Tim Tebow and Destiny

By Tommy Tomlinson Forbes

In this corner: The hordes who see Tim Tebow as a scatter-armed third-stringer (or worse) who combined his religion with one lucky pass in the playoffs to somehow convince people that he should be an NFL starter, when he really belongs on the bench in Ottawa, or doing some version of the Lord’s work that doesn’t involve throwing an out route.

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In that corner: The legions who believe the NFL has conspired to lock Tebow out of the league and deny him his destiny as a star NFL QB, even as retreads like Kyle Orton — the guy Tebow replaced in Denver — are still around throwing soul-crushing INTs to keep their teams out of the playoffs.

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One Response to “Tim Tebow and Destiny”

  1. ck says:

    Yes, Buzzy, Happy New Year to you too!:D So, now, we have to wait until January 6th to catch a glimpse of T2 and as Sage so aptly stated: Will be like Watching Indiana Jones be a barber!” He does have a way w/words!!
    At least he left himself an option/out!! Maybe if McD goes to the Browns or somewhere then he can p/u T2 and build a winning team around him like Urban Legend was able to do!!!:D

    On another note, looks like Tampa Bay has fired their HC & GM…heads are gonna roll in “NFL Land” and it continues to live up to that moniker.

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