How about the Tennessee Titans end 2013 with Tim Tebow?

Dec. 18, 2013 4:30 AM   |  

Tim Tebow (15) leaves the field after a game with the Jets.

Tim Tebow (15) leaves the field after a game with the Jets. / File

The Tennessee Titans’ season is essentially over.

They can’t make the playoffs. Jake Locker is long gone. And Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn’t been able to get the wins when they were needed most.

So, here’s an admittedly out-there idea that would give Titans fans something to cheer about in the final two games of the season: The Titans should sign Tim Tebow.

Fans in the Bible Belt love Tebow, not just because he’s a good player, but because of his faith and the way he lives it out. They liked the energy Tebow brought to the Denver Broncos when he got them to the playoffs two years ago. (By the way, he still has more playoff wins in a Broncos uniform than Peyton Manning).

Did you notice all of the Denver Broncos memorabilia that showed up in Tennessee during Tebow’s tenure?

Imagine what sales would be like for a Titans jersey with Tebow’s name on it.

The Titans have two games remaining – Sunday at Jacksonville and the following week against the Houston Texans at home.

Imagine what Tebow would do for attendance at the Jacksonville game in his home state of Florida?

The Titans reported Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals as a sellout, but one look at the stadium showed many people stayed home. Imagine what attendance would be like against the Texans if Tebow was on the field. Imagine the concession sales.

If Thomas Smith, the president and chief executive officer of the Titans organization, made a call today to Tebow’s representation, Tebow could be in Nashville in time for afternoon meetings. He could be practicing on Thursday.

From what I know of Tebow, I’m certain he’s in shape.

The Titans could play him anywhere – quarterback, tight end, running back. Heck, even linebacker.

Signing Tebow would certainly move the Titans from the bowels of the forgettable in the NFL in 2013 and into the limelight, if only for a couple of weeks.

Is it a risky move? Of course. Would it be viewed as a publicity stunt? More than likely.

But Tim Tebow would, indeed, get Titans fans cheering. And, despite whatever his detractors say, he’s a winner. He deserves better than the NFL has treated him.

He deserves another shot, and what better place than in Nashville?

Brandon Shields is sports editor of The Jackson Sun. Contact him at 425-9751 or at

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