Buzzy Says: Stop Slaming Jason Just state it as you see it

And the rest of you quit picking at Him the site needs all its  Users

Buzzys Thanks you for your understanding

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5 Responses to “Buzzy Says: Stop Slaming Jason Just state it as you see it”

  1. ck says:

    Buzzy: I agree to disagree as this Person XXX has attacked everyone, including you!!! Thanks for your understanding b/c most of the time have chosen not to participate or engage w/exception being his more recent complete denigration of others as well…Tisa would be able to articulate this scenario to a much better degree, I’m sure!!! On second thought, she is probably not the least bit interested in juveniles bickering b/c she retired from all of that business! Oh well…

  2. The Mascot Army says:

    Yeah, Jason is the only one of all of us who breaks down film every day on Tebow. The rest of us incompetents have only probably watched every snap he’s taken since college (and then some). We should keep our mouths shut and defer to the likes of Tony Sparano…another guy who can break down tape, which always somehow coincidentally validates preconceptions.

    “Breaking down tape” is an amazing, nearly mystical craft that allows coaches to keep their favored but under-performing starters on the field weeks longer than anybody else would have patience for. It’s a cure-all more convincing than hand-waving against overwhelming contrary arguments. It let’s people use the power of hindsight to pat themselves on the back for how great they understand the game. It’s what’s used by the NFL elite to decide on draft picks, and it’s track record of non-bust predictions shows its capacity for veracity. It’s a method where professionals like Gruden and Sparano can expertly use to arrive at completely different conclusions.
    Perhaps most importantly, it’s the last best resort to end debate when normal rhetoric goes badly.

    I don’t get Jason’s recent frustration with some of the posters here, and I think the “the NFL experts have spoken” argument is specious. That being said/written, I like Jason being around here, and I like his role of level-headed devil’s advocate. He’s genuinely pro-Tebow, knows some NFL folks, doesn’t mind going back and forth with people, and writes more interesting points than the Steven A parrots.

    • ck says:

      Well, my post has been modified from the original and you didn’t modify/edit the “NUT CASE” when his comments are incendiary!!! Thanks for understanding…BESIDES WE HAVE WATCHED MORE TAPE/PLAY ON T2 THAN ANYBODY NAMED J.A. AND THAT MAKES ALL OF US SUPERIOR EXPERTS, HA, HA!!! (TO QUOTE THE ABOVE WHICH JUSTIFIES ANY COMMENT IMO TOO!!!)

      • ck says:

        Guess I meant to post to Mr. Buzz too on this and put under reply to Mascot…Note: If Devil’s advocate, how can someone be PRO-TEBOW? Now, that I take an issue with b/c being positive is pro anything not being negative…contradictory in FACT!!!

        • The Mascot Army says:

          It’s nice to have somebody around besides cheerleaders because it keeps us sharp.

          Buzzy Says I Just say no name calling

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