Jacksonville paper runs ‘Sign Tim Tebow’ ad from Jaguars ‘fans’ (Buzzy Says this should Light up some comments )


By Will Brinson | NFL Writer CPS Sports



The Tim Tebow fan club is crazy.
The Tim Tebow fan club is crazy. (Will Brinson, CBSSports.com)

 There is a cult of Tim Tebow in Jacksonville that will not let the idea of bringing him to the Jaguars go. Some of them are Jaguars fans (these Jaguars fans are also Florida Gators fans and can’t figure out what the Jags are thinking) and some of them are Jaguars “fans” (a.k.a. Tebow fans who pretend to like the Jaguars to push the cult).

The craziest among them are willing to do things like buy newspaper ads with funny little mustaches offering to fill the stadium if Shad Khan will sign Tebow to the Jags.

That actually happened Monday, as someone purchased space in the Florida Times-Union for this ad, which my aunt, who lives in Jacksonville, sent me.

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Unfortunately the money is wasted. It’s a cute little mustache but it’s not going to persuade Khan or GM Dave Caldwell to make the mistake of bringing Tebow into the Jags. The future of the franchise is in the draft, not some lunatic fringe.

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7 Responses to “Jacksonville paper runs ‘Sign Tim Tebow’ ad from Jaguars ‘fans’ (Buzzy Says this should Light up some comments )”

  1. tawk2 says:

    Thanks for posting Buzzy, I just read this. Yes Jacksonville should have signed Tim earlier, but again with a coach and gm who don’t want him there I worry he would be sabotaged yet again. I keep praying that Tim finds a home soon.

    • Ang says:

      Thanks for posting, Buzzy. Hope he finds a football club that wants him soon. Hard to watch all these QBs getting hurt and no one calling TT. So glad to see him continue making a difference in the world through his Foundation.


  2. andrea says:

    There is the word “cult” again.Lunatic Fringe.

    10-11 weeks into the season and 19 of the 32 teams in the NFL are at or below .500.

    There is only one reason Tebow is not playing in the NFL – his Christian beliefs.

    I find it strange that any Christian playing in any sport – baseball,football,college basketball – the first thing they say is “I’m not Tebow”.

    It is apparent that if you get to uppity with your Christian beliefs then you will be destroyed by the mainstream media.

    And for the 100th time -Ray lewis only found his Christianity after he left two bodies in the parking lot.

    • Brandi says:

      I don’t think anything has to do with Tim’s beliefs. Not in terms of his not getting an NFL gig. The tone of this article sums up the real problem. The NFL thinks it can tell the Fans to eat what’s put before them and like it. And the **For Entertainment Purposes ONLY** nature of NFL Media simply goes with that flow. (It’s doesn’t help that most are Ex-NFL Players who share the same attitude current ones have…that Fans are nothing but ignorant “picked last at dodgeball ‘Losers'”.)

      The gap between the NFL and the other Pro Leagues just had another glaring spotlight put on it yesterday.

      Robinson Cano wants $310 Million over 10 years. The NY Yankees are offering him $160 Million over 7. The Yankees aren’t budging and they explained why yesterday. They said he simply doesn’t have the “Cross-Over Appeal” (Does that term sound familiar to anyone here?) of Derek Jeter or even of AROD when he was Popular. In short they’re saying. It doesn’t matter how “good” Cano is on the Field. He’s not enough of a Fan Fave among Yankees Fans to justify that kind of money.

      This article highlights the real problem and the one ALL NFL Fans should be concerned about. The NFL has managed to brainwash NFL Fans into believing that Popularity doesn’t mean anything when in a Professional Sports Leagues the reality is it is the ONLY thing that means anything. It’s a nice gig for the NFL. If Fans are convinced what they want doesn’t matter, they sit down, shut up and pull out their ATM cards. PLUS, it has the added benefit of diminishing the Selling Power of the Players. If Players are nothing more than a number on a jersey hidden under a helmet, they are always easily replaceable and, therefore, their bargaining power is diminished.

      If NFL (and Tebow) Fans fail to put a stop to this attitude among NFL GMs (and allowed, for the time anyway) by NFL Owners, this Mother of All Bad CBAs will be only the beginning of the end of watchable Football. Goodell has already warned that the Product the NFL puts on the Field won’t look anything like Fans are used to enjoying by the time the League gets through with all of the “Safety” changes to the Rules. If Fans have already established that they are so pliable as to allow themselves to become mindless, dispassionate FanBots who will wear whatever colors the League tells them to and keep their passions within “tolerated” limits, that the very minimal efforts that have been made by Tebow Fans so far is considered fanatical, I’m not sure there’s much hope of salvaging this Generation of Cowards that only flex their muscles thru Internet Bullying. But, the 95% of Fans who don’t even know where ESPN2 is on their channel guides consistently show in poll after poll that they don’t understand at all why the NFL is buttfumbling on Tim Tebow. And I don’t think actual Mainstream Fans see anything “delusional” about actual passion from actual Fans.

      But maybe that’s just me who sees it that way. 🙂

      • ck says:

        Brandi: You are on to something and, hopefully, more fans get involved instead of just paying “lip service” so that IT WILL CHANGE WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT!!!

  3. ck says:

    Maybe Will Brinson needs to consider not being a reporter as he is putting his opinion out there (NO FACTS) which is subjective and worth every bit of “two cents” imo! Very glad that someone (advertised) is actually doing something proactive in bringing about what most fans want which is a NFL QB who actually WINS!!!

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