The NFL Tim Tebow Report 10/24/13 Based On a report from the Team or T2s Camp

1. San Francisco 49ers  No

2. Denver Broncos       NO

3. Seattle Seahawks     NO

4. Atlanta Falcons      No

5. Baltimore Ravens     No

6. New England Patriots  Maybe  with Mallet Trade

7. Green Bay Packers    NO

8. Houston Texans       No

9. Cincinnati Bengals     No
10. Minnesota Vikings     No

11. Chicago Bears        Mo

12. Indianapolis Colts    NO

13. Washington Redskins  No

14. St. Louis Rams        No Wrong System

15. New York Giants       No

16. New Orleans Saints    No

17. Dallas Cowboys       No

18. Detroit Lions        No

19. Pittsburgh Steelers  No

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers No   Tanking for Teddy

21. Miami Dolphins       No

22. Kansas City Chiefs    No

23. San Diego Chargers    No

24. Philadelphia Eagles   No

25. Tennessee Titans      Maybe

26. Buffalo Bills         NO

27. Carolina Panthers     No

28. Cleveland Browns      NO

29. Arizona Cardinals     No

30. New York Jets         NO

31. Jacksonville Jaguars  No  Tanking for Teddy

32. Oakland Raiders       Maybe
 Maybe=3  No=29

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30 Responses to “The NFL Tim Tebow Report 10/24/13 Based On a report from the Team or T2s Camp”

  1. Lynn says:

    I am surprised that you listed the N.E. Patriots as a “No.” I am praying that Cleveland signs Mallett before the 29th and Tim returns to N.E.

    Sparano is with the Raiders and I cannot imagine them signing Tim as a QB, nor could I imagine Tim signing with them.

    Buzzy Says : Just My Guess But I can change IT

  2. Bigfan says:

    I concur.

  3. jason says:

    The bucs aren’t tanking for teddy, they have plenty of issues not QB related. Texans are likely to go the rest of the season with keenum and aren’t changing their system. Steelers are a big no due to tomlin’s view of the system tebow knows. Tomlin has said he has no belief in it at all.
    I go maybe with the 49ers if someone takes colt.

    Buzzy Says : well i read it in two places that the Jag and Bucs were TforT and didnt that system and T2 Beat Tomlins team in 2011

    • Sage says:

      Is Tomlin the guy who thinks Todd Haley is the answer at OC?

      har har

      • jason says:

        I don’t know how much he believes in haley (lol) but they need someone else for sure but the loss of pouncey killed their year and was very overlooked when it happened. Offense is stale and predictable also but like many in the NFL they aren’t going with anything but pro set long term, even the seahawks, skins, 49ers and panthers are dialing back calling read plays. QBs make too much to risk them running and making contact too much.

    • jason says:

      Yep buzzy thats the same one.

      The issue with the bucs not doing that is because schiano is fighting to try and get another year so its of no benefit for him to do that and you won’t get a HC with job security issues to tank a season for a draft he very well won’t be at. Injuries could help him out but its not the M.O. to tank when you probably won’t have the job if you do.

  4. Bigfan says:

    Well the 29th approaches and instead of just hoping Timmy gets picked up by a team, Timmy needs to be lifted up in prayer by all of us.

    • David Oliver says:

      Amen !

      • kim says:

        dear lord ,its tebow time ,somewhere,a team would do so much better with tim then they been doing they need to forget the circus and give this hard working man a chance ,they give some of the crappiest qbs chances after chances and the still don’t get any better it is just not fair how hes been back balled and for what a hes work so hard to prove his self just give him a chance,if iwas tim I would try to get someone better than that jimmy that’s suppose to help his carreer and he has not done much for trying to get tim a new team what has the guy done for tim lately nothing I can see.if a team would give him the same amount of time to show his improvements as the rest of the bad qbs in the nfl ,he would not let them down.

  5. lex says:

    i agree, big fan. is that the last date that tim can have a hope of playing on a team this season?

    • Bigfan says:

      I may need some help here however Timmy was released as a free agent from the Pats?? When the 29th of October hits at some specific time that day if he is not picked up that Free Agent status expires?? So what that means for Timmy after that?? Wait til next year??

      Here is something interesting about being a “Fit” for any of these players waiting the the phone to ring…

      • jason says:

        He became a free agent when cut but had waivers. Those ended and now he’s a free agent from now till whenever, its no limit to that.

      • jason says:

        Fit to a system at QB is vastly important to almost every GM during the season because its a complete change in the system when they only want to improve with what they have. Think of it a more partical way in that they have 10 other starters that already know a system so why change a part that doesn’t know the same?
        Thats pretty much how they do things and what tim has to fit which likely won’t happen this season but if he can change his skill set then he should be able to make it next year.

      • Lynn says:

        Bigfan: I believe that a free agent can be signed at any time, and players can be released at any time, but teams cannot trade a player for picks or another player after the 29th.

        So hypothetically, Tim can still be re-signed with the Pats (or any team) at any time, but N.E. cannot trade Ryan Mallett to Cleveland for a draft pick after the 29th until the off-season.

  6. Lynn says:

    I try to avoid spreading unsubstantiated rumors but I could not resist sharing this – especially with those who pray!

    This from:
    Harris Rubenstein @Hrube5297

    Host of @TNLonETIN. Patriots writer for @PFCentral and Redsox writer for @MLB_Nation. Emerson Class of 2017.…

    Posted this last night on Twitter:

    Harris Rubenstein ‏@Hrube5297 5h
    I’m not confirming anything but right now the trade is 2 2nd round picks and ryan mallett for Larry Fitzgerald. More details in AM if real.

    • Lynn says:

      PatriotsXLVIII ‏@PatriotsXLVIII 3h
      @ed_haywood AZ takes $15m in cap hit in accelerated bonuses if he is traded. Ain’t happening.

  7. The Mascot Army says:

    This pre-trade deadline week is a big one for we Tebow fans. My (our) underlying theory about Tim and the Pats will take a big step toward being confirmed or denied presently.

    • Lynn says:

      Partly I agree with you; but if they don’t trade Mallett in the coming week they could still cut someone at anytime and sign Tim. The deadline is only for trades and not for cuts and signs, correct?

      That aside, with the present QB situation league-wide it would seem that Mallett’s value could be higher now than in the spring near the coming QB rich draft.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        Exactly. The climate for a mallet trade is pefect, so if the pats see any promise in Tebow, now will be the time to strike. Of course he could be added to the roster later, and invited to camp next year, but their having passed on trading mallet now implies lower pats’ interest in tebow than we are all hoping.

        • Lynn says:

          You might be correct about lower Tebow interest then we think; but no trade might also mean there is less Mallet interest out there than some say. I am just praying that they do trade him and sign Tim!

          • The Mascot Army says:

            I dont mean there IS lower interest, I mean IF no deal gets done for mallet, we might presume there is lower pats interest in tebow…or like you wrote, lower interest in mallet.

  8. Bigfan says:

    I agree Lynn…The current climate for QBs in the NFL is ripe for Mallett right now.

    Then think about this? Who would back up Brady if he gets hurt?? Pats might just seed the need until the draft??

    • Lynn says:

      Who would backup Tom Brady if Ryan Mallett is gone???

      Let me think…


      Is there anyone out there, anyone at all, who knows the playbook, knows the players, happens to be a first round draft pick of the OC, is greatly respected by the HC and all who know him, and just happened to take a losing team to the playoffs???


      Who could it be… who could it be…

      • Bigfan says:

        And Robert Kraft loves the kid!

        • David Oliver says:


          Should Chicago Bears Take A Gamble On Tim Tebow?
          October 21, 2013 6:06 pm EDT by Juan Pablo Aravena

          After confirming the devastating news that Jay Cutler will be out for at least four weeks with a torn groin muscle, the Chicago Bears are now left with a huge question mark at the quarterback position as the schedule goes into the mid-part of the season.
          Cutler won’t be returning to the field for a month, and when he does it’s unclear whether he will be at the top form he was this season. Torn groin muscles are serious injuries, and a player can easily get hurt again if the recovery process is rushed.
          Related: 5 Ways the Chicago Bears Not Only Survive, But Win Without Jay Cutler
          For what it’s worth, Josh McCown was solid Sunday replacing Cutler as he went 14-for-20 and didn’t commit a turnover. It’s clear, however, that the Bears can’t land their offensive hopes on his shoulders while their starter is recovering.
          What should they do then? There aren’t many good signal callers available, and due to the Bears’ situation in the standings, they need to replace Cutler with a solid, proven player. Out of all the ones in the market, it’s inevitable to ask whether they would make a push to sign Tim Tebow.
          Tebow is not considered an elite quarterback, let alone a good one capable of starting on any team. But he also has experience being a starter, he has (limited) playoff experience and he could be more than serviceable as he’s an average passer and a good runner who could make one or two plays rushing the ball.
          It’s unclear how the Bears are going to manage Cutler’s situation, but one thing is certain; a one-year deal of Tebow could end up being a bargain if he’s able to succeed. They don’t lose anything as they still have McCown ready to play if the Tebow experiment doesn’t pan out.

          • ck says:

            David: Thanks for the update and no wonder they say “patience is a virtue” b/c it is not pleasant having to wait and instead hearing the exact opposite; i.e., RUMORS!!!

  9. Jean says:

    Here are my questions1Tebow doesn’tFit a GM ‘s system ok.System is 0-6. Why wouldn’t GM change system?2 If someone paid season ticket prices to find out your team is” tanking for Teddy “why aren’t you screaming for a refund?

    • ck says:

      Jean: Would suppose the answer imo to your question is NO COMMON SENSE!!!
      It is so very ironic and have to admit it’s kinda funny/sad all at the same time due to the fact that they are in the fix they are in b/c of being pretty much clueless! It is like someone looking at a commodal and thinking they have a genuine piece of art…definitely subjective or should say subject to interpretation!!! 😀
      Great post btw and hard not to laugh at the obvious…makes you wonder why the people who paid all that money are not more upset unless it is a tax write-off, ha, ha!!! The fans have to be looking forward to this, not…
      JAX: 0-8!!!

  10. Bigfan says:

    Another day of working out?

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