Cowboys Should Sign Tim Tebow

December 23, 2013 at 2:53pm

Tebow should be the Cowboys first call

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Tony Romo will miss the remainder of the season due to a back injury he suffered in the Cowboys’ 24-23 win over division rival Redskins on Sunday.  Sources say that he has a herniated disk that will require surgery.

The Cowboys will play a win-or-go-home game against the Eagles this upcoming Sunday for a playoff berth and the NFC East championship, but they need to sign another quarterback.  

Kyle Orton is likely going to be named the starter in the next couple of days, as he is the only quarterback left on the roster, but they must sign another quarterback in case of an Orton injury or ineffectiveness.

The current free agent market for quarterbacks is slim, but there are a few with experience:

David Carr, John Skelton, and Caleb Hanie, to name a few, have started meaningful games in their careers, but they have been far from spectacular.

Tim Tebow is also an interesting possibility.  He might not have the best throwing mechanics or accuracy, but he can win.  As he showed in Denver, he has the heart necessary to be victorious in the playoffs.  When nobody gave him a chance against the Steelers, he threw for over 300 yards and willed the Broncos to a last-second victory.

He could also give the Cowboys a short yardage back near the goal line.  He has thrived in this role in the past, and would probably thrive again.

If Orton got hurt, Tebow would have no problem handing the ball off to Demarco Murray time and time again.  Murray would gain yards and Tebow wouldn’t even have to throw the ball that often.

Jerry Jones has very rarely made the right choice regarding free agent signings or trades, but he also likes to have his name in the newspapers.  Signing Tebow would be a gutsy move but would give Jones the publicity he loves.

This signing makes a little bit of sense.  Because of Jones’ history, it will probably not happen. 

The Eagles are going to be a tough opponent, so the Cowboys are going to need as many weapons as possible.  If they sign a wily, over-the-hill veteran, how much good can that bring?

Sure, they can bring their years of experience to the backup role, but that would basically just be signing another Orton.  

They might win with Orton, but if they want to have the best chance to win, they should sign Tebow.  Even if he doesn’t know the playbook, they could simplify it or make a few special packages for him to utilize his legs.

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5 Responses to “Cowboys Should Sign Tim Tebow”

  1. Brandi says:

    Jerry Jones thinks Jerry Jones should consider bringing in Tim Tebow. But Jerry Jones says Jerry Jones isn’t interested in Tim Tebow because then people might start talking about someone besides Jerry Jones.

    Jerry Jones feels good about his decision and knows Cowboy Fans are comfortable with every decision made by Jerry Jones.

    Buzzy Says:: Good One

  2. ck says:

    This writer is stating it correctly and what should happen if they want to WIN THEN SIGN TEBOW…END OF STORY!!!

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