Tebow targeted by three networks for television job


  • By Chase Goodbread
  • College Football 24/7 writer
  • Published: Dec. 3, 2013 at 06:11 p.m.
  • Updated: Dec. 3, 2013 at 08:38 p.m.

AP Photo/ Jack Dempsey
Tim Tebow is being courted by several television networks for next college football season.

No fewer than three TV networks are interested in hiring former Denver Broncos and New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow to be part of their college football TV coverage next fall, according to thebiglead.com.

ESPN’s new SEC Network, scheduled for launch next year, CBS Sports and Fox Sports are the apparent suitors.

The natural fit?

Of course, the SEC Network, which would place the former Florida Gators megastar in the comfort zone of his own former conference. According to the report, ESPN has even done some groundwork regarding his potential future role. While the NFL audience may be ready to say goodbye to the Tebow career narrative, the college audience would no doubt be more likely to re-embrace one of the game’s most memorable and prolific athletes.

To be sure, there are more than a few college fans who feel they’ve faced enough Tebow exposure to last a lifetime. But to the networks, that may just mean adding to the ratings with haters.

As for Tebow’s potential in the role, he has a lot of the necessary attributes built-in: name recognition, charisma, football experience, and all the comfort in his own skin that a network exec could ask for. But it’s also fair to wonder this: Could he deliver a candid opinion on a failed coach, program or player when the job calls for the brutal variety of honesty? In almost any role, part of Tebow’s job would be to criticize when warranted — this from a guy who has never been known to be critical of anyone or anything, at least not on a public platform.

For Tebow, that would be the toughest challenge.

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12 Responses to “Tebow targeted by three networks for television job”

  1. shaztah says:

    Too bad his dream is NOT being a commentator it is being a QB in the NFL. I just can’t understand why he only got a total of 16 games to prove himself. People like to say that his preseason games with NE were bad and counted. Since when does preseason matter? I saw a lot of BAD performances in preseason but most of those guys got jobs. You see the same bad QB’s play year after year with chance after chance and why? Because they look so darn pretty throwing the ball. Look at Cam Newton he had good personal stats but no wins, it has taken him 4 years to finally win. Tim won in his first half a year of starts. I don’t even watch the games anymore especially since my 2nd favorite QB has been out with injury (Aaron Rodgers). I still have hope that there is a plan for him to join the Patriots and Mallett will go to free agency. Guess time will tell. But Tim has been working in LA with Tom House since he was cut and that is the longest he has worked with one person ever. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, example the Pats signing Tim during training camp. No one knew or even guessed until it was done. People here in Gainesville talk ALOT and many are saying the same as I am that Tim has said NO to several teams, of course its been hush hush. He can be choosy because 1) He doesn’t need or care about the money since most of it goes to charity (hense, no big flashy homes, no expensive cars, no gold teeth or gaudy jewelry)2. He doesn’t want a repeat of NY. Why go to a team for a few weeks trying to learn yet another playbook just to possibly get the shaft in 2014.Sorry all I needed to vent.

    • David Oliver says:

      Why is Tebow still “Black-Balled” by NFL?

      Because he is too “Polarizing” (Code Word of “New Speak” For “TOO – CHRISTIAN”!!

      YES I have heard of many OTHER players – who have confessed Christ, including Russell Wilson, previously and have rooted for them:

      However, I have NEVER seen anyone of them – who dared to CONFESS – and THANK, “MY SAVIOUR – THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – at the Beginning of any Post Game interview – So THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING – from him!

      NOR have I seen the Rabid HATE Campaign against any player like TEBOW – To the Late Night Comedian, said if he
      had one bullet – and had a choice between shooting Bin Liden or TIME TEBOW in the Head – HE WOULD SHOOT TIM TEBOW – yeah, this is all about his unorthodox throwing motion ?

      Anyhow that is the main reason – I have been OUT there for him – because he crossed “THEIR THRESHOLD”


      Basically – there is a “NOISE FLOOR” of FEAR – Such that Team owners, managers and coaches – are FEARFUL of the PERSONAL REPERCUSSION of ATTACKS on THEM – IF THEY DARED TO MAKE SUCH A MOVE..

      IT is MUCH Easier to GO ANY OTHER WAY – WITHOUT THE RESULTANT ATTACKS from This Orchestrated Hate Campaign That Has been effective in Taking Tim Tebow away from any FAIR opportunity to show his “STUFF”
      In REAL GAME SITUATIONS in the NFL! In many cases as with the JETS – They were AFRAID he would do WELL!

      • andrea says:

        David Oliver – I couldn’t have said it better myself.Agree with you 100%.

      • Brandi says:

        Tim Tebow was made a “Symbol” by Political Groups when he was still a teenager. (It’s NOT Religion…it’s pure partisan politics.) That certainly plays a big role in the comments about being “Polarizing”. But saying Tim Tebow is “Polarizing” is alot like saying there’s a big “War on Christianity” in a Country where over 90% of the people call themselves some form of “Christian”.

        Tim Tebow Polls out at ridiculous numbers time after time. Those new Yorkers who supposedly were going to “Hate” him were polling at over 95% in virtually every poll in NY from SportsTalk Radio to every Major NY newspaper as Jets Fans wanting him as their Starting QB virtually the entire last half of last Season. And that reflects what happens virtually everywhere. He’s 85%-Plus almost all the time, almost anywhere, even in Polls that follow strongly Anti-Tebow articles.

        He is absolutely loved by The Masses. Some because he’s an “Outspoken Christian”; some despite it. He’s seen as a genuine man of character, compassion and has been also outspoken in his feeling that along with his position of stature comes the obligation to be a “good role model”, especially for young people.

        That resonates with The Masses regardless of their feelings about Religion…any Religion.

        Nothing of his “Polarization” has much if any to do with why he’s not on an NFL Roster. That he instantly becomes the vortex that instantly sucks up the entire Franchise does. NFL General Managers are described by Brian Billick as being “paranoid”. It has become a League that, despite a disproportionate portion of success coming from Teams who defy the molds, the vast majority of them still refuse to take any risks on doing anything “different”. And their paranoia kicks into high gear when there’s anything going on they feel they can’t control.

        They cannot control Tim’s Fans and there are too many of them. The description Y’all have heard on hear of “NIMBY” is probably pretty accurate. The League wants Tebow. The Owners want Tebow. Goodell wants Tebow. The Fans definitely want him. But GMs and many Head Coaches don’t want the feeling of complete loss of control. So they want some other Team to take him. When any particular Team gets spotlighted, it’s been the GMs who’ve taken the position…Who Cares what the Fans want?

        So it’s become a Showdown. Be it by design or by happenstance. That’s where we are. It’s not his “Faith”. It’s that his Following is so large it’s scary to them and…so far…that Following hasn’t massed in a manner that makes the NFL have to stand up and say “He’s too Popular NOT to sign.”

        • David Oliver says:


          Why than the Vehement hatred demonstrated by Trent Dilfer,Colin Cowherd and several others: when they attacked him like I have never heard a football player verbally attacked by media before – without great cause.

          Why the “Bullet to His Brain Choice by the Late Night Comedian (John Oliver) of Tebow over Ben Liden? And the loud applause of his fans – this was – because of their hatred of his unorthodox throwing motion…?

          Come on, there is more here than meets the eye..

          I respect, understand and agree with allot of your Rhetoric – but think you are still missing some basic issues – that have never been totally explained via during your many effective – attempts to get the big picture in this dynamic of logic & process of explanation…

          • Brandi says:

            I don’t think it’s his “Faith”. Oh the demonstrativeness may make for some easy light-heartedness. Jimmy Fallon does his Tebowie. But Jimmy’s said numerous times he does it because he really likes Tim. It may be viewed as a back-handed homage. But an homage nonetheless.

            But it’s Politics and has been since the days the National Education Association descended on Florida like Lawyers counting chads and declared that Tim Tebow was a threat to everything from the Public School System to the Separation of Church and State. The Super Bowl ad was about as “harmless” as an ad can be. But it was paid for by Focus on the Family, a group that many see as being a partisan political group. Are they? I don’t know. But that’s how many see them. Would the “negative” backlash been as great if it hadn’t been Sponsored? We may never know.

            But if you spend enough time following the various comments, etc. of the most almost vengeful of Tim’s detractors, you find almost every time, a particular political perspective and the assumption coming from them that anyone who likes Tim just has to be a “TeaBagger”, etc., etc.

            This past election cycle there were a bunch of “Tim Tebow” legislative initiatives on various State Ballots. I also heard stories from kids saying Tim Tebow was going to be appearing at some function their Teacher was going to be attending and they had asked them to get an autograph for them…and that the responses had been vicious. How much are groups like the NEA still thinking Tim tebow is a threat to their job security? How many who are kneejerk Anti-Tebowists close relatives or friends of a School Teacher who has heard the drumbeat of anything that promotes Home Schooling threatens the education of the kids everywhere? Some might even believe it.

            How many have very strong political views and actually believe that “ONLY” ‘Right-Wing Nutjobs’ could like Tim Tebow”? Or some such?

            Outside of the US, Tim is popular in places where Christianity is not. They don’t see any of the political knife fights that take place in this Country and how often those things take on lives of their own that cloud everything else.

            I’m not saying that some are just flat turned off by the “religion” thing. But I think it takes a far backseat to various political motivations. And I’m not sure but that even among those who “hate” the Religion” thing, alot of that isn’t really feeling like there are people who want to “legislate” their own religious doctrines. They just are turned off all-around.

  2. andrea says:

    I agree with the vent.

    Have’nt been watching much football this year.Boring and predictable.

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