Tim Tebow Rumors: Chicago Bears, Browns and Buccaneers Not Options For Free Agent As QB Opens PDQ Restaurant With Brother In Jacksonville

Nov 01, 2013 12:02 PM EDT
New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow

New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow runs the ball against the New York Giants during their NFL preseason game in Foxborough, Massachusetts, August 29.(Photo : Reuters) “

Current free agent quarterback Tim Tebow does not have an NFL job right now, but that doesn’t mean the former New England Patriots quarterback hasn’t kept himself busy, as teams like the Rams, Chicago Bears, Browns and Buccaneers have not needed his services, but instead he has been focusing on opening his PDQ restaurant in Jacksonville.

According to the Jacksonville Business Journal, Tebow is gearing up to open his first area restaurant in Jacksonville on November 3, the first PDQ in the area and it is expected to create jobs and should be a very solid business investment, as Tebow is a heroic figure in his hometown. Tebow may or may not be at the restaurant for the opening and Tebow and his brother could be looking into another location in the area as well. The People Dedicated to Quality restaurant offers a wide range of options, including chicken sandwiches, salads, tenders and milkshakes as well as other items and Tebow will use his local celebrity to help with the promotion.

Tebow of course won national championships at Florida and he also was a star in Jacksonville, as he played at Nease High School and led them to a championship season as well. Tebow had a rough go of it last year with the New York Jets and while he got another chance with the New England Patriots, obviously that didn’t last very long and now he is looking for his next opportunity.

Tebow will have plenty of job offers outside of football, but that is what he wants to be doing and while the restaurant business could end up being very financially successful, Tebow is hoping that he could get another chance to play quarterback in the NFL. Tebow played with the Denver Broncos and led the team to the playoffs and a win in the postseason over the Steelers, but once Peyton Manning was signed he was shipped out to the Jets and now he must be wondering what would have happened had he been traded to the Jaguars instead of New York.

Tebow is investing in the chain with Vinny Testaverde in H2 Restaurant Partners LLC and Tebow should be able to get the location going with just his popularity in the area. 


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3 Responses to “Tim Tebow Rumors: Chicago Bears, Browns and Buccaneers Not Options For Free Agent As QB Opens PDQ Restaurant With Brother In Jacksonville”

  1. Bigfan says:

    Pass the Ketchup…Please!

  2. Cartman says:

    I’ve heard one of the best ways to wind up with $1,000,000 is to start with $10,000,000 and open a restaurant.

    • jason says:

      Being someone that owned sports bars and nightclubs i can tell you that its a lot of risk but very rewarding if you’re the right kinda person for it. You have to live it 24/7 for it to work right. Mostly the people that fail in that industry just aren’t willing to be completely devoted to it and don’t love it. If you’re the right fit for that industry you’d be shocked at the amount of money you can make from it. Franchises weren’t of any interest to me.
      I think they are just investing in a franchise with this though so its a bit different and should do well for them in jax.

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