Mail-it-in Friday: Run! Tim Tebow is back in the news!

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8 Responses to “Mail-it-in Friday: Run! Tim Tebow is back in the news!”

  1. ck says:

    This “Sid” needs to be put in his place b/c of cashing in on Tebow’s popularity and HE NEEDS TO RUN to find another J-O-B!!! Besides, most of these comments were positive for T2!!! STATS = PROVEN WINNER!!!

    • jason says:

      I said i would never do this but i now go with it.
      I told you so ck, it doesn’t matter what you feel about it its all about reality and that’s something about football you don’t have a F clue about. Tisa doesn’t either nor andrea, the game is very simple but your feelings get completely in the way of the facts as THOSE WITH THE ABILITY TO HIRE AND FIRE IN THE NFL SEE IT.
      Sorry ck tbat you don’t come close to understanding the league.
      People its really getting old. You want tim to get another shot then pull for him to change and understand what the skill set of a QB is as everyone in the NFL sees it. Not media crap cause they only hear it from people in the know then write about it.
      Ck i will now respond to every post you have and will bring the hammer since you don’t have a clue and just get upset about how tim hasn’t fit.

      • andrea says:

        Jason,you shouldn’t use foul language – young kids may be reading the TebowZone.

        Since we do not cuss at your posts,you should have the basic dignity to do the same with ours.

        You have never been able to explain why Kurt Warner was stocking shelves at a grocery store – seems the all knowledgable football owners and GM’s should have never let that happen.

        And pray tell – can you explain the football expertise of Jimmy Irsay? Seems to me that Jimmy’s only claim to fame is that he is the drunken son of a drunken father.

      • Roxanna says:

        Perhaps you don’t really have a clue either Jason. Tim’s skill set just dosen’t cut it, but Blaine Gabberts does? Or the dozen other QB’s not doing squat out there? Hum, you’re right, I just don’t get it. FB is a really simple game, but no one seems to know how to play it, not well anyway, this year. Tim will come out one top no matter what he choses to do. He’s a winner. The NFL is not, it likes losers. I love the game, I watch it all day Sunday, unless the Jets are playing, that I can’t watch. I hope I will always love and enjoy watching it, but there are many really bad things about the NFL. Maybe Tim is just better out of it all. But I will continue to be blindingly loyal to my Tim, if he plays again I will cheer wildly for his team. He is worth 10 of the best NFL players, whether he plays the game or not.

        • jason says:

          Blaine’s doesn’t cut it at all which is why he is done after this season but what you completely miss is no GM or HC wants to hear tebow chants if the starting QB doesn’nt win….should brady be replaced after tonight? What about manning after he lost this season?……….
          ……or better yet breakdown ONE PLAY…..can you? …..buzzy can you??….brandi…ck… is it just how you feel? ……..99% of fans its about feel. Emotion out and go to tape then you would see why tim is out of the NFL and its not because of david O’s angry and completely confused viewpoints. Its not even close…haters are just as confused because they don’t understand the NFL any better nor do they take one second to study film….you are all going completely off of emotion and not knowledge of the NFL.
          I wish you would but i’ve seen that you won’t.

          Buzzy Says : Yes I think I can But i doubt if anyone here is an Expert including you

  2. Bigfan says:

    That guy…Sidney=”Fruitloop”

  3. andrea says:

    I know I am an old fogey,but I could not understand for the life of me why there were so many pictures of worthless celebrities in the article.

    • jason says:

      What i’ve said would happen with tim has andrea….what did you say would or what did you whine about because you don’t know the league?

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