NFL eyes London’s Olympic Stadium for franchise, possibly Jags (Buzzy Says As we stated Brandi)


The NFL has eyes on London, and Jacksonville Jaguar players could be in need of passports.

FOX Sports Brendon Ayanbadejo
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Updated NOV 21, 2013 5:44p ET
 The NFL’€™s International Committee is involved in talks to bring a franchise, perhaps the Jacksonville Jaguars, to London, possibly as soon as 2017, sources told

However, an audible is in the works on what venue will house the team. has learned that the Olympic Stadium is being configured to work for different seating capacities for futbol and football. The retractable seating will enable greater attendance for soccer matches, while football will be significantly less.

The NFL International Committee has been working diligently on feasibility studies to gauge how successful a NFL team would be in London. Wembley has been home to the NFL International Series games since 2007. Year in and year out, Wembley has sold out NFL games, virtually every single one.

In order to continue selling out games, the NFL International Committee has been moving methodically and picking up the work load, adding games every year for an eventual eight-game slate.

According to sources, the Olympic Stadium’€™s managing group is spending a fortune on retractable seating that would enable the capacity to shrink to 54,000 by 2016. That’s when West Ham United, a Premier League soccer team, takes up residency.

Here is the math: Skeptics believe 80,000 tickets eight times a year is the magic number, but Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL international committee know they need to sell around 432,000 golden tickets per season. 

This can be reached even with a smaller seating capacity eight times a year and when you add the vast amount of pounds and euros fans will be spending on merchandise each year here  is  your money-spinning London franchise. The Jag-you-ars, as Austin Powers would say.

For some history: Since 2007, Wembley Stadium has been hosting NFL games.

This season, the Minnesota Vikings played host to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jacksonville Jaguars played host to the San Francisco 49ers on Sept. 29 and Oct. 27, respectively. Whether it’s soccer or football, the one thing these teams have in common is that they all played in front of sellout crowds with more than 83,500 fans in attendance per contest.

This is a good sign for the NFL especially with three games scheduled for 2014, it  appears that even more market research will take place in order to see how quickly A quarter-million tickets will disappear.

With every NFL market accounted for besides Los Angeles, once can forecast that there is room for two potential franchise moves that make dollars and pence for the NFL. One being in LA and the other being London.

The question for Goodell and second-year owner Khan is can a NFL team sell out eight games a year and close to 450,000 seats? And, remember, if the ticketing sales take off, the seating is retractable and more space — and revenue — is there for the taking.

Khan, who has maintained he plans to keep the Jaguars in Florida, believes so at least in the immediate future. Khan has struck a four-year deal to be the home team for NFL games at Wembley through 2016. Since the Jags can’€™t sell out in Jacksonville, Khan, the worldly businessman, and his Jags are poised to be the most viable option to make the voyage full time across the pond.

Players would not shy away from the international brand building potential of playing in a London-based NFL market. Yes, a lot of us love the attention and the limelight. Drawing from the populous of two countries, NFL star power and popularity could reach stratospheric proportions.

This is the type of growth and ROI the NFL is looking for in a market that has a finite (U.S.) amount of growth left in it. With 53 million more people to draw on, adding an NFL team to England could potentially turn a relatively unpopular American team (Jacksonville) into potentially the most popular team in the NFL.

The demographic of NFL fans attending games at Wembley consists of primarily the UK but there are also large numbers of German and Scandanavian fans in attendance as well.

The UK is a perfect launching pad to penetrate the rest of the European market. With Khan’€™s international ties this could be a foreseeable possibility in the next five years or less opposed to the NFL’€™s international committee’€™s 10-year outlook. While NFL Europe didn’t thrive, many of the teams were German-based or ended up there due to economic reasons. There are still semi-pro football teams and A huge interest in the NFL in Germany.

With this in mind look for there to be four games at Wembley in 2015. With the three-game deal already in place for 2014 a P&L with more than 240,000 ticket sales will be attained.

When 2015 ticket sales reach the 330,000 mark it’s more or less a green light that Brits and Europeans will indeed watch the NFL no matter who’s playing, even Jacksonville.


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10 Responses to “NFL eyes London’s Olympic Stadium for franchise, possibly Jags (Buzzy Says As we stated Brandi)”

  1. The Mascot Army says:

    I can’t help but take joy in this after all those comments from the “real” (snarky) Jaguars fans who wet their undies giggling over “even if he’s released.”

  2. Brandi says:

    Anti-Tebow Jaguars Fans keep latching onto anything they can to say “never going to happen”. BUT, talk to them about getting Shad Khan to just say straight out “I cannot imagine a scenario in which I would move the team” and they deflect quickly. That includes the heads of some Jaguars Booster Groups who have talked to Khan on numerous occasions.

    The reality is…they don’t want the question coming to a head because they fear the answer.

  3. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    I would say they are going to tank for the next two years then start the move scenario that has to be the only reason they would not take on T2 Now for sure they can say that JAX wont support the team and they need to move somewhere.
    Hopefully T2 will go to a team and bring that team to the top of the NFL and we can look at Mr Caldwell and Laugh.

  4. The Mascot Army says:

    It’s also funny that after the Jags leave, the UF hating Jags fans will be left with nothing to watch locally. Maybe more poetically just than funny.

  5. David Oliver says:

    Jacksonville / NFL team to London – article from London News Perspective:

  6. jean says:

    so I guess Brandi was right all along

    • Brandi says:

      This is the NFL. They can change their minds, mess things up or simply get distracted. But this has been something that’s been a growing probability for awhile. No matter who or how many have told Jaguars Fans “Your bickering and cliquishness is going to cost you this Team” many have refused to listen and attacked those saying Wake Up while you still have time.

      Time’s probably up.

      NFLUK, NFLUK & Jaguar Marketing Partners, even much of London Sports Media has been pretty open about this for awhile. But not many ever asked them. When Khan started selling Franchises that should have been people’s first big sign. You don’t sell Franchises to market one Game a year unless it’s a big Bowl game or something like that. One Jaguars “Home” Game isn’t close to being anything of that magnitude.

  7. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    Of course if the Jags front office had there stuff in a bag they would picked up T2 and been able to use his fan base to move the team and they would had a selling point But I guess they are not that smart.

    All they couls see was tanking the team to get the seats empty and lose all the Jax support But they could of had thier cake and eat it too.

    The Day MR Caldwell Made his Statement everyone knew they were moving the Team But most did not want to admit it.
    As i said before it is my Hope that T2 gets a team and they make it to the Super Bowl

    • Brandi says:

      Those Jags Fans who spent the past year or two saying “Stop saying they’re moving the Team. Our Attendance is better than some other Teams” never wanted to admit that raw attendance figures are only a small piece of the puzzle. How many will notice what, for them, could be one of the biggest wake-up calls of all.

      Where they talk about in this article the massive amount of money they’ll be spending to allow the seating to “shrink to 54,000” to accommodate the NFL. That’s about 6000 a game less than they’re getting at Everbank now.

      The Financials of the League aren’t anything like Fans want to tell themselves they are. Heck, ESPN alone gives the NFL more money than every Ticket Buying Fan combined. And Shad Khan knows that. Even his “Only Season Ticket Holders are ‘Real’ Jaguars Fans” comment right out of the gate could have been taken one of two ways…As a Rookie owner mistake. Or a move to split the Fan-Base and drive viewers away.

  8. Bigfan says:

    Khan is a Pakistani and the last time I looked London is highly populated with folks from those parts! Good place for him. Curried goat and couscous in the owners sky box anyone?

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