Golf pro behind ‘Sign Tim Tebow’ ad

Updated: November 18, 2013, 9:52 PM ET

By Darren Rovell |


Dewey Arnette insists he’s not the guy to organize a rally or publicly urge others to stand up for something, yet the golf professional, who has tutored the likes of Padraig Harrington and Darren Clarke, has found himself behind the movement to bring Tim Tebow to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Arnette — who spends time in Jacksonville, Fla., and the Grenadines, and charges $400 an hour for his wisdom on the links — says he was the one who spent $1,200 to buy an ad in the Monday editions of the Florida Times-Union.


[+] EnlargeTebow ad

Courtesy of Florida Times-UnionEx-PGA Tour golfer Dewey Arnette took out this $1,200 ad in Monday’s Florida-Times Union urging Jaguars boss Shahid Khan to ink Tim Tebow.


“I don’t really get behind causes and hold up signs,” Arnette said. “But this was different.”

“Dear Mr. Khan,” the ad says, referring to team owner Shahid Khan. “Sign Tim Tebow & we will fill the stadium!” The ad is signed by “The Citizens of Jacksonville.”

ESPN asked the Florida Times-Union ad sales department to reveal who was behind the ad. Citing confidentiality, the paper declined to reveal who represented “The Citizens Of Jacksonville” until Arnette gave his permission. It turns out Arnette has been behind a slew of recent Tebow propaganda.

In the past six weeks, Arnette and his son John have gauged the reaction after holding up “Tebow to Jax” signs in Jacksonville’s San Marco Square and handing out Tebow T-shirts in the streets. The Arnettes also have bought ads on radio stations and billboards around town, and have paid to have Tebow phrases written on airplane banners that have flown over stadiums. Dewey Arnette even spent money to put “Tebow to Jacksonville” messages on place mats at the Metro Diner, a local hot spot. The owner of the diner, Arnette said, was so supportive, he gave Arnette a bigger ad than what he paid for.

Tebow, who won the Heisman Trophy in 2007 while at the University of Florida, played his high school ball in Jacksonville.

“I don’t want to come off as odd,” Arnette said. “The thing is, having done these things, I know how supportive people are of Tim Tebow around here. And our standards for the team are just so low right now.”

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In two years’ time, Tebow has gone from getting a playoff victory as the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos to being out of the league. He played sparingly last season with the Jets and was cut from the New England Patriots on Aug. 31.

For their part, the Jaguars, who have lost nine of their first 10 games this season, have seemed disinterested in Tebow. Khan, when asked about the idea of signing Tebow last month, told TMZ, “We need a lot of good players.”

Arnette, whose record of eight straight birdies in a PGA Tour event stood for 12 years, says he’s a realist.

“I expect it to completely fall on deaf ears,” Arnette said. “But I just wanted to give it a try. Yeah, this isn’t one of those real injustices in the world. But I feel bad for him. He deserves a shot.”

In the meantime, Tebow recently signed with CAA broadcasting agent Nick Khan (no relation to the Jaguars’ owner) to figure out a possible on-air future.

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9 Responses to “Golf pro behind ‘Sign Tim Tebow’ ad”

  1. andrea says:

    I thought ESPN was to have no coverage of Tebow on their broadcasts but they are snooping around trying to find out who paid for the ad.

    I know they are disappointed that a golf pro paid for the ad instead of one of those religious Christian whack jobs.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Couldn’t have said it better myself even if we are EXPERTS!!! Ooops, did I just state that as a matter of fact?!!:D

  2. Sage says:

    I admire the guy’s initiative. Now that the Houston Texans have blown up, they should start over with either Tebow or Vince Young.

    Tebow would be the better bet, IMO. Yet much of what happene to Tebow was suffered by Vince Young before him. The “experts” said VY couldn’t play. Then he wins the Rookie of the Year. But his coach, the Mustache, Jeff Fisher, didn’t like VY. He wanted that “pro set” offense, or whatever it is Jason is always gushing about. Nothing but high-percentage check-down passes for 3.4 yards per attempt. So VY was marginalized. With a good coach as leader, VY was all upside potential, like Tim.

    People who are slaves to conventional and risk-free approaches don’t know everything they imagine they do.
    Buzzy Says The ProSet system won the SB Last Year with the 49ers running the option.

    • Brandi says:

      I was talking with him earlier today. These are died-in-the-wool Jacksonville people who want Pro Football to exist and be a positive force for the Community in Jax.

      That’s the motivation. A most basic formula…Tim’s a Jax Native who is loved by an overwhelming majority of Football Fans in Jacksonville. The Jaguars haven’t been the force in the Community they could or should be. Now they’re simply a mess and a huge disappointment.

      Sign Tim Tebow, bring Jaguars Football truly home to the Fans in jax and guarantee they stay in Jax.

      Can’t falut the thinking?

      • ck says:

        Brandi: Now, you’re talking…agree 100%

      • Sage says:

        Honestly, if some organizational genius would get a decent larger campaign started, I’d contribute as much as $2000 to promote a good football outcome for Tebow.

        The economic and social value of getting it right with Tebow is off the charts. His charity would sky rocket and people all over the U.S. and the world would be more alive, like they were in 2011.

    • ck says:

      Sage: I hear you as in “LOCK STEP” and we know how safe that is, ha, ha! Besides, T2 knows how to escape the pocket so he is less of a target such as a FROZEN STATUE QB” would be; HOWEVER, EVEN his mother made a comment as to the safety of being mobile QB!!!

  3. Brandi says:

    In the For What it’s Worth category…the Bold City Brigade has now officially removed itself from the Tebow-to-Jax “fued” (their word).

    Some here may angrily remember the BCB as the group that created the “Even if He’s Released” website and whose Group and Members have been the single biggest lobbiers to the Jaguars to convince them to not sign Tebow. (Given the enormity of this, I’m posting their Founders entire letter)


    We’re Still Here
    It’s time to get back to our roots.

    John Caputo @BoldCityCap

    Nephews and Nieces, it’s time to switch things up. It’s time to get back to our roots. It’s time to shift our focus back to why this group was started in the first place. Things aren’t going well on the field. That’s no secret. It’s the stark reality. Predictably, the landscape around our team and around our town has turned a bit sour over the past month as well. Losing ugly usually begets ugly attitudes and ugly attitudes usually make for an unhappy and weakened fan-base. This group was formed, in part, to help strengthen this fan-base to the point that we are collectively strong enough to survive periods like this.

    Over the course of the past five months we at BCB have done our best to make a lot of your voices heard. Many of you were unhappy with the fact that only one viewpoint was being presented nationally in regards to the Tebow debate. You were upset that our fan base was being painted as one that held college allegiances above all else. You expressed a deep belief in giving this new regime a chance to succeed. You told us of your belief in their plan. We tried to lead the charge in making your voices heard. We tried to the best of our abilities to do so in a fashion that we could be proud of and never regret. We did our best to present a united front that aligned with what the Jaguars organization was trying to accomplish. In my opinion we succeeded in doing so.

    With all of that said, BCB will no longer be participating in the Tebow debate. We feel that what we set out to do was accomplished and any further participation in this ordeal would be both redundant and counter-productive.

    This message isn’t just to say, “Peace out, Tebow.”. It’s also to let you know what we will be focusing on going forward and in particular the words that we will rally around. We begun the season with the mantra of “Where You From?”. We called for everyone to stand up and be proud of what we have here. The answer to that question was easy, “I’m from Duval.”. In turn this mantra took on both a symbolic and a literal meaning. You, our members, our strength, took that and ran with it. We cannot lose sight of that mentality. We will not lose sight of it. As the casual fans begin to jump ship and move their focus towards other activities on Sundays, the Brigade will hold strong. As it yet again becomes en vogue to utter, “Same old Jags.”, we’ll be there each and every week, home and away. We’ll lean on each other. When folks turn and look, we’ll hold our heads high and we’ll say, “We’re Still Here”. This is the very essence of why this group was formed. Frankly, that’s why BCB is here. I’d venture to say that that is what attracted you to BCB in the first place. It’s a collective mind-set. A massive, organized, and growing network of people just like you. One of unwavering support for this team and unrivaled pride in our city. Those attributes cannot and should not ever take a back seat to anything else that is going on around us.

    While I feel as if we can be proud of the stance that we took against some of the more absurd Tebow initiatives, we at BCB also realize that some folks have done their best to use our stance on one individual topic to paint us into something that we are not. They’ve used negativity and sensationalism as a way to attempt to discredit every other facet of this group. The irony in this is that many of those very individuals that have lead that charge are the very inspiration for why this group was formed and why it is needed. We’ve done a lot over the course of the last year to change perceptions. We’ve traveled well. We’ve repped hard. We’ve made some of the old guard uncomfortable. As someone much smarter than me once said, “If they’re talking about you, they’re probably threatened by you.”. You’ve got my word, our word, that we at BCB won’t get caught up in these feuds any longer. As I said a few days ago, too many awesome people put too much hard work into this group for us to allow the ignorant messages of a few to cheapen it. This group was formed and has seen rapid growth without the help, support, or acknowledgment of any of these critics. Let them be angry. They don’t get it and they probably never will. Despite not aligning with many of those that control the temperature of the collective sports mindset in this town, “We’re Still Here.”. And I’ve got news for you. We’re not going anywhere.

    See you this weekend at the viewing parties. In case you didn’t know we’ll be the people yelling Duuuuuvaaal.


    // Contact the Bold City Brigade.

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