Tim Tebow to Jaguars: What are the odds?



Thousands of Jacksonville fans want to see Tim Tebow under center for the hapless Jaguars, just as many would like to forget the quarterback’s name altogether.

However, within the last two days, at least two sources stated the Jags may be moving to bring Tebow back to his high school stomping grounds to help the team bounce back from a 0-4 start.

In an earlier report Wednesday, Oct. 2, an insider told Examiner.com the trade of tackle Eugene Monroe to Baltimore Tuesday could pave the way for Tebow, despite the team being at the 53-player roster limit.

Monroe was traded for future draft picks. Jaguar officials have also indicated they plan to draft a quarterback in 2014.

Late Tuesday, ESPN reported the Jaguars are in the process of making long-term roster moves that may include high-profile players within the next few months.

While such moves are clearly those of a rebuilding effort, they speak nothing of an immediate plan to win, something Tim Tebow has a track record of doing, even if his methods are as unconventional as that of a straight-on toe kicker.

At 0-4, the Jaguars have turned the offense over to Blaine Gabbert, after Chade Henne limped his way to 512 yards through the air, completing 46 of 82 passes with two interceptions and one touchdown.

The Jaguars have been outscored 139-32.

Tuesday, Oct. 1, a source claimed Tebow could be asked to play fullback and tight end. Although the change makes sense, Tebow has stated publicly he was going to remain a quarterback, a bold statement from a guy with a 47.9 career completion percentage. The statement proved even bolder as no teams showed interest in the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner after he was dropped by the Patriots after the final week of the preseason.

So, where would Tim Tebow fit into the Jacksonville offense?

Let’s face it. Some say the Jags have no place for Tebow. However, Coach Gus Bradley could tweak his offense for the 26-year-old, turning him loose to use his legs to get the club into the end zone, something Henne and Gabbert haven’t done.

The league knows Tebow can run the spread offense. But, do the Jaguars need him for such a role? Bradley could just as easily reconvert Michigan’s Denard Robinson to a quarterback and not have to bother with Tebow. Even that seems unlikely as Robinson is proving he’s more valuable at running back and receiver, opening the door for the EverBank Field version of “Tebow Time.”

As of this report, hundreds have commented that the Jaguars would never bring Tebow in, no matter how bad it gets. Others have echoed the group that calls itself “Jags-Tebow, Why Not,” which took credit for flying a banner over the field during last Sunday’s game. The banner read, “Tebow, Why Not?”

Then there is, Evenifhesreleased.com, a splash page that supports Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell’s assertion that the team wouldn’t sign Tebow.

The statement was made in January, before Tebow was released by the Jets.

“He is a member of the New York Jets, so I can’t imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar,” Caldwell said. “…Even if he’s released.”

A lot has happened since January, including Tebow’s dismal preseason with the New England Patriots. In his defense, Tebow rarely took snaps with the first team and often looked as if he was throwing to college freshmen, not NFL receivers.

After a promising training camp, the Jaguars finished the preseason 1-3 and continued to spiral to the bottom of the AFC South. Jacksonville hasn’t won a game since beating Philadelphia 20-16 at home Aug. 29 to close out the exhibition campaign.

What would Caldwell and Bradley be thinking by reportedly looking to Tim Tebow for help? That answer may come sooner than later. Surely, Jacksonville couldn’t do any worse with Tebow. In fact, his ability to win now is evident, although he’s still considered a project.

Meantime, Gabbert is expected to start Sunday, Oct. 6, as the Jaguars visit the 1-3 St. Louis Rams.

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10 Responses to “Tim Tebow to Jaguars: What are the odds?”

  1. bubbaelvis says:

    I can’t see the Jags backing off of their anti-Tebow stance. They might ask him to come in as a fullback/tightend just to get his “no” answer on record. They could then say he didn’t want to come to Jacksonville and end all the Tebow to jags talk. If he has suddenly changed his mind on playing other positions I’d rather see him do it with the Patriots, but I don’t think he should change. He is a QB and a winning QB. He has won at every level in which he has started as QB.
    The team that is screaming Tebow time is the Bucs. They have a void in leadership he could fill and they have enough talent to win. They are very much like the 2011 Broncos that he took over. Come on Tampa Bay what are you waiting on?

    • rickdove says:

      I agree bubbaelvis. Tampa is a much better overall team. However, if tebow is getting a ‘noway’ vibe from the bucs he may have no choice but to take any offer that gives him a chance to be QB.

    • jason says:

      The bucs are gonna stick with glennon. Schiano wanted this kid since college, that was the plan when he was drafted oneway or the other and with the ratings the kid had come draft day schiano thought he got a steal. Freeman was going out oneway or the other, what happened just moved things along for what schiano sees as his franchise QB. Be cool if tim could go to the bucs but its not in the cards. Jax should go with him and build around him since they really are down to rock bottom, sadly they aren’t going to though. I would but its not my call.

  2. jason says:

    Just saw something that the jags are gonna give tebow a shot. Rant sports had it pop up on an NFL message board. Hopefully its true.

    • Sage says:

      There’s a point at which the pressure could build and Jax would yield to it. I’d prefer if they were playing a stronger apponent than the Rams this weekend. What do you see happening in that one?

      What brought change in Denver was fan pressure and loss of hope for the status quo. Even a shabby win by the Jags could set things back another 3 months. It was unbelievable what happened w/ the Jets last year in games 14, 15 and 16. Time is precious.

      • jason says:

        The jets could’ve given him a start then. Season was done and wouldn’t have hurt anything to give him a shot even if he wasn t able to do things in their offense to the level they wanted. It was a tryout at that point.

  3. Bigfan says:

    Work him out?? Man this spooks me.

    That team Sounds like cable channel dysfunctional family. Timmy as a draw to put butts in the seats NOW?? Please everybody loose sight of their personal interests and pray for Timmy and God’s will to be revealed in this decision is it is so??

  4. The Mascot Army says:

    FYI Buzzy,

    My phone browser (Dolphin), and my ipad safari very often dont let me post in here and I can only do it with a computer browser. And that didnt work for me the other day. It posts, but nothing actually gets posted, and if i go back and try to submit again, it says I already posted that comment.

    1-I’m still around and reading
    2-I dont know if it is this site or my browsers fault
    3-maybe there is a sarcasm filter that keeps my posts from getting through 🙂
    4-It could be detractor hackers who cant handle my kung fu.

  5. RevRick says:

    Long time reader, never posted. I love the work put into this site and the comments. The “can’t handle my Kung Fu” line is very funny and had to come out of the closet for that one!

  6. Jeremy says:

    evenifhesrelease.com is not an accurate representation of the true Jaguars fan base as it claims to be. The site counts every visitor who clicks on a link as a vote against Tebow without first informing users what they are voting for. My “vote” against Tebow was cast when a clicked the link embedded in a facebook post that read “help bring Tebow to Jax” that was specifically designed to trick Tebow supports into casting a vote against him. The bleacher report did a true polling and the outcome was drastically different from what the creators of evenifhesreleased.com like to think represents the City of Jacksonvilles true feelings. 96% yes Tebow, 4% no Tebow.


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