Tim Tebow Not the Answer for Jacksonville Jaguars Despite Urges from Fans

By Chris Roling

(Featured Columnist) on November 25, 2013



Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Tim Tebow and the Jacksonville Jaguars will forever be linked.

That is, until Tebow finds a job and the Jaguars become relevant again outside of being named in the same breath as a failed NFL quarterback with a cult following.

It’s going to be a long wait.

The Jaguars are in the infancy stages of the NFL’s biggest rebuild. Do-over. Whatever fans want to call it. Despite it being obvious the Jaguars are headed for the No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft to nab a top quarterback prospect, the Tebow rumblings won’t stop.

The latest? A full-blown newspaper ad as captured by Fox Sports:

 The culprit? Professional golfer Dewey Arnette, who spent $1,200 to place the ad in the Florida Times-Union and tells ESPN’s Darren Rovell he wants to see the polarizing quarterback get a shot:

I don’t want to come off as odd. The thing is, having done these things, I know how supportive people are of Tim Tebow around here. And our standards for the team are just so low right now.

I expect it to completely fall on deaf ears. But I just wanted to give it a try. Yeah, this isn’t one of those real injustices in the world. But I feel bad for him. He deserves a shot.

Here we go again.

Look, the Jaguars have three home games left. One comes against two-win Houston. Then the four-win Buffalo Bills come to town. After that, it’s 5-6 Tennessee, a team that could very well be out of the playoff picture by Week 16 after a brutal stretch.

 The main component to Arnette’s argument—to most arguments, at this point—is that Tebow would boost attendance. Of course the former Heisman winner and local phenom would—to an extent.

But for how long? The three remaining games this year, if that? What about next year? Does the presence of Tebow suddenly mean fans will flock and buy season tickets in droves?

Of course not.

For those wonky enough to believe Tebow would help the Jaguars win games—is that really in the best interests of the franchise as it looks to keep its clutches on the No. 1 overall pick?

There’s no conversation to be had about Tebow’s viability as an NFL quarterback. It’s over. The last hope for that faded when Tebow failed last preseason; New England‘s coordinator, Josh McDaniels—who brought Tebow into the league to begin with—gave him one final shot at the position. 

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images


Oh, and scrap the talk about a position change. Tight end? That’s an insult to anyone who plays the position at a professional level. Tebow’s too stubborn to attempt the switch in the first place, not to mention the daunting task of learning and performing a new position at the pro level.

Fullback? Yeah, that’s sure to put butts in seats and put the Jaguars on national television.

We’ve already seen how catastrophic Tebow is as a versatile “weapon” in special packages that derail the momentum of the starting quarterback.

Besides, Tebow appears to be moving on with his life. He recently made a move to potentially become a college football analyst, as NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport illustrates:

So can we please stop the Tebow-Jaguars talk?

 Should the Jaguars sign Tebow?

  • Yes

  • No



The rallies and silly ads such as Arnette’s are exactly why NFL teams don’t bother with Tebow. In an NFL where every move is magnified, cross-examined and dissected to unreasonable lengths, the last thing an NFL team wants to do is bring on Tebow and the media circus.

Jacksonville has enough problems without Tebow (such as its best player’s NFL future in question), and he doesn’t fix enough on the field to justify the negatives he brings.

Tebow is destined for big days on Saturdays once more, and Jacksonville is right to stick with what works as it attempts to once again be competitive on Sundays. The two simply don’t mesh—whether fans want it or not.


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2 Responses to “Tim Tebow Not the Answer for Jacksonville Jaguars Despite Urges from Fans”

  1. Portia11 says:

    Where is Brandi? This writer does his very best for many paragraphs to convince one that Tim can barely hold a football, he mentions every flaw…

    and check out the poll results 75% for hiring Tim, 25% against. Even though it is (and has been) too late to join any team now they just can’t quit.

    Write an article about how many really bad quarterbacks have been starting this entire season. 10? 15? every week.

    • Brandi says:

      It’s not just 75% Pro…It’s 75% Pro on an article that is 100% anti, at a time when very few average Fans and certainly few Tebow fans are reading B/R articles about Tebow and, other than Tebow, almost nobody reads articles about the Jaguars, EXCEPT…where this article might as well have been ghostwritten…Big Cat Country, Alfie BCC’s designated In-House Philosopher–the guy who designated the young, chip on the shoulder Jags fans I’ve called the Jags Dangerfields for years, the Jaguars generation and…yepper, the guys whose fearless Leader called a ceasefire, Bold City Brigade. This article is almost word for word their current mantra…”Why sign Tebow? He’d only screw up our being the worst in the League; which will make us the best in the League”.

      With all that going against, it’s still 75% Pro. (If it was an article that said “Why” the Jaguars should sign Tebow, it’d likely be 95%.)

      BTW, he’s a bit behind. With the report from FOX about Jags to London, the We’ve gotta be worst to be 1st Brigades are losing steam. The Jaguars Facebook Page looks more and more like a funeral parlor these days.

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