Dallas Cowboys Make Mistake Signing Jon Kitna When Tim Tebow Was Still Available

December 25, 2013 3:46 pm EST by Ryan Heckman gplus

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As the Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles in week 17 for the rights to the NFC East and a playoff berth, they will likely be doing so without starting quarterback Tony Romo. In his place, Kyle Orton will start. But, the question is now, who will back up Orton if he goes down?

The Cowboys have announced they signed Jon Kitna out of retirement to do just that. The 41-year old quarterback had originally retired after having played for the Cowboys in 2011. Dallas made the move official when the veteran passed a physical and was able to join the team for practice on Christmas Day, according to USA TODAY.

It makes some sense, I get it. Kitna is familiar with some of the personnel in Dallas and might serve as a valuable backup. But, a 41-year old quarterback will not be able to offer anything in a high-pressure environment with much on the line. Heck, did the guy bring his walker with him? Kitna is way past his playing days, and with so many other options available, it’s curious as to why they brought him in.

Instead, a logical answer would have been to bring in free agent Tim Tebow as their emergency quarterback. The young quarterback is at least a mobile guy that can escape pressure much better than the veteran Kitna. He also would bring a different aspect to the offense if they so chose to run him out of the read-option at times. With Kitna under center, they’re playing with a completely one-dimensional, non-mobile passer that hasn’t played in almost three years.

I know what you are thinking, believe me I do. Tebow isn’t a good quarterback, in fact he is barely a mediocre quarterback. But, here is the one thing that he can offer you: He is a winner with the game on the line. Tebow would at least give this team some kind of belief and motivation when he steps on the field, that, somehow they can pull out a victory if he were to be needed.

We will have to see if Kitna gets any playing time this weekend. If he does, this may make a whole lot more sense when it’s finished.


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  1. ck says:

    Quote: “Heck, did the guy bring his walker with him?” Wondering the same thing, ha, ha!

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