Buzzy Says: Tim Tebow

It is my understanding that No One on the NFL Network or the ESPN Network are

allowed to bring up Tim Tebows Name for any reason. No air time, Tweets , FaceBook

or write ups.

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26 Responses to “Buzzy Says: Tim Tebow”

  1. Bigfan says:

    Colin Cowherd was all over Timmy in a comparison to Alex Smith and the reason Timmy got more notoriety just this Monday morning on his show.

    • David Oliver says:

      The Richie Icognito’s of the NFL are “Protected” for Years..

      Team after Team, Incident after Incident – Only until the

      Hammer! comes down – will they reluctantly deal with them..

      However, A Non-Protected Very, Un-ashamed Vocal/Overt Christian

      Player is defined as “Polarizing” By the NFL and NFL Media. And the

      Result is a “Hate Campaign”, and an Effective “Ban From the NFL”

      And So then, JUST, why is it Christians should NOT BOYCOTT THE NFL?

      • jason says:

        Because that’s not why he isn’t in the NFL. Teams aren’t willing to change their offense to what tebow’s skill set nor do they wanna risk having a franchise QB that is a power runner. It’s not complicated or some plot by satan.Tebow changes his skill set to fit how GMs want their QBs to be and he’ll get another shot. Hell he already can go sign to be FB or TE and he’d still get plenty of attention and promote his faith just the same cause he’s gonna be popular no matter what in the league. So how is he being held down when he has offers on the table to be in the league and he turned them down? Nothing supports the arguement that he is being blacklisted by the NFL when you take into all account what has been offered and what GMs have in mind for the type of QB they want.
        Its just like they don’t get into stats or wins they look at skill set and fundamentals on tape of a player and how they fit. Its nothing more than that, call them stupid all day but tebow’s faith isn’t close to a reason why he isn’t on a team. Fit to a team’s offensive scheme is close to the end all be all of what they look at. They all pretty much want close to the same concept for offense and players that want to be that. At the end of the day they all wanna end up with brady, manning or rodgers in style of play, tim isn’t that nor has he shown signs of being that, that’s all its boiled down to. Tim has every chance at adapting to that right now and that’s what his fans need to hope he does if they wanna see him again because that’s the lone reason. He isn’t a backup learning because of the circus that it creates, i even saw some fans saying bench brady or trade brady and start tebow. That will never fly with anyone with the patriots and asking about the backup QB during press conferences constantly cuts out teams willing to have him to sit and learn.
        Its not satan or some evil plot that has tebow not being in the league right now and never will be, most christians see this that know the league. And remember that he could be in right now at a different position but refuses to himself so technically he has chosen not to be in the NFL.

        • Brandi says:

          I don’t buy the blacklisted thing either. I can’t think of two people in the NFL who could put together a good conspiracy. 🙂

          But I don’t think it has anything to do with QB vs TE vs FB. The QB is the most visible Player on the team. Teams even have designated Presser time each week for the Starting QB. Switch Tim to a “lessor” position and MAYBE weaken “TebowMania”.

          This is NFL GMs Vs NFL Fans. Who’s in charge? Pure and simple. The NFL GMs are saying “I don’t want the hassle”. Fans are saying “Hassle!? It’s called paying Customers”. Even the arguments made by those who support the screw the Fans campaign boils down to…the League already has the TV money. They don’t have to care what the Fans want. It is THAT attitude that has me on this all the time…that NFL arrogance has now been adopted by some Fans. Some consider this a crusade. I’m OK with that. GMs are going to get fired anyway. It’s about time one got fired to show support for the Fans wishes.

        • David Oliver says:

          So then, why all of the last couple of years of Hateful, Emotional, Anti Tebow Rhetoric – to the point, that they were so incensed with Tim Tebow, being considered for a Starting QB that their
          eyes bulged out during their emotional hate rants.. Examples are Collin Cowherd, Trent Dilfer, Mark Schlereth, and so many others..

          To the point : that the “Daily Show” John Oliver, Hates Tim Tebow Worse than Bin Laden: See video evidence, at this link..

          That He would shoot him in the head?
          Yeah, your right – all this hate HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS FAITH ??

          What Mushroom patch, Did you escape from? Must be his throwing motion right? That is why he would blow his brains out ??

          And all the lies, broken promises, and mistreatment of Tebow by the NY Jets and Rex Ryan – had nothing to do with Rex Ryan’s Dark-side life style, a polar opposite to what all Tebow stands for – check out the behind the scene’s Facts… Do a search on Rex Ryan’s extracurricular “social life” in the NY Newspapers…

          The Hate campaign against Tim Tebow, has Everything to do with his BOLD , PUBLIC, IDENTIFICATION WITH HIS LORD AND SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST.. contrary to the fact of your missing all this TRUTH !!

          • ck says:

            David: You don’t really want to know what mushrooms are all about do u? Anyways, that was “CLASSIC” and oh soooo comical:D…wasting your breath as he will never ever get it b/c he has found his niche in his mundaneness: AN AUDIENCE!!

  2. Brandi says:

    From NFL’s own Twitter in last day.

    The Bucs dust off Tebow's jump-throw. And pull off one of 2013's wildest plays. MUST-SEE:— NFL (@nfl) November 4, 2013

    • ck says:

      Brandi: What outright hypocrites!!! Just unbelievable how they use every advantage credited TO TEBOW WINNING…Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

  3. andrea says:

    Does this include Skip Bayliss? I would quit ESPN before I would agree to this – definitely a freedom of the press issue.

    • jason says:

      Its not a freedom of the press issue. The heads of any news group have every right to tell the people that work at the network what they can and can’t talk about. Its a freedom of the press issue if the government told them they weren’t allowed to talk about tebow. Its just like an employeer has the right to tell people they can’t just say whatever they want at work and its not a freedom of speech issue.

    • David Oliver says:

      They (NFL / NFL Media) are Just Being Consistent, and another step going forward to completely Ban Tim Tebow, his ilk (Non-Secret Service Christians), and now even TO THE POINT OF “speaking of him: from their CONTROLLED “Game” !!





    • ck says:

      Andrea: You are right, it is a FREEDOM ISSUE!!! Can’t help seeing where everything has to be PC which is compromising and thank God not everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid!!!

      David: Ever heard of the book: “None Dare Call It Conspiracy?”

      • ck says:

        oops…meant to type “hear” instead of heard and that IS funny!

      • David Oliver says:


        No, but it sounds like a cousin to “None Dare Call it Treason”

        … I just scanned over this book via – and have already

        known much of the truth it tries to share and do agree with you, that

        this unhappy TRUTH is our current reality of existence..

        These Arrogant “Puppet Masters” – through use of $$ money, and

        power, control our lives and future. NOW, even to the point of who

        they will “Permit” to have any influence over the USA Public – even

        to the point of Who Can Play QB in the NFl, and what he is permitted

        to say in his Post – Game interviews…

        Who did you think oversees, runs and controls our current USA’s:

        Aministration’s “TELEPROMPTER” – these Same PUPPETMASTERs.. of the ilk

        of THE .. Bilderbegers, Tri-Lateralists, Council on Foreign Relations,


        • David Oliver says:

          Anddrea – messe up should have addressed this to CK – Sorry

          • ck says:

            David: That’s o.k. and yes it is something to be concerned about and believe that is why JFK stated what he did about a powerful elite minority trying to control by whatever means necessary; i.e., Secretive Bilderbergs etc. Makes one wonder, if that is why he was targeted. Sounds like fringe, but clearly there are undercurrents. Not that my party affiliation happens to be the same.

  4. lex says:

    i think that given so many of the potential negative comments that could happen re t2, it is a wise mandate.

    when there is news, they will surely be talking.

    • ck says:

      Lex: Why should the fans be silenced just b/c they support a certain player? They (NFL) are setting a precedent that is seriously WRONG and the fans should flatly refuse to be complacent imo.

  5. ck says:

    Sage/Tisa/The Mascot Army/Tawk2: ?

  6. tawk2 says:

    Hi ck, sorry I have been sick with a bad cold. This is a bunch of hogwash that ESPN and the NFL networks are not allowed to bring up Tim anymore, they just want Tim to fade off into the night. Tim has to many fans who know he has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to playing in the NFL, no time to develop and learn, but yet accomplished so much in so little time given to play.

    I am one fan who will not sit back and keep my mouth shut and let others bash or demean Tim. I will continue to support Tim and all he does no matter where he decides to go, but for now I truly believe he wants to be an NFL quarterback again. Tim deserves another shot, it’s just a matter of time before he gets one and when he does look out!

    Thanks to all who support Tim here and each other, it may be the dark right now, but I feel the light at the end of the tunnel is coming soon. Keep the faith alive, GO TEBOW!

    • ck says:

      Tawk2: Sorry to hear about the respiratory bug and hope you will be better soon. Lots of Vit. C! Glad to see that you are in agreement and, hopefully, T2 gets to realize his dream soon enough…along with all of his fans who aren’t going away!!!
      GO TEBOW!!:D

  7. steftebowfan says:

    Hi I say AMEN to that. Until he fails at quarteback with a proper chance or says he does not want to play. I will not give up !!!

    • steftebowfan says:

      HI, I have put several comments that have not been published and they are all nice and nonoffesive. However, I do not see them. Am I doing something wrong. Thanks Buzzy I have following here since the preseason began.
      Buzzy Says I have approved all your comments

    • ck says:

      Steftebowfan: Ditto!:D

  8. Lois Pendley says:

    If NFL and ESPN networks no longer mention Tim’s name at all, I will have no reason to watch their programs!! ESPN is owned by Disney, and I find it hard to believe that this station would make such a “demand”. I always see Tim’s news on WTSP Channel 10 in my area. I have seen his face on the Sports Nation’s “love/hate” board a couple of times, usually in his shirtless photo taken in the rain. I heard about the Buc’s using Tebow’s famous “jump pass” multiple times when they covered that game. I also saw the billboard in Jax, and the airplane towing a Tebow sign. If this is true, I won’t be scanning about five hours of sports shows anymore. They talk about Tebow when the Gators play on TV, too. I don’t see “why” we have to look at so much bad news about the NFL and leave out the BEST News! Many thanks to tebowzone for keeping up with Tim’s news. Loved seeing him enjoy a trip to Hawaii with his family.

  9. steftebowfan says:

    Well I just read an article that Bill Bilicheck (sp?) has a girlfrind that carries an actual voo doo doll of the other team to each game for good luck. If this is true, the fact Bill did not quite appreciate Tim’s spirituality in the locker room as much as Kraft or some of us do might make more sense.

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