to have him,” Mutti said.

The Milano Seamen lost last season’s championship game to the Parma Panthers, 51-28. The new season begins in March.

Tebow, the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner and two-time BCS champion, last played for the New England Patriots, who cut the former Florida star before the regular season began.

A spokesman for the Italian league told the Associated Press that the contract was worth about $200,000.

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3 Responses to “Tim Tebow gets an offer to play pro football in Italy”

  1. David Oliver says:

    Some “Brandi” Stuff:

    Tim Tebow – Continues To Be The King of Pop !
    THE “Tebow Train” is NOT Slowing – DOWN !

    Another Opinion – Posted by : brandileanne On : December 3, 2013


    “Tim Tebow – hasn’t been on an NFL Roster since the Regular Season began. His Detractors and NFL Apologists continue to say his Football Career is over. He hasn’t played more than a cameo role in almost two years.

    Yet he is still the Most Popular Player the NFL has ever had. In its annual release of Masters of the Internet Universe, Bing says Tebow was the Most Popular Athlete, based on Internet Searches, in 2013. (Right up there with Beyonce and XBox.)

    Tebow’s Popularity…and influence…actually grew after the New York Jets released him. The Jets Popularity? Not-so-much. How Neil Glat didn’t step in and remind Woody Johnson he’s the smartest guy Woody knows and Rexy, well, isn’t…I don’t know.

    The National Football League has become the New York Jets. Where the bottom-feeding ego dwellers have taken over. Those in the League who actually have some vision…and there are some…aren’t being listened to.

    This all creates a once in the lifetime of a League opportunity for the A11 Football League. The one Player who can instantly vault them to success is still available. During Tebow’s absence, the NFL has wiped over $40 Billion off its Business Plan Projections. He’s worth $10B to A11FL. If they show they’re smarter than the NFL has been. Not that it takes much doing these days. NFL General Managers have let their egos run amok and NFL Owners have yet to bitchslap them back into line.

    Tebow’s not an easy sign for a GM. He means putting the Organization on free run. GMs don’t even like the appearance of being hostage to events beyond their control. But the reality is…that’s the job. So far, no NFL Owner has reminded them of that. Half a GM’s job is dealing with the Press and the Public. The other half is out of their control. Nobody knows if a Marquee’ Draft Pick will be brilliant or a bust. Nobody knows which Play results in a key injury that scuttles a Season. Nobody knows what the weather is going to be like and whether it will bog down that high-flying Offense a GM wants to smile at himself in building. Nobody knows which way that funny shaped Ball is going to bounce.

    All any General Manager can do is try to get the Fans on his side. Yet that’s where their egos turn them into Franchise Liabilities. Tim Tebow is a struggling GM’s or Head Coaches DREAM. He instantly buys incredible, completely unprecedented, Fan Support and patience. But the egos get in the way. He’s the biggest currency for time and mistakes any GM or Head Coach in the NFL has ever seen. But the egos get in the way.

    And now we have the dumbest showdown with the Fans in the modern History of any Major Pro Sports League. The ONLY time in the History of Professional Sports where a League’s Most Popular Player has been run off. Pro Leagues NEVER do that. This one has. Why? BECAUSE he’s so incredibly Popular and, as this report from Bing shows, his Popularity isn’t anything the NFL can significantly influence, let alone control. At least not to the negative. National Football League General Managers have effectively made a Martyr and a Symbol to a massive number of Fans that the League hasn’t just lost touch with average Fans, it doesn’t even care that it has. As if thinking Free Wi-Fi and Big Screen TVs would get Fans back to the Stadiums wasn’t already statement enough that the people minding the store at the NFL have run out of wares to peddle.

    Does the A11FL have the marbles to pull off signing Tebow? NOW…before somebody in the NFL beats them to it?

    The new League is trying to button up their Network and Stadium deals. Unless they allow their egos to match those of the dimwits sitting in those GM Offices who are costing their Bosses big money, A11FL will realize that landing Tebow both makes that task easier and puts them in the driver’s seat in the negotiations. It’s more important to their immediate success. And it virtually guarantees the new League will be a Media Darling. It’s more free press than they could come close to buying. Basically, it cuts off two years of tough slogging, hoping to garner ANY significant attention. More importantly, it’s press taken away from the NFL.

    The success of the A11 Football League is going to come down to…the success of their Fan Equity program, the full embrace by Fans of their Community Involvement Programs and the International Appeal that has eluded the NFL. It has been the NFL’s arrogance, the arrogance we see exhibited by NFL GMs today, that has killed its Global Growth. You know how A11FL can know that? Ask the people in those Countries who have rejected the NFL. They’re all too happy to tell you. The Game itself is OK…nothing special. But they could learn to like it enough to take the time to understand it. But they just plain do not like the NFL’s arrogance in thinking it can shove anything it wants down people’s throats. Where have we heard those sentiments recently? HERE…where more and more Football Fans have gotten fed up with that same arrogance and dismissive attitude.

    A11FL can seriously capitalize on that growing feeling of disenfranchisement among Fans, if they show they ARE Fans themselves. Signing Tim Tebow does that. In big, bold print on the front of every Sports Page in the Country.

    Signing Tim Tebow means instant success in A11FL’s Fan Equity Program, which translates to an almost limitless supply of funds…something the NFL CANNOT attain. It means instant full embrace of A11FL’s Community Initiatives which translates into millions of Fans who take the new League into their daily lives and routines in the most personal of ways. And it means having the one Player on the planet who is an International Rock Star.

    An ESPN producer once said “Tebow Trumps Everything else”. A11 Football League’s success could hinge on whether or not they adopt and fully embrace that same attitude.

    Before the NFL wakes up and remembers why its largest paying customer, ESPN, said that. Because one thing should be abundantly clear to everyone.

    The Tebow Train isn’t slowing down.”

    Buzzy Says Dont think the NFL will every wake Up.

  2. jason says:

    The A 11 has to take on college and the NFL. Contracts alone defeat it. Its pointless to post because you don’t know the league at all, if you did you wouldn’t jump on conspiracy crap and would understand how simple it is.
    All this has become is pat each other on the back and not understand the reality of the issue. Tebow gets the skill set down to fit what is wanted and he plays. For GMs and HCs its that cut and dry. Plenty of tebow fans still watch and love the NFL. It has nothing to do with the crazy ideas you come up with.
    Tebow has to do the job from the pocket 1st and everything else second. It makes you feel better inside to think its not that because you haven’t taken a minute to know the league, you just get mad that how you feel isn’t the way things really are.
    I’ll take any bet and will send a check in advance to buzzy that tbe A11 won’t take down the NFL with tebow in it. This stuff is so simple and so clear cut.
    Why isn’t the league gone in a complete tailspin since tim isn’t in it? ……shouldn’t every rating be vastly worse and all revenue be complety gone now that tim didn’t play this season? ……..they are doing very well without timand will because most fans are team fans and will follow the teams no matter how one player is treated.
    And once again if tim could play from the pocket well enough to start he would be and if his fans didn’t cause issues he would be a backup. Its nothing against his faith, its just easier for you to believe its something other than what it really is because you don’t wanna see it as it really is.
    I know i know, everyone in the NFL which have the ability to hire tim are wrong and love satan so it can’t ever matter how they see anything because they are all in league with the devil.

    Buzzy Says : You May be correct Jason But this is the Tebowzone and I dont Like to hear what You are Saying about T2 If he was a Pocket Passer I am sure He would be Playing some where But He is what he is and if someone would give him a Shot I am sure he will do well and don’t bring up the New England PreSeason as he played just as they called his Plays Pleas take it easy on cutting T2 Here and if you are talking to Brandi It might be better if we did not start a P—— C——- .!got It!

    • kim henderson says:

      a few months ago I asked the A11 league would they sign tim tebow and they sent me a note that said they would love to sign tim tebow and they also said they would be delighted to have join their league

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