Ex-NFL ref: ‘Uncatchable’ should only be factor in ‘Tim Tebow-type’ passes

Former NFL official Jim Daopoulos throws shade at free agent quarterback.


(Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports)
(Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports)

In an interview with USA TODAY Sports’ Tom Pelissero, former NFL official Jim Daopoulos spoke about the controversial call at the end of last night’s Patriots-Panthers game.

When asked if back judge Terrence Miles was correct in picking up the flag that was initially thrown for pass interference, Daopoulos was candid in his response.

From the article (emphasis ours):

…Daopoulos said Miles should have stood by his initial call rather than being talked into picking up the flag, especially if the pass being uncatchable factored into the conversation.

“We as officials have always been taught, for a ball to be uncatchable, it has to be clearly out of the field of play or it has to be a kind of — I probably shouldn’t say this — a Tim Tebow-type pass that lands 15 yards in front of you,” Daopoulus said.

Oh. Oh no.



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36 Responses to “Ex-NFL ref: ‘Uncatchable’ should only be factor in ‘Tim Tebow-type’ passes”

  1. Brandi says:

    John Fox told Tim Tebow to throw the Ball into the dirt if he wasn’t 100% certain there was 0% chance of an Interception. He called it “Beaching” the Ball. He also told him throw it into the Stands; though that occurred less frequently. Because what Foxy was doing was giving Tim tips on how to Intentionally Ground the Ball without drawing a flag. Fox told this to Denver Media a couple times. But it fell on deaf ears in the National Conversation.

    This is an issue that far transcends Tim Tebow; yet it seems to rear its head the most with him because the word “Tebow” draws attention like Merril Hoge draws bench buttslivers.

    I seriously doubt Foxy realized those instructions would end up being an albatross around Tebow’s neck the rest of his days. A QB who is one of the All-Time Leaders in Passing Accuracy and whose few Passes with the Jets were 100% On Target (6 of 8…One Drop; One Throw-Away) now has a Rep of “Can’t Throw”.

    I’ve always felt Tim’s Fans should take an In-Your-Face aggressive approach with Detractors; but most have gotten sucked into Stat Wars for some odd reason. But I have and do espouse the Just Slap ‘Em Down approach for a simple reason. These types of things are NEVER debates. They are never about “Winning” some argument. SportsSmack is a mere shell of its once greatness. But it still has one basic characteristic.

    Fans pick their “sides” and stick with them for life. The Talk serves no real purpose but to fill the day with entertainment. Tebow Fans will never change that. All you can do is make it too uncomfortable for detractors to want to engage. (Unless you’re having some fun slapping ’em, of course.)

    • Bigfan says:

      Spot on Brandi!! I heard that comment from a couple of of “Parrots” yesterday and it did make me mad!!

    • Sage says:

      Good points. It works for the alinskyites.

      • ck says:

        Yes, Sage, she is right on a lot of it and believe we should “slap down” the detractors w/truth instead of listening to THEIR LIES!!! Funny how you hear something enough times instead of seeing it as a lie, it parades around as the truth when not challenged!!! Of course, that is what they are hoping that no one challenges the lies…hmmmmmmmmmm!

    • The Mascot Army says:

      Exactly! And ignoramuses like this ref only peripherally paying attention to Tebow’s career parrot what they’ve heard.

      • ck says:

        Mascot: “Ignoramuses” and how fitting at that…applies to more than the ref!!! No offense intended; i.e., disclaimer, watch the tape, te, he!!

    • jason says:

      Some of his throws yes but he had plenty that were complete missed throws. Its on tape for anyone to watch. WRs and the WR coach complained in practise how bad he would miss throws, were those planned to be in the dirt as well.. I guess they all just hated tebow completely.
      Most important though is that an in your face approach isn’t gonna change anything about if tebow plays in the NFL again, its if he better adapts himself to the passing game which he lacks at and is shown on tape. The whole tape not just highlites that fans and media love because GMs and HCs don’t hire based on highlites or stats at QB. The other issue is the circus that comes with him has to end. Is that an issue….yes because once again the people that can hire him say it is. Its their sandbox and they get to do it completely their way and you can’t come close to getting enough tebow fans together to force their hands because plenty of tebow fans understand that he needs great improvement and his fanbase is a problem and they are watching the NFL everyweek.
      Tebow did not do well at all in passing in the NFL and it was more of making reads than anything and is why he is out of the league as a starter and his media and fan following is why they won’t develope him as a backup. If people would leave teams alone about him when he goes to one it’d be different but they won’t nor will he tell his fans to leave the team alone. It’s a twofold issue but he isn’t in the league by his own doing and lack of willing t

      • Brandi says:

        There are TWO in this relationship and ONLY two. The Fans and the Owners. Period. The Players, Coaches and General Managers work for them. The only Pro League that is still struggling with Celebrity is the NFL. Hockey had Gretzky who was an International Rock Star bigger than the League. Basketball has had Michael Jordan and the Magic-Byrd Phenomenon which took on a life of its own. Baseball had Babe Ruth, the Joe DiMaggio-Marilyn and to a lessor extent, but still close to International Rock Star Status, Derek Jeter.

        When Baseball, Basketball and Hockey all were hit with their first big taste of Uber-Celebrity Status of a Player bigger than the League, they all latched on because the they had dips or scandals or other problems and they bit down and rode those Star Coattails to big jumps in Popularity of the Game. The NFL is the first and only Pro League that has refused to bite back its ego and realize the Tebow Phenomenon came at a time the League needs it most.

        Maybe the timing is a two-sided coin because it is also a time when NFL GMs are beginning to mess with the quickly abandoned by MLB Teams approach of allowing numbers and formulas bear far too great a role in personnel decisions. The NFL will dump this approach and adopt MLBs now growing methodology of looking at how best to use statistics in analysis without allowing them to drive the decision-making process, just as the Teams are turning away from formulaic approaches in general. But the NFL hasn’t learned this lesson yet. By the time they do, Tim may have settled in elsewhere and some other League will be riding his popularity.

        But don’t fall into the traps of thinking the Fans voice should not matter. It’s the only one that ultimately does. Or the trap of thinking the NFL juggernaut cannot founder. The NFL has already had to push its Business Plan back by 5 years and I’ve yet to find even one Sports Business Analyst who believes they have any shot at all of hitting even those hugely weakened ($40B in written down Revenue Projections over 5 years) numbers. The League has hit the growth wall and even the NFL Owners are saying that publicly. If they can’t find a way to break through that wall…and International is the only viable one…the NFL will begin an inevitable slide backwards. And that is even if “Safety Issues” have no appreciable impact on the Leagues operations.

        • ck says:


        • jason says:

          Thank you brandi for that. You base things completely from fanhood or some crap like baseball. Football is football honey not how you feel about comparison to another sport that has been surpassed and gets to apples vs oranges.
          You are upset with how things really are. Fans do have great clout but you completely forget that most of them will watch and follow with or without tebow.
          How about tell the fans that are driving the NFL to stop then. You lump all fans together based on your fanhood and bias.
          Once agian though tebow isn’t gonna play unless he changes to fit what those evil GMs want.

        • jason says:

          And brandi the NFL didn’t need tebow, they were already doing great in ratings and revenue without him. You really do get off on blowing your pipe and XXXXX like ck being XXXXXX don’t you….lol.

          Buzzy says Jason Stop It Please

          • Brandi says:

            Feel better now getting that off your chest?

            What the Fans think is all that matters. That includes what, if anything, they’ll do about it. You can assume everything’s great in the NFL all you want. That doesn’t change the fact it’s not. The NFL can tread water for awhile. But their competitive field is changing on them. Not only does the League need to grow just to hold its own, it’s now dealing with Baseball having Networks line up. Within a very few years, the Yankees, Cubs and Dodgers will be bringing in a $Billion each a year. Even the Cowboys won’t be in a position to do that. The NFL has already fallen behind the Indian Cricket League in audiences and wealth. Soccer and Rugby will be next. The NFL will slide from Richest Pro League in the World to 4th or 5th in what amounts to less than a 10 year time frame. Like it or not, that is what is taking place.

            That is moving backwards quickly. Even Curling is going through insane growth while the NFL is basically running in place.

    • ck says:

      Brandi: Score!!! This guy has no credibility where T2 is concerned…ALL HE DOES IS WIN AND WILL DO SO AGAIN!!!
      GBPT2/GO TEBOW!!!

      • jason says:

        Ck i have watched all his tapes and if all he did was win he’d be on a roster right now. Go study football and be right once about it not some idiot cliche that makes you sleep better at night.

  2. jason says:

    Its always been far more than he can’t throw. That’s what haters harp on and push. It’s the reads, missing the reads in coverage that have hurt him more than anything, lack of awareness and route anticipation. Accuracy can improve.
    I don’t care about fanhood and sides, never have. It’s the game and abilities i enjoy. I understand the fanhood side of things but the arguements with it are pick and choose and flawed because they never take into account every aspect of it which even goes to how GMs and HCs view the game since after all they hire not fans. The fans job is to consume the product or not and that gets completely missed by too many fans and media at times.
    Tebow’s fans have called for boycott and how’s that working? The league crippled? Every fan stop going?

    The way for tebow to get back in is to improve at the fundamental parts of the NFL game at QB. Whiny fans aren’t gonna change that because there are not enough of them to do damage and cut into the massive revenue stream of the NFL and even then the GMs and HCs are hired and tasked with something different.
    Like it or not but tebow has to change and improve in the passing game to make it so says the GMs and last time i checked as for tebow’s career what they think matters millions of times more than brandi or jason and its not even close. The fanhood debates have always been fun and games but getting a job in the NFL now for tebow has nothing to do with what anyone but about 32 people think. No hard cold facts, no smacks, no in your face crap or the like. Its gonna be about his fit to a type of offense a team has or wants and his skill set. That’s what fans always miss and even get upset over because they don’t know how the league works or what they look at. Fans just know how they feel and what they think everyone should look at and miss what is looked at by those that hire and fire.

    • Brandi says:

      The NFL has been told by two groups they’ve desperately tried to court that if the League wants to Play with the Big Boys, it has to first grow up. The US Supreme Court and Congress. The USSC shot down the NFL’s effort to get the same blanket Anti-Trust Protection Baseball has and were told they don’t have their act together…so no deal. It’s Partial Protection only, for now. NFL Owners have been lobbying for the unique Tax Preferences MLB Owners get and it’s fallen on deaf ears. For the same reason. The League hasn’t grown up and started acting like a cohesive unit that’s got its act together.

      Part of that growing process is putting the GMs & Coaches in their place. NOT the Fans.

      If you want to say it’s all Game Film and Practice Time or even Game Numbers, go tell that to the NY Yankees. They just stated why they won’t budge on Robby Cano’s demands for a Monster Contract. Because he doesn’t have the “Cross-Over Appeal” of Derek Jeter or ARod when Alex was Popular. They put it plainly. Cano may put up some of the best if not the best numbers in the League. But it doesn’t matter because Yankee Fans don’t like him enough to give him even a broken down ARod Contract.

      And don’t count Tebow and Football Fans waking up and realizing that it in fact THEIR Game and ultimately their decision who they see on the Field. In just the last month, I’ve seen a rapidly growing number of Fans…both pure Tebow Fans and those who like him but aren’t part of the “cult” realizing that it’s not Tim Tebow the GMs are saying “No” to. It’s them. And they are getting riled to action.

      Fans have ALL of the clout. And the NFL isn’t holding any cards right now. PSL Owners are ticked that they doled out money that could have gone to a Vacation of Retirement Home on PSLs that are now virtually worthless. The real price of the gawdawful CBA in terms of stripping Coaches of the ability to put Teams prepared to Play on the Field is finally being recognized by the Fans and they’re getting tired of sloppy Play and sloppy drunk Players. They’re tired of the weekly perp walks. And their tired of being called “Last picked at dodgeball ‘Losers'” by the very Players whose salaries they’re paying with their hard-earned money. They’re tired of Lord of the Flies Locker Rooms. And they’re tired of General Managers who tell them every three years they’re in a rebuilding mode…to take the place of the last Rebuilding Mode that led to nowhere.

      They’re tired of being treated like idiots and even more tired of feeling like them when they want to give their passion to Teams that haven’t Played with passion for years.

      So don’t start assuming they’re not going to get up one day and say “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

      The NFL is over-due for a wake-up call. Goodell knows there’s problems. The Owners know there’s problems. They instituted an internal Committee to work on stemming the bleeding…even though it’s only a very tiny trickle at the moment. They know that gushers start out that way. The ONLY ones who haven’t seemed to have caught on yet are the GMs and some Fans who are so enthralled by the image of the NFL that they don’t peel back the layers and look at the reality of the NFL.

      • ck says:

        Brandi: I am so glad that you know what you are talking about and call it as you see it as well as the obvious majority who have seen the deterioration that is showing no sign of letting up until complete disintegration of the NFL has come about…the product is inferior and only a select few who blindly follow their “tape sessions” are not able to see it! Blind leading the blind which is incompetence on a GRAND SCALE!!! Don’t think they will be able to survive this b/c the fans are turning on them and what’s more, THEY KNOW IT!!!
        Great post, as usual, Brandi, and you make up for all the misinformation that gets passed off as so called F-A-C-T-S, NOT?!!!

        • Brandi says:

          Thanks. 🙂 I won’t ever accept an attitude of Fans should stay in their place. Their “place” is right at the front of the line. It sure as heck isn’t bowing down to a handful of Temporary Workers who are going to get fired every couple years anyway. It’s about time they start getting fired to send the message they are not and never will be bigger than the Fans.

        • jason says:

          Ck the blind can lead the blind all day but you forget that its their sandbox and they can do what they want. What part of that do you not understand?
          Buzzy Says Quit Picking on other users

          • Brandi says:

            Jason, what part of for the first time in years, there will be more than just a couple NFL Franchises that will lose money? The NFL Owners set up a $100 Million Pool (which the NFLPA has already protested because it is expressly precluded in the CBA) to help Owners with less personal wealth to cover the losses out, while acknowledging that will be far short. (Franchises will likely lose a combine $500 Million this year and that trend will continue.)

            The Dolphins already announced they expect to lose $41 Million this year and they’re in better shape than several other Franchises.

            NFL Owners may be slow to respond. But they are going to do something. They’re not going to keep eating losses. The League has money. But it’s earmarked for other things like a war chest against lawsuits, money to try to fuel International Expansion and a large and growing effort to try to convince Families that it’s safe to let their kids Play Football.

            You look at today’s TV Ratings and say everything’s great. But those ratings aren’t going to hold and right now, current TV Ratings are the ONLY things that’s going at all well for the League. And even those won’t count for much when the next round of Contracts comes up and the Networks are asking what happened to International Expansion. (Currently barely over 100,000 even watch the Playoffs in England; let alone any other Games.)

  3. jason says:

    Every GM, scout and coach must not have a clue because they watched tape and they know coach speak about what was said about beaching the ball. They know what to look at and know what goes on as does anyone that checks out the tape. He defended his QB. Belichick did the samething with tebow after a preseason game.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      (I wrote this earlier)
      “Breaking down tape” is an amazing, nearly mystical craft that allows coaches to keep their favored but under-performing starters on the field weeks longer than anybody else would have patience for. It’s a cure-all more convincing than hand-waving against overwhelming contrary arguments. It let’s people use the power of hindsight to pat themselves on the back for how great they understand the game. It’s what’s used by the NFL elite to decide on draft picks, and it’s track record of non-bust predictions shows its capacity for veracity. It’s a method where professionals like Gruden and Sparano can expertly use to arrive at completely different conclusions.
      Perhaps most importantly, it’s the last best resort to end debate when normal rhetoric goes badly.

      • jason says:

        No one pats themselves on the back about it but how about fans that love highlights to say some is great or someone is bad or go this or that way over stats while completely missing what those with the ability to hire tebow look at.
        I’ve said it before that i’d take tebow and work with him but you forget that neither you nor i get that call and no matter how much you disagree with them its all about the offense a team wants to run and the skill set of the player.
        Also don’t forget about the differnce between when someone was a coach and now is media. Its entertainment vs reality of the present moment.
        Breaking down film is how they do things and has been my point that you or anyone can not understand how they base who they hire on but its the way they do it. Fans love stats and HCs, GMs and scouts don’t go based on that. Its their call never yours unless you are gonna become one of those. Thats what you’ve missed just as brandi and ck does.

        • The Mascot Army says:

          I think you severely underestimate other decision-making factors such as the power of groupthink, and job security and its dependence upon risk aversion. If all decisions came down solely to football, there would be a LOT more going for it on 4th and short or 4th and goal, but coaches get ripped when those don’t pan out, so it happens far less than it should. The good coaches with better job security take reasonable risks more than guys on the bubble.

          It’s naive to think coaches and GMs do not have an aversion to high risk high reward moves. If Belichick caliber coaches were ubiquitous in the NFL, there would be at least five now-pathetic teams giving Tebow a shot right now, but they aren’t.

  4. andrea says:

    I don’t understand what you mean by “His media”.Does Tebow have control of the people in the media?I don’t think so – just look at the way the media covers him.

    Last year the media went beserk when Tebow took his shirt off after practice.Big friggin deal.I spend most of my summer down the beach and most days 99% of the guys go around without a shirt on.

    I really do not see Tebow;’s fans causing the problem – I blame the media.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: And yes, there you have it (didn’t have to watch the tape to deduce the “plain as day” bias…remember Hedda Hopper who could make or break careers?!!!)

  5. andrea says:

    Boy CK I hope you are not as old as me!!! I remember Hedda Hopper very well.

  6. andrea says:

    And Brandi is dead on about the PSL’s.My brother has one.My brother who pays over 900.00 a year for season tickets does not like the direction football is going in.

    • Brandi says:

      Maybe it’s becoming a time for changes in direction. I posted the entire announcement in the comments on the Rovell story below about the newspaper ad. But the Bold City Brigade has now officially declared a unilateral ceasefire in the Tebow-to-Jax battle. Their head has decided they had lost the grip on what they were originally formed to be and they were getting a bad Rep Nationally and in Jax for their relentless Anti-Tebowism.

      Maybe more people than I thought have started stepping back and asking the question…When did things take such a bad turn?

  7. The Mascot Army says:

    Does “breaking down tape” also account for being in a new offense, or not having practiced with the ones, or playing with effectively rookies, or wrong routes, or poor preparation, or being coached by the worst coach from the previous year, or having a GM hoping for a top draft pick?

    I’m unimpressed with a league full of former concussed meat-heads who let the likes of Tony Sparano into this “elite” club…a club where innovation is ridiculed for years because that isn’t what the idiots were spoon-fed and have been regurgitating since birth. A club where the gimmicks of today are finally and reluctantly adopted and copied. There are few smart people in the NFL, just mentally below average people who have concentrated on football for decades. Tebow is exhibit A.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      ha, I just noticed an uninntentional misundertsanding of what I wrote. Tebow’s being ignored by the NFL is exhibit A.

      Also, does “breaking down tape” account for using a completely revamped throwing motion forced upon Tebow based on theoretical but non-existant strip sacks?
      It doesn’t.

  8. jason says:

    And as always none of you are putting fanhood out of this and viewing it as the folks that can hire tebow. So be upset and frustrated all you want but it changes nothing because it all gets down to what those folks think and not how fanhood compels you.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      They all thought Russel Wilson was too short too. Lucky for him he got a rare shot with a competent coach and didn’t work his way onto the pro-abortion shit-list; that’s a lethal combination.

      I agree with you that they shouldn’t pick him up simply because he’s a fan favorite if it contradicts what they think (and are playing it safe). I accept it as is, that the NFL really is the No Fun League, filled with cowardly dimwits. I’m hoping Tebow plays in another league before he wastes his youth.

  9. Jean says:

    I keep hearing Teabow doesn’t fit our system.Well some of these teams systems do not work.I would think Jacksonville,Tampa would be looking for a new way to play.If I were an owner of these teams I would fire the entire staff.Find a staff that is willing to build a system around Teabow.Then see what happens.It couldn’t be worse than what they have now.Probably more wins and for sure a lot more fun.Thats what fans want.Mr.Kahn must be getting pretty embarrassed at this point.Having half your city hate your GM could not be much fun

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