Testimonial of Tim Tebow, Football is My Mission Field (Transcript)

By Michelle – There’s Hope America On November 29, 2013


Who is the real Tim Tebow? Tim Tebow was born in Philippines for his parents are serving as missionary. He grew up in homeschool in a strong Christian home.

Dr. Richard Lee: “God bless you born in a wonderful Christian Family.”

Tim Tebow: “Yes, I was born in the Philippines to Missionary parents, as a baby of five, I have two older brothers and two older sisters, we were extremely close and I was blessed as I have the best parents in the World. You know, for me, being to have a role model like my Dad to look up to. Not because what he said, but what he did. The action he lives out for me everyday. How to be a man. How to treat your wife. How to live out what you preach. How to be passion about something. How to make a difference in the World. Truly I have wonderful parents.”

Tim Tebow: “[God said] I have a special plan for each person and have a special plan for your life…It should be our goal to follow what God have in our life…that’s the best way to live. True satisfaction and life of significance you following God’s plan for your life. Maybe to be a professional football player, maybe ..whatever it is. God has a plan for your life. That would be what you will truly satisfy.”

Tim Tebow: “Whatever position God puts you in, He puts you for a reason, you know you may not be go on TV, or go on to be a preacher, but you still can influence people for Jesus Christ. God just gives us different platform. He gave me the opportunity to play football and that is my mission field. He gave each of us different mission field. But it doesn’t mean that was not significant, one is better than the other, just mean they are different. For me, you know I look at my life and being a football player I look at that as being a missionary to the game of football, to the players of football, you know the football has given me to walk into a hospital, to make a kid smile, to be able to share my faith, to be able to write a scripture in my eye. To do something like that. Truly it’s a blessing to influence other’s life like that, if you take [the] advantage of it.”

Tim Tebow: “Immediately, God put on my heart, John 3:16, this is the essence of Christianity. So, I went up to my parents’ room and said, ‘I am going to write a scripture on my eyes’, they said, ‘great! It’s wonderful. What are you going to write?’ ‘John 3:16.’ ‘Oh, Great’ ‘Timmy, wowowwowowo, John 3:16 is awesome word, so …championship.’ ‘Trust me, it’s right thing for the game.’ ‘You can do it.’ ‘Great, our prayers will be with you….’ ‘I put on verse 3:16 on my eye and I didn’t think about it.’ ‘Two days later, I was sitting for lunch with my Mom and my Dad.’ ‘Timmy, are you sure to put on verse 3:16 on your eyes?’ ‘Yes, Sir.’ ‘Do you know within 24 hours, that game be on air, and 94 million google …John 3:16.”

Tim Tebow: “I would never thought of …I try to listen to Him what He put on my heart and I am trying to do. I am trying to do out right thing.”

Dr. Richard Lee: “I love your passion not only on the field, but also for Jesus.”

Tim Tebow: “Yes, you know, that’s extremely large in my life. Try to live with passion. A boy sharing with me living with passion. From that moment on, everyhing I did in my life, I try to do with passion. In football, in school, in life, my Christian life, I try to live with passion. And love my life while I was doing. I thought of football field, baseball field, on the baseball court, cannot sperate me, because when you love what you are doing, you are passion about, your team is going to see, they will say, what is the difference about you? It gives you an opportunity, ‘what is different about you?’ [I could answer with] ‘It is the relationship with Jesus Christ! That was the difference about me!’

Tim Tebow: “You consider your life as success. [They say] ‘Timmy, are you consider your life as success?’ ‘Yes maim, I would consider my life to be a success, but it has nothing to do with…having people know who you are, it has everything to do with having a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Tim Tebow: “How I do with this. I don’t know [what] the future holds. But I know who holds my future. And then that was peace, that was satisfaction!’


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