Browns will interview Josh McDaniels, per report

 By Mark Sandritter@MarkSandritter on Dec 30 2013, 4:23p 3

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After firing Rob Chudzinski, the Browns are already lining up candidates, including Josh McDaniels.

The Cleveland Browns will interview New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels for their head coaching vacancy, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

McDaniels, who is from Ohio, was mentioned by many as a possible candidate shortly after the Browns fired Rob Chudzinki on Sunday. McDaniels does bring NFL head coaching experience, although he went just 11-17 in two seasons with Denver. Most of his success has come as an assistant with New England, where he’s served two separate stints as offensive coordinator.

With New England in the playoffs, there are some restrictions in setting up an interview. The Patriots have a first-round bye, which means McDaniel can interview before assistant coaches on teams playing in the wild card round. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the earliest the Browns could interview McDaniels is Jan. 5.

If McDaniels landed in Cleveland, it wouldn’t be the first time the Browns have tapped into the Bill Belichick coaching tree. Belichick spent five seasons as the head coach in Cleveland from 1991-1995. Cleveland also hired former Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel in 2005. He was fired following the 2008 season.

Browns CEO Joe Banner ruled out hiring a candidate who interviewed last season, meaning Ray Horton, Bill O’Brien, Mike Zimmer and Ken Whisenhunt will not be candidates this year.

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6 Responses to “Browns will interview Josh McDaniels, per report”

  1. SB says:

    I really hope he gets this job and brings Tebow in. I remember not too long ago someone on this site mentioned that Michael Lombardi was positive on Tebow. I always thought the opposite. Does anyone here know for sure if Lombardi has a positive opinion of Tebow? I don’t think there’s any question that Tebow will come up during that interview process.

    • Sage says:

      I enjoyed Lombardi’s web writing, and was surprised to hear (from someone) that he wasn’t a Tebow guy. But being a thinker, Lombardi just might come around.

      Tebow’s stint in NE was not regarded as a success. But did anyone see the first drive of his first preseason game, when they ran spread? That was like a bulldozer grinding its way inexorably down field to the end zone. The notion that can’t be repeated is silly.

    • David Oliver says:


      Rumor has it, Browns GM Michael Lombardi is talking Tim Tebow.

      Found September 01, 2013 on Cleveland Sports 360:
      PLAYERS: Michael Lombardi, Tim Tebow
      TEAMS: Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots

      There is a rumor from a guy who works for the Cleveland Browns, that Michael Lombardi the team’s G.M. is talking Tim Tebow since he was cut from the New England Patriots. I would like to know why Lombardi is talking Tebow, it seems as though the Browns have enough guys at the quarterback position. The source won’t confirm how he heard these Tebow rumors and that worries me a bit too. Now if Tebow could kick field goals I would understand Lombardi’s urge to talk to Tebow. Otherwise what would he want to talk to Tim Tebow. The source this information came from has done a lot of work inside the Browns facilities. Usually I get a bit more information from him but in this case, he is remaining tight-lipped. That in itself if troublesome. Could the Browns actually be thinking of acquiring Tebow? As we know from years ago it is impossible to know what Lombardi is thinking. I guess we need to keep our eyes open in the coming days to see if there is any Tebow sightings in the Cleveland area….
      Original Story:

  2. steftebowfan says:

    His second half performance in the last preseason game had some struggles but he definitely showed he is instinctive and a playmaker. He handled two very bad snaps with quick action and still made a play. He has never had time or support in the NFL. To win like he did in Denver was nothing short of miraculous. Elway was very negative on him and told him to ground any ball if he wasn’t sure it was a completion. They set the plays so he was always behind on third down. He needs to be able to get his rhythm with a team. And know he has support for a solid year or two and I think he will take off and blow our minds. Can’t anyone in the NFL see this?? Are all us fans crazy?? Most importantly does Mc Daniels still see the spark he jumped on in the draft. He really seemed close and interested in Tebow while in New England. He is why Tebow even landed there. I do not think Bellichick expected Tebow to do any better in his short time there. He repeatedly said he was happy with his progress. The media just wanted to make it sound like Coach B couldn’t even train him. That was a lie ! He was just starting to warm up. But he was third QB, They had a 2nd QB that was under contract that no one would trade enough for. With all the injuries and Hernandez problem, they had no choice, they had to let Tim go. They hung on to him until the very last day..The team really liked him. You can tell by the way they hugged and treated him after the last TD he made, That was an extra TD not even needed that Bellichick allowed Tim to go for when Him could of just kneeled and won the game. The fact that Coach B allowed such an unnecessary play shows how much he liked Tebow.. But in all good business, he could not stay. I think NE or Browns with McDaniels will take him,

    • Brandi says:

      I think you’re talking about John Fox telling Tebow to “beach” it…throw it into the dirt, if he wasn’t 100% certain there was no chance of an interception. That was just Foxy’s ultra-conservativeness, knowing he had a young, QB and having gone to a full-blown Complementary Football Game Plan, which is based almost 100% on Field Position. (Which, BTW, is why the Broncos Defense looked better. It actually wasn’t. But when they made the switch, the game began being Played on the Opponents’ side of the Field much more often. So boys & girls, all of those idiots convinced they know something about Football are totally clueless. They wouldn’t know Game Plan or Blocking Scheme if it bit them in the butt.)

      But Foxy told the Denver Media twice that I’m aware of that he told Tim to do that. But nobody cared. Anti-Tebowists just said he was lying to cover Tim’s tail. (The old strategy. Anything a Coach or GM says that somebody doesn’t like to fit their agenda is obviously a Lie.) The TebowManiacs didn’t shove Foxys comments down people’s throats every two seconds. And so now we have this image that one of the Most Accurate Passers in NCAA History can’t throw the Football.

  3. steftebowfan says:

    It definitely is an image means everything situation. The anti Tebow media won that battle so now lots of neutral football fans think Tebow is a poor QB because that is the image being projected. Thanks foe trying to set people straight.

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