Tim Tebow News 2013: Unemployed Quarterback Has Zero NFL Offers Despite Open Positions, ‘He Can’t Accurately Throw A Football’

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October 29, 2013 5:48 PM EDT      
Tim Tebow News 2013: Unemployed Quarterback Has Zero NFL Offers Despite Open Positions, ‘He Can’t Accurately Throw A Football’

Tim Tebow news that circulated recently shows the famous player enjoying the sun of Hawaii and possibly a candidate for a comeback post as quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but halfway through the NFL season, the former Pats trainee still has no spot or position in any NFL teams.

According to the Bleacher Report, teams like the St. Louis Rams and Chicago Bears all had to sign new quarterbacks because of their injuries and Cleveland Browns and Buffallo Bills lost their respective starting quarterbacks for a significant amount of time. Despite the availability of a spot, Tim Tebow was never in discussion.

“He can’t accurately throw a football,” was the tweet of Matt Miller, responding to a message sent to him by Twitter user @Still_Legendary asking why the player is still not in the league.

 Bleacher Report noted that Tim Tebow has appeared in 35 games in his career and has started 14 at quarterback. In that span of time, the player has only completed 47.9 percent of his passes, insufficient to make it to the NFL…again, at least.

Since 2006, only Tim Tebow and Jamarcus Russell have completed fewer than half their passes in a full season, according to Bleacher Report. Josh Freeman is on his way toward that mark this year and he has already been released once this season.

It’s that bucket of players that an NFL hopeful wouldn’t want to be part of. Being known for having that lack of skill keeps team from picking up their phones to reach out to Tim Tebow or Jamarcus Russell.

Although Tim is more dynamic in the ball than other free-agent options, a coach would prefer a solid and strong quarterback who can make the necessary passes and let the other weapons on offense perform their duty.

Many, however, still say that the 2011 Denver Broncos had a successful season despite a lack of accurate passing. The suggestions could be true, noted Bleacher Report, but the key to their success was also due to John Fox and Mike McCoy’s competence in transforming the entire offense to fit Tim Tebow’s modus as a quarterback.

What the Broncos did was to focus on the rushing attack despite having quality receivers in Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, with the coaching staff brought in the read-option, allowing the famous NFL player to run around all day to pick up yards.

The adjustments were effective and were custom-made for the former Heisman winner, who at that time was the best option on the roster. This would not be helpful and practical for any team mid-season, to practically reinvent their playbook for a new quarterback.

Another huge issue for Tim Tebow not having at least a back-up job in the league was because of the overwhelming fan support and media attention that makes him a negative influence wherever he goes.

Tebow being on any roster would divert attention from the team and on whether when he will play or not.

Buzzy Says : This should Lite up the Comments.

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14 Responses to “Tim Tebow News 2013: Unemployed Quarterback Has Zero NFL Offers Despite Open Positions, ‘He Can’t Accurately Throw A Football’”

  1. ck says:

    Well, another opinion that happens to be a bit one-sided that JUST IS NOT TRUE!!!

  2. Ang says:

    I am pretty tired of hearing that Tebow brings with him a circus. The press are the all at fault here. I loved how BB protected Tim during his short time there. Nobody seems to remember that Tim is not seeking out the attention. There are some teams who have had notorious members who brought a lot of negative media buzz with them. But that’s okay, I guess. I would rather have Tim on my team than a hoodlum! Sorry for venting but I am so sick of that argument. I will pray that Tim keeps working on his skills. God has a plan…and maybe it is not football right now.

    Have a great day, everybody! GBTT!!

    • ck says:

      Sage: Been wondering about why she was silent and don’t think that is the case any more! Maybe she should send that to a higher up in the Jag’s HQ or editor at the newspaper in Jax…might have to delete some of her more colorful language as this probably would get someone’s attention?!! If she is correct, the Jags best days are behind them and THEY ARE TOAST DUE TO INCOMPETENCE AT EVERY LEVEL!!!

  3. bubbaelvis says:

    It is amazing how people re-write history. The bottom line with Denver was they lost without Tebow and won with him. They had the same players (except trading their best receiver)that lost 20+ games. I think the story there is as much about what positive strong leadership can do for a team as it changing the offense. I get as tired of hearing how the defense and kicker carried him to victory as the haters are of hearing about his win over Pittsburg. I like what Jon Gruden said, Quit trying to change him and let him play. Some NFL team is going to dial him up and they will be glad they did. I am not looking for him this year but he will make everyone eat their words next season.

    Buzzy Says : I wish But I dont think that is going to Happen either, There are 6 QB in the Draft Next year and they will be suck up in the NFL leaving little room for T2 Someone has to pick T2 up this year we are starting the second half of the season if he is going to get a job it will have to be in the next Four Games.

    • ck says:

      Bubbaelvis: Like J. Gruden too and won’t subscribe to drinking the Kool-Aid that is currently out there!!!

      Buzzy: Hope you aren’t drinking the Kool-Aid?!!

      Buzzy Says : Not that I like it Just Saying it like it is

  4. bigfan says:

    Brighter days ahead for Timmy.

    • tawk2 says:

      bigfan, thanks for always being positive about Tim! I am so tired of all the negative articles coming out. I am at this time fed up with the NFL!

      RG3 was hurt again in the last game and was on his back a majority of the game! He also runs around a lot to make things happen, like Tim, but RG3 never gets attacked about his playing, but Tim does, what is up with that! RG3 has also had more time to develop in the NFL on a team being the starter. Tim has never had the time to develop and learn under one offense or coach, so tired of all the double standards.

      • bigfan says:

        We have our faith and know God has a plan for us all. Timmy knows football is a means to and end is helping him do our Lord’s work. What is it Timmy always says about the thinks he can’t control effecting him…They don’t.

        What Timmy has accomplished in his short life through Christ is remarkable. Now more than ever Timmy needs our prayers for protection. I can’t help but think the enemy is at work with Timmy’s NFL future in light of the current circumstances. Timmy for sure is under attack and needs our prayers while the Lord works in making him stronger in his faith. Brighter days are ahead for Timmy!!

  5. The Mascot Army says:

    A11 time!

  6. Lois Pendley says:

    Let’s see…. WHEN he was “allowed” to pass in any Jets games, he passed 6 for 8 …. 75% was his last real NFL game passing average… Somehow, no one understands Tim can win in the last few seconds… Did anyone see the last preseason game when he was still with the Patriots?
    Seems like the last TD pass counted in the WIN… To quote Skip Bayless, “All he does is WIN” !!

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