TeBow Pro Highlite From Jags-Tebow why Not


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  1. shaztah says:

    Buzzy, honestly hard to watch this. I miss seeing him play. How can someone go from that to where it is now? I really hope Rex gets fired and Elway loses in the first round of the playoffs AGAIN! I am sorry but watching Tim play and have so much potential just to be thrown out like dirty bath water just makes me sick. Even sicker is that NOT ONE team is willing to give him a shot because of what? a 46.5 completion percent? How many QB’s this year are under a 50% completion rate? They still have a job. Look at Cam Newton all the stats you want and looks “PRETTY” throwing the ball but can’t win squat and is no leader, yet no one says that he “isn’t an NFL QB”. Sorry just venting. BTW I watch college FB and could give a crap about NFL anymore. I refuse to watch it. I do not spend my money on NFL stuff, I own a Tebow jersey from the bronco’s that was a Christmas present but I could not bring myself to buy a jets or patriot one. If Tim were signed either to Jags or TB I would pay the money for tickets and a jersey and then go to my first NFL game ever.

  2. Tisa says:

    In the picture Lynn referenced, for those of you who do not know who all the people are, from right to left: Timmy (of course); Timmy’s next older sister, Katie Sheppard; Robby, Timmy’s older brother and Gannon Sheppard, Katie’s husband and former Jacksonville Jaguar. They are on the island of Kauai for the wedding of Chase Heavener. Chase is a long time friend and the producer of the film, Everything in Between. Chase’s father is the man the Heavener Complex at the Swamp is named after, for those of you that are not Gators. Mr. Heavener is also the owner of the jet that Timmy has used to fly around the country. Mr. Heavener and Timmy’s father are long time friends.

  3. andrea says:

    Gannon Sheppard is one tall dude!!!

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