Tim Tebow’s Potential Foray into Television Is Guaranteed to Spark Bidding War

By  Mike Chiari

(Featured Columnist) on November 14, 2013



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Demand for Tim Tebow within the media has always far outweighed demand for him in the NFL. With the prospects of Tebow resuming his career as an NFL quarterback looking bleak at best, Tebow would be wise to explore a medium that is dying to have him. That medium is television.

According to Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal, Tebow recently signed with Creative Artists Agency, which suggests that he may be ready to enter the next phase of his career:

 Tebow has yet to comment on the reasoning behind joining forces with CAA, but NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting that Tebow could become a college football analyst:

 That may not be an ideal decision for Tebow or his fans, but it’s time to come to grips with the fact that NFL teams simply aren’t interested. Tebow enjoyed a magical run with the Denver Broncos that saw him lead them to a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, but his stock was utterly destroyed by the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

Perhaps Tebow could be a competent backup quarterback or gadget player for some team in the league, but it isn’t worth it for a team to gamble on him. Due to the immense amount of media coverage that Tebow commands, there would always be talk about him supplanting the starting quarterback on any team he plays for.

NFL teams don’t need or want that type of distraction, so the best course of action for them is to leave Tebow untouched. It’s unfortunate for Tebow since he obviously loves the sport and is a great leader, but doors will always be open for someone with his insane level of popularity.

After his release from the Pats in August, Tebow wasn’t shy about letting the world know that he intended to continue playing quarterback in the NFL, but that simply hasn’t worked out:

 No tears should be shed for Tebow, though, because he is in line to become one of the richest analysts in the business. Signing Tebow as a college football analyst would lead to a ton of publicity for whichever network is able to land him, and it can be argued that bringing him in would be just as lucrative as striking a big television deal with a major conference.

If and when Tebow trades in his helmet and jersey for a suit and tie, curious football fans will make a mad dash toward their remote controls in order to hear what he has to say and see how well he makes the transition.

Once Tebow is deemed “TV ready,” expect CBS, ABC and Fox to be among his top suitors. Due to ABC’s relationship with ESPN and ESPN’s strong deal with the SEC, ABC may very well have the inside track.


Should Tim Tebow ditch his NFL aspirations in favor of a TV career?

  • Yes, no NFL teams are interested, and there is a lot of money to be made as an analyst.

  • No, he is a football player first and foremost, and he should exhaust all of his options in that area.



Tebow was a superstar, Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback for the Florida Gators in college, so it would only be natural to put him in position to talk about the SEC as much as possible. With that said, college football fans will also be interested to hear what Tebow has to say about former Florida head coach Urban Meyer, who has led Ohio State to a quick and seamless turnaround in the Big Ten.

Tebow would certainly be a great fit on ESPN alongside the contrasting personalities of Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit on College GameDay. At the same time, Fox has gone to great lengths to improve its college football coverage, especially since the launch of Fox Sports 1, so Tebow would be an incredible acquisition.

No matter how you slice it, Tebow’s stock as an analyst will be in stark contrast to his stock as a quarterback. There were plenty of question marks surrounding Tebow’s ability to translate to the NFL coming out of Florida, but few could have predicted that people would be more willing to pay Tebow to talk about football rather than play it in 2013.

Tebow’s future in football may not involve competing on the field, but if and when he ultimately announces his intention to do some television work, he’ll suddenly be the hottest free agent in the business.


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7 Responses to “Tim Tebow’s Potential Foray into Television Is Guaranteed to Spark Bidding War”

  1. Roxanna says:

    How very sad that in many way his fans and the media have helped destroy his chances in the NFL. When has that ever happened. I think there is more to it, but I still wouldn’t count him out. Nobody want Kurt Warner or Doug Flutie either, but when they took a chance on them, they sure weren’t sorry and they won’t be with Tim either. I don’t know what NY was all about. They were very underhanded in their dealing with Tim, Ryan took out his bruised big ego on Tim, making him pay for the fact, Ryan never wanted him. They did him dirty staring with putting him in front of 200 reporters his first day in NY and leaving him to face it all on his own. That was a really bad sign and it just got worse from there. My wish has been that the Jets implode and disolve, but for some lousy reason they are beating teams like the Patriots and Saints! So I guess vengance is the Lord’s after all.

    • ck says:

      Roxanna: If it were not for fans, there would be NO NFL. Don’t believe that the fans are the problem it is the GMs etc. who are!!! Funny, how they are using the same “skill set” that T2 has b/c they want to WIN LIKE T2!!! Not to worry, believe he will be vindicated at some point and soon, I hope!!!

      • jason says:

        Thank you as always ck for proving you don’t know crap about football.
        Can you take time to breakdown a play, call brandi if you want but go to film and know something other than how you feel.
        As much as i’d like tim to get another shot it’s completely on tim that he hasn’t and if you could break just one play down on something other than how you personally feel i’d love to hear it but you can’t no matter how much you get asked to, its the same as dave oliver about things.
        How about learn the game and get your head out of your ***

        • Brandi says:

          When did disagreeing with you become “not knowing crap about Football”? Some are willing to accept that the League is changing. Others are not. Just as some believe the League should be responsive to the Fans. Others think Fans should shut up and take what’s given to them.

          You now have one of the best in the Game at analyzing QBs, Jon Gruden, saying everyone should stop trying to “fix” Tim Tebow and just let him Play the Game the way he knows how. (Not the first to have said that.)

          Nothing that’s going on with what some see as a “blacklisting” has anything to do with Tebow’s Playing ability. Marty Mornhinweg wanted to have Tebow in Jets Camp. The Jets GM said No. At the time I said Marty wants to change up the Offense and don’t be surprised to see him implement even more of what Rexy said they were going to do in 2012 but Sparano had no clue how. Those comments were met with…including by you, if I recall correctly…with No Way would he do that. Yet that’s exactly what’s taken place. Now those who said No Way have changed their excuse to “Well, now that they have a QB who can also throw.”

          Jeff Fisher wanted to bring in Tebow for a look. But the Rams GM said No Way. No Tebow.

          GMs are trumping Coaches because nothing that’s happening with Tim Tebow being out of the League has anything to do with Football. It has to do with a fear of ceding control to the Fans. It’s a fear of ceding control, period.

          You’ve heard me say this before. The Game in the NFL is moving directly into Tim Tebow’s wheelhouse. No matter how many want to act like it’s not. This very same thing took place when these “West Coast” Offenses were being adopted by Teams. None of the attitude is any different. From a pure Football perspective, the biggest differences are that Joe Montana had a Head Coach who was just as much under fired, called a College Kook, in fact, and an Owner who was willing to let the experiment Play out. And Teams are jumping on the bandwagon MUCH more quickly now than then. (It took a decade for the majority of Teams to start looking at that style of Play as being NFL Football.)

          But bigger than the League’s long-held immune system to anything “different”, we have one Player who is bigger than the Game in many ways. MLB, NBA, NHL have all stopped looking at that with fear and learned to capitalize on it. Sooner or latter the NFL will have to as well, especially if they want to expand abroad with Sports Celebrity Worship is an even bigger thing than it is here.

          And it won’t make any difference if that makes GMs uncomfortable or not. Appealing to the Fans desires is their cost of doing business.

          • Lynn says:

            “It has to do with a fear of ceding control to the Fans. It’s a fear of ceding control, period.”

            BINGO! May your tribe increase and may the activist fans get the message; shut up, quit trying to engineer the NFL yourselves, and maybe Tim will get a chance to play.

  2. andrea says:

    There goes Jason cussing again.

    You always say that you want Tim to have another shot but I kinda don’t believe you.

    Just like Basketball – I said since Jason Collins only averages 2 points a game and only rebound he should not be picked up in free agency because anyone can do better.

    Your Response – Andrea is a homophobe.

    Well it looks like I am right about basketball – no one has picked Jason Collins.

  3. shaztah says:

    Maybe I can’t break down a play but I do know that MANY MANY other QB’s get more than 3/4 of a year starting to learn and grow. All the other QB’s get a pass for having losing records (Scam Newton, Sam Bradford, and many others). When did Tim ever have consistency in any coaching? He had 3 head coaches, 4 different offenses and no actual support from the organization in Denver. Lord knows he had no support or anything else in NY. He had all of 3 months with NE to learn the most complex offense in the NFL. Of course the guy (Mallett) with 3 YEARS to learn the offense will run it better DUH! NE had so many other issues at WR, TE and offensive line there was no way to justify having 3 QB’s so they cut Tim. I just keep asking myself why Tim has been working with Tom Brady’s QB coach since being released? Is there a plan? No one will know until it happens. I also believe that Tim has been contacted by several teams and he has been the one who has said NO! He doesn’t want to go to a desperate team and try to learn their offense and only play what 6 or 7 games max and then get cut again. The teams would never let the media find out that Tim said NO when no one is supposed to want him. He is still in LA working on his mechanics and has kept a low profile. I think their is a plan and it was set up while he was in NE. This is the longest he has worked with the same QB coach since he has been in the league so that is a GREAT thing! He knows his weaknesses and he is working on them. He doesn’t want a special offense he has stated that he wants the chance to run a traditional offense. I do have a question, can NE sign Tim at the end of the year so he can continue to work with Tom House and get the playbook to learn in the offseason or is that against the rules?

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