The Cult Of Tim Tebow Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon


Quarterback Tim Tebow 

“[INSERT TEAM NAME] consider signing Tim Tebow.”

 As long as there are quarterback injuries in the foreseeable future, there will be Tim Tebow rumors, Tim Tebow hopes, arguments for Tim Tebow and arguments against Tim Tebow.

Aaron Rodgers got knocked out of the Monday Night Football game. The conversation has already been started. Mind you, Sports World Report dismisses the idea of Tebow to Green Bay (“There is no chance this happens as the Packers will avoid signing anyone that could be a potential distraction. But hey, anything could happen”), but it’s already been said and will be said again.

 The Cult of Tim Tebow adores the former Heisman winner, and for good reason. He’s a very talented athlete. He’s successful. He’s a believer. All great things. But Tim Tebow is idolized more for his faith than his football fundamentals. Comments from when The Inquisitr previously broached the Tim Tebow conversation?

Tim Tebow is a class act. A man with Religious convictions,morals and principles.Commodities that are sorely lacking today,in any sports venue. I’m glad to see him maintain his values.

There is nothing wrong with admiring him for that, of course. But there comes a time when logic must step in and the faithful must realize that being a good person does not mean Tim Tebow should get another shot in the NFL; being a good quarterback would.

Tim Tebow is a victim of the arrogance of others.

Tim Tebow may be the victim of his own arrogance. While fans call it conviction when he refuses to play QB at lower levels of football or switch positions in the NFL, the other side calls it stubbornness and conceit.

Tebow fans argue that he has more playoff wins for the Denver Broncos than Peyton Manning. While this is true, it’s also a very silly comparison. Tim Tebow is not Peyton Manning. As classy and as humble as the man is, Tim would likely be the first to say so. Being a successful QB and being a good one are not the same thing, despite the protestations of thousands of Team Tebow armchair general managers.

The Bleacher Report posits that Tebow-mania won’t subside until he gets another NFL shot and fails, as fans cling to the success he had in Denver in a short sample size. It’s the enduring memory of Tebow in the NFL, not riding the bench in New York or getting cut by New England. Many out there would love to see Tim Tebow fail, but, classy to the core, he likely forgives them.

At the end of the day, Tim Tebow deserves what everyone else deserves: the best of luck in everything he does. But, as an intelligent man, he may want to temper his faith and conviction with reality and reevaluate his options.

Do you think Tim Tebow has what it takes to play quarterback at the NFL level? Why won’t his hometown of Jacksonville sign Tebow? Has Tim Tebow been given a fair shot in the NFL?


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5 Responses to “The Cult Of Tim Tebow Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon”

  1. ck says:

    Another questionable self-serving viewpoint…sheesh!!! They should black list all the criminals in the NFL and not the person who follows ALL THE RULES AND IS A SUCCESS ON/OFF THE FIELD!!! HE HAS EVERYTHING IT TAKES TO BE A WINNER AND THEY ARE WRONG FOR DOING THIS…THE FANS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE RIGHT, AS USUAL!!!
    GO TEBOW!!!

  2. Brandi says:

    While citing a Bleacher Report Article, maybe this guy should have also taken a look at the various Fan Polls on B/R and just about everywhere else. The numbers rarely change much. 85% or more of NFL Fans think Tim Tebow should be a starting QB in the NFL. Maybe for a short time, maybe for a long time, maybe just for a good time. But these numbers rarely drop much below that 85% number and often jump up over 95% in various local city team Polls. (Like Polls in New York in the 2nd half of the Season…those New yorkers who supposedly were just going to hate Tim Tebow were extremely clear they wanted him on the Field behind center.)

    These numbers aren’t some small “Cult”. they’re the overwhelming percentage of NFL and Football Fans. Y’all have heard me say this before…The wisdom of the Masses Trumps the knowledge of the Expert Class”. Only the NFL seems to flunk this basic tenet.

    • ck says:

      Brandi: Think you are right, but try telling that to someone who “crawled out from under a mushroom,” ha, ha!!!

      • Brandi says:

        The biggest lie the devils of the NFL told was convincing many Fans of Tim Tebow was that the way to get him on the Field was by shutting up.

        Buzzy Says : Now that is a true statement , Squeaking hinge gets the most oil.

  3. ck says:


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