Cleveland Browns Believe Alex Tanney is Better Than Tim Tebow (TKS Brandi )


COMMENTARY | The Cleveland Browns will apparently give anybody but Tim Tebow a shot to lead their offense.

Rowan Kavner, a staff writer for the official website of the Dallas Cowboys, reported late Tuesday morning that the Browns have signed Dallas practice squad quarterback Alex Tanney. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett later confirmed Tanney’s departure from the team. Tanney will take the spot of the injured Jason Campbell, who may be done for the season, on the Cleveland depth chart. Brandon Weeden will get the start this coming Sunday when the Browns host the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tanney is most known for a YouTube video that features him completing a variety of trick-shot passes.

Outside of that, he set the NCAA record for all time career touchdown passes across all divisions while with Monmouth College. He has never thrown a pass in a NFL regular season game.

Multiple reports on Monday claimed that the Browns were set to workout Caleb Hanie. Hanie, who started four games while with the Chicago Bears in 2011, has not yet been signed. Cleveland currently has only one healthy quarterback, Weeden, on the roster, so it’s possible that the Browns could sign both Tanney and Hanie.

The 6-4 and 220 pound Tanney is known for having a strong arm and for his mobility. Accuracy has been a problem for the 26-year old, however, and it may be the reason why he hasn’t yet caught on with a NFL franchise. Cleveland has twice abandoned the Weeden experiment in 2013, so odds are that Tanney will get an opportunity to play before the end of December.

A plethora of Browns fans posting on Twitter and calling into radio shows airing on ESPN Cleveland called for the team to sign Tebow following Cleveland’s loss to rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. The heavy rumor has been that those in the front office on the Browns aren’t high on Tebow, and that appears to be the case. Rather than give a quarterback who has won a playoff game a chance to show what he can do, the Browns are instead going with somebody who has never played a meaningful down of NFL football.

There is something to be said for the team not wanting to bring the circus that comes with Tebow Time to Cleveland. That’s fine and all, but the Browns had better realize that watching this squad has not been all that enjoyable an experience over the past two weekends. Neither Tanney nor Hanie is filling a single seat at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Tebow would.

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9 Responses to “Cleveland Browns Believe Alex Tanney is Better Than Tim Tebow (TKS Brandi )”

  1. Brandi says:

    Joe Banner would have jewels spiked into his eyeballs before he’d care what Browns Fans want. (Tebow or anything else.) Any move on Tebow to Cleveland would have to come from Jimmy Haslam. (If he’s still allowed in the building.)

    • Sage says:

      Between GMs and coaches, every team seems to have at least one meat-head potentate who is too wedded to group think to imagine the possibilities with Tim.

      You’d expect in a competitive environment that the forces of competition would cause someone to break ranks, but not sure there are any signs of it.

      In the financial markets, contrarians make a fortune going against the herd mentality. In the NFL? My conclusion is that it’s not genuinely competitive.

      Buzzy Says: You are correct the NFL is not competitive as they share the Take. There is something in the back ground about T2 that we can not find out about.

      • Brandi says:

        This is the first Season under the new Revenue Sharing & Accounting Rules. It’s also the first Season under the new draconian Salary Floor. The RevShare/Acctg changes should have made individual Clubs MUCH more competitive in terms of trying to appeal to the Fans, as they can no longer use all of that TV money to balance their books. But the first thing the Owners did was create a $100 Million Pool (that the NFLPA has already protested as being a CBA violation…which it clearly is) to allow Owners who aren’t Mega-Rich in their own right to draw on and pay the bills. It’s still somewhere around $400 Million short. But given how the Owners have operated, it’s likely they’ll just bump up the Pool.

        Or, they’ll just outright defy the Agreement and move the money around how they want, as so many Clubs…including the Jaguars, by the way…are seriously violating the Salary Floor. Based on the CBA, Clubs CANNOT use that money for Salary Floor violations to apply to their books. It has to go into the Players Salary Pool. But it seems the Owners are intent on pushing this CBA to the limits and have it out with the Players. The ONLY reason Owners went along with the CBA to begin with was because the Limitless Powers were given to The Commish. Once the Players challenged and defeated that provision…with BountyGate Fines/Suspensions…the Owners began acting like apes throwing feces in the zoo. And still are. They’re letting the GMs continue with their Lord of the Flies running of the League, even as they’ve already had to push their Business Plan back five years and nobody I can find believes they can even meet that. That may not sound like much to Fans, but pushing the BizPlan back by five years costs the Owners MORE than the combined Valuations of all 32 Franchises today.

        Whatever’s going on makes absolutely no business sense whatsoever. But it’s happening nonetheless.

        • Sage says:

          The owners really cleaned up in the ’80s and the era of cable. Once rich, people seem to prefer control over greater wealth, to wit, the RIAA, which chose to crush Napster rather than become the epicienter of software, advertising, entertainment, technology, data.

          • ck says:

            Sage: Right again, the rich want even more control so that we have no control; i.e., Bill Gates now getting into “COMMON CORE” AND SUBJECTING CHILDREN TO THIS C-R-A-P!!!

        • ck says:

          Brandi: You are a wealth of information and did not know all that!!! Thanks for all your research on this subject too!!!

  2. andrea says:

    Sounds like communism to me.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Totally right about that and “CONTROL” is what they are all about…can forget about freedom of anything unless we have people that are like the ones who were brave enough to step up for our rights!!!

    • Brandi says:

      The NFL has operated this way for a long time…at least a half century. The Old Guard wants to protect their turf. And that becomes paramount for them. In the past, it was GMs fighting with Head Coaches for control of the Organization….sometimes even the Franchise. Coaches got tired of the fight and insisted on being both Head Coach and GM. As we all saw, that rarely worked. It’s just too much for one person to do.

      But we had something that is becoming in shorter supply. Owners who remembered how the League got built. There’s very little Institutional Memory in the NFL anymore and that’s biting the Fans in the butt. In the past, when the GMs. Coaches, Players, etc. got too far off track, the Owners stepped in and righted the ship. But they haven’t done that. They’ve opted instead to go into their trenches and just fight everyone. If the current crop of GMs had any brains at all, they’d realize that they are going to take the bullet for everything that’s wrong with the NFL. For one simple reason.

      General Managers are the ones most dispensable. You can’t get rid of the Players. You can’t get rid of the Coaches. You can’t get rid of the Fans. But you can definitely get rid of the GMs. They’re the ones who will be the scapegoats for the cultural problems in the NFL that have reared their ugly head to the point they can no longer be ignored. Because the Owners like easy scapegoats and the Media insists on them.

      Nobody likes a complicated story. 🙂

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