CAA Signs Tim Tebow For All His Business

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By Lucas Shaw 1 hour ago
CAA Signs Tim Tebow For All His Business
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CAA Signs Tim Tebow For All His Business

CAA has signed quarterback Tim Tebow for all off-the-field business, a spokeswoman for the agency told TheWrap.

WME had represented Tebow for his non-sports endeavors, which include endorsements, TV, movies, books and personal appearances. CAA Sports has negotiated his on-field deals since 2012, so the talent giant now represents the former Florida star in every aspect of his business.

Representing Tebow for his off-field activities may prove even more important and lucrative given his mainstream appeal.

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Tebow was one of the most successful college football players in recent memory, winning a Heisman trophy and two BCS championships at the University of Florida.

His popularity only grew during his first few years in the NFL, as people clamored for him to get a starting job while he was a reserve in Denver. He took over as the starting quarterback for the Broncos six games into his second season with the team holding a 1-4 record.

Tebow’s ascension to the starting line-up coincided with a memorable wining streak as Tebow repeatedly orchestrated late-game comebacks. Tebow’s heroics secured the Broncos a playoff spot and led to incessant coverage of all things Tebow.

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His popularity, success and religious faith spawned the meme “Tebowing,” where people take pictures of themselves getting on a knee to pray as Tebow often did on the field.

Yet Tebow’s stay in Denver was short-lived as the Broncos traded Tebow to the New York Jets after signing Peyton Manning. Tebow has struggled to find a place in the league ever since, as the Jets used him in several different ways before releasing him. He is a free agent.

CAA is examining ways in which Tebow can return to the NFL, and it will now seek out off-the-field opportunities as well. He has already written an autobiography, published in 2011, and has endorsements with Nike, TiVO and Jockey.

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  1. andrea says:

    This is good news to hear. I always thought Tebow’s signing with the William Morris Talent Agency was a disaster.Tebow does not belong with that Hollywood phoney crowd. I say good riddance to WMA.I think this a good move on Tebow’s part.

    Just my humble opinion.

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