Tebow News Reports Claim NFL Stats Both Support, Deny QB Starter Potential


Tim Tebow News Claims NFL Stats Both Support, Deny QB Starter Potential <:section itemprop=”articleBody”>

The latest Tim Tebow news claims Tebow’s NFL stats both support and deny his potential as an NFL quarterback starter.


As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some people claim Tim Tebow was blackballed from the NFL due to his Christian beliefs causing media hype.


There really hasn’t been any major Tim Tebow news in quite a while and he’s missing in action according to the swarms of reporters and paparazzi trying to get hold of Tebow. The last major news was when the St. Louis Rams dissed Tim Tebow by calling retired QB Brett Favre instead of the former Broncos star. Tebow also tends to be active on his Twitter account but his last tweet on October 11 just said he was praying for Adrian Peterson.

Even though Tim Tebow’s NFL statistics show him to be an average NFL quarterback, he was supposedly a fantastic leader with the Broncos. Tim Tebow was even named Forbes’ most influential athlete for the year. In 2012, Tim Tebow was ranked number 95 by his peers in the NFL Top 100. Near the end of the 2011-2012 season, Tim Tebow was ranked number five out of the NFL’s 32 starting quarterbacks. So while Tim Tebow is unlikely to be one of the top 10 NFL quarterbacks right now it’s a good chance he’s not number 32.

Tim Tebow NFL Stats

These are the reasons the cult of Tim Tebow won’t die and now Tim Tebow’s stats are being used by both detractors and supporters as good reasons for why he should or should not be a NFL starting quarterback anymore:

QB record: 7-4 (11th)

Completion Percentage: 46.5% (32th, worst)

Interception Percentage: 2.2% (9th)

Yards Per Completion: 13.7 (3rd)

Yards Per game: 123.5 (35th)

QBR: 72.9 (28th)

Sacks Taken: 33 (12th)

Sacks Percentage When Attempting A Pass: 10.9% (34th, worst)

Comebacks Led In The 4th quarter: 5 (3rd)

Game Winning Drives: 6 (tied for 2nd).

But those are Tim Tebow’s stats from his Broncos days. In 2011, Tim Tebow was still better than Rex Grossman, Sam Bradford, Christian Ponder, John Skelton, Curtis Painter, and Blaine Gabbert, some of whom kept their NFL quarterback jobs while Tebow did not.

But if you include Tim Tebows more recent time with the Jets and Patriots the numbers actually improve. As a starter, Tebow is 8-6 with 57.1 percent winning percentage. He had an extra game-winning drives in those 14 games, one of which was a playoff game.

Tim Tebow Can’t Throw?

But detractors continue to point out the throwing game, which in 2011 ranked Tebow number 32 with a passer rating of 72.9. Tim Tebow also had a 2 to 1 ratio on touchdowns to interceptions. He averaged 6.38 yards per throwing attempt and clocked 3.34 seconds after the snap, whereas all other NFL quarterbacks were under three seconds.

Before being cut from the New England Patriots, the training camp was claiming Tim Tebow’s throwing mechanics had greatly improved. Would this improvement Tebow’s lifetime completion percentage from 47.9 percent to over 50 percent? After all, if you compare his completion percentage of 47.9% to other top 10 NFL QBs in TD/INT ratio it’s not that big a difference. Kellen Clemens has a 51.6 percent completion record while Kevin Kolb leads with 59.5 percent. Interestingly enough, Kolb has a 28 touchdowns to 25 interceptions for a 1:1 TD/INT ratio while Tim Tebow has a 2:1 TD/INT ratio. So who has the better throwing game now?

The Tim Tebow Running Game

Tim Tebow’s running game is one thing many NFL quarterbacks cannot duplicate. How many times do you see a quarterback bowl over a defense lineman? He’s built like a linebacker, standing 6 foot 3 inches and weighs 240 pounds. Despite his large mass his rating for a 40-yard dash is 4.7. During his Broncos time Tim Tebow rushed for six touchdowns at an average speed of 5.4 yards per run.

But offensive coordinators had to change their entire offensive scheme to revolve around Tim Tebow, focusing on the rushing attack and the read-option. So any NFL team wishing to make Tim Tebow starter as a quarterback would have to revamp their entire offensive scheme.

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6 Responses to “Tebow News Reports Claim NFL Stats Both Support, Deny QB Starter Potential”

  1. andrea says:

    Dislike intensely the mainstream media’s use of the word “cult” to describe Tebow’s fans.

    In my 55 years of roaming this earth – I can only recall ONE religion the mainstream media liked and endorsed – the religion espoused by the Reverend Jim “pass the Kool-Aid ” Jones.

    Sorry Buzzy – I’m old enough to be your grandmother.
    Buzzy Says : i was born in 1936 i doubt if u could be my grammie I might Be your Grandfather

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Talk about obvious bias and agree that the use of the word “cult” is disingenuous!! They need to stop all the politics and do what is right for a change and get some credibility for once!!!

  2. David Oliver says:

    The NFL standard for “Protected Players” is Richie Incognito – run amok, run amok, run amok with many teams, many diverse “dark side” behaviors – and WHO CARES…. Let the Beat GO ON….

    But the Most “Non Protected Player” is the consistent Vocal Christian – who repeatedly will not KNUCKLE UNDER, and submit to the DEMANDS for him to be “A Secret Service Christian..”

    But Boldly and Consistently, as a priority in his life, Testifies PUBLICALY on behalf of his LORD AND SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST!

    Thus the CONSEQUENCES ..

    The Puppet Masters of $$ and Control – cannot stand this – so the word evidently went out – he must be stopped ! UNLEASH THE HATERS — NFL and NFL MEDIA – LET THEM DO THEIR THING!!

    INCOGNITO and his fellow lackies are their Heroes…. TEBOW IS TO BE CRUSHED !!

  3. andrea says:

    David Oliver – 100% right. They excuse every bum,crook and felon in the NFL and crucify the Christians.
    Could’nt have said it better myself.

  4. ck says:

    The NFL has an image problem when they promote people that have a lack of morals over someone who has MORALS!!!
    Andrea and David: Telling it like it is!!!

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