A Final Desperate Plea for the Cleveland Browns to Sign Tim Tebow

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COMMENTARY | The 2013 Cleveland Browns aren’t making the playoffs.
 That fact was painfully hammered home in the team’s 27-11 defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Don’t take my word for it. Those in the Cleveland locker room know the score. Safety T.J. Ward after the loss: “I’m tired of losing, that’s it. I’m tired of losing … in this manner.”

Ward on if the Browns are right now a playoff team: “Two blowouts. So, no, we’re not ready.”

Cleveland putting veteran quarterback Jason Campbell back onto the field in 2013 would be cruel and unusual punishment. Campbell has bruised ribs that haven’t yet fully healed, and he suffered a concussion against Pittsburgh. The guy, simply stated, shouldn’t play professional football again this season.

Then there’s Brandon Weeden. I have been one of many to beat that dead horse into the ground throughout this fall. I have no desire to further bury Weeden, so I’ll keep it short and say that we’ve seen more than enough from him. He can’t go on Sundays, at least not with this team.

There is, following yesterday’s effort from the Browns, not a part of me that would be shocked to see this team finish the campaign at 5-11 or even 4-12. They don’t have a QB. They don’t have a run game. Their defense is only going to get more disinterested and more disheartened with every quarter.

Take a look at the list of available quarterbacks Cleveland will now pick from heading into the contest against the Jacksonville Jaguars. It is, no offense to those individuals, the bargain basement of players who can’t get gigs anywhere else in the NFL. There is no savior out there to be found.

This all brings me back to Tim Tebow. I first publicly mentioned the notion of the Browns picking up Tebow a month ago, before Campbell played so well against the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens, and before the Browns had a shot at competing for a playoff spot and possibly even for the division title. That Campbell is now gone, battered, broken and in desperate need of rest, and the playoff dream has died a painful death.

Professional sports are about winning, of course, but they are also about entertaining those who spend their money and/or their time to watch inside stadiums or via television. You would have to pay me to get me to even consider watching Weeden lead the Cleveland offense onto the field against Jacksonville this coming Sunday. It’s likely going to be another cold and windy day along Lake Erie, and my time could be better spent.

Outside of those who worship at the altar of Tebow, most would agree that he isn’t the answer for the Browns, and also that with him comes the inevitable circus. Neither of those facts matter to me. Bring me the circus, bring me Tebow, and bring me a little bit of fun when it comes to the Browns that otherwise won’t exist.

Cleveland absolutely has to sign a quarterback ASAP. The team is currently one Weeden injury away from putting wide receiver Davone Bess under center. Who out there makes for such a better option that the Browns giving Tebow a shot is such an absurd idea?

Maybe, just maybe, the 26-year old provides an injection of life into a side that certainly appears on the road to losing to the Jaguars at home, and perhaps Tebow makes things exciting when Cleveland faces two of his former teams, the New England Patriots and New York Jets. I will ask the exact question I asked in October: What do the Browns have to lose in giving Tebow a shot? Games? They’ve lost five of their past six, and they haven’t won a single contest this season in which Weeden has started.

I’m not alone. Go on Twitter and search “Tebow” and “Browns,” and you’ll see person after person calling upon the team to make the move. The majority of Cleveland fans I know and have spoken with in the past 24 hours realize that Tebow isn’t leading this franchise to a first Super Bowl. Those people still deserve better than what they’ve gotten from a second-year 30-year old QB who may never again win a NFL game.

Give those people a reason to watch the rest of your season, Browns, and give them Tebow. There is no longer any argument to not go with a gimmick. The AFC North championship and Wild Card spot are unattainable for Cleveland.

At least go down swinging, Browns.

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  1. Sage says:

    Uh oh. Nobody tell SB. He/she wouldn’t brook this.

  2. Brandi says:

    The Cleveland Browns answered Fans call for Tebow by signing the kid from YouTube who throws balls at traffic from his bedroom window.

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