Tebow Can’t Save Our Team … By Himself

Jacksonville Jags Owner
Tebow Can’t Save Our Team
… By Himself

Everyone knows the Jacksonville Jaguars SUUUCK … including owner Shahid Khan, who scoffed at the idea of signing Tim Tebow … and told us his team needs A WHOLE LOT of good players.

Khan — one of the richest men in America — was leaving the Ritz-Carlton in Washington D.C. yesterday when we asked him if he would consider adding Tebow to his pathetic roster.

Khan’s response — laughter — followed by, “Ah, we need a lot of good players, OK.”

Then, something even more shocking happened — SHAHID GRABBED A NEWSPAPER.

Apparently, those things still exist.

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11 Responses to “Tebow Can’t Save Our Team … By Himself”

  1. rickdove says:

    Khan sounded like an owner who expects to get some good players in the draft. My guess is that he and Caldwell have a long term plan and it does not include tebow. It does include getting the #1 pick in the draft.

    • jason says:

      Yep i’d say the draft is how they plan to completely build. The good ole 3 year draft plan. They’re in lockstep for their plan.
      Well i guess that’s gonna end hope of tebow going to the jags. I think he’d work well their long term so he can learn as they rebuild but sadly its not my call.
      Train with house and get in a camp next year looks like the option tebow has now.

      • Bigfan says:

        He needs play time and like I wrote earlier if that would be a stint in the Arena league so be it.

      • Sage says:

        It’s Shad’s money and team. But why would one place so much confidence in a GM who said, “We’re going with Blaine and Chad”?

        They say one of the best predictors of NFL success for QBs is the number of college wins. I’d venture that Tebow has more than twice as many as Gabbert.

        A 3-year rebuilding program is one thing. But with one of those coming after a 2-14, you’d want to be sure that there are at least early signs of success. Otherwise you’re just writing a blank check.

        What fits the facts is that Shad wants out of Jacksonville.

        • jason says:

          I agree sage, i’d give tebow the shot and rebuild with him starting for me. Khan isn’t going that way though.

          The blaine and henne thing is just GM speak because even though the plan doesn’t include them you don’t slam players on your team as a general rule. Its all being PC to employees crap in public.
          College wins do show a little but look at kellen moore. I know y’all don’t believe me but they go by the fit they think a QB has to their offense, fundamentals in thier offense. Its not complicated at all about what they look for but we as fans twist everything around to what we think it should be. Even tom brady has said that no one on the team cares about anything he’s done in the past, not super bowls or records. Its completely about being consistant from trianing camp to gametime. Same reason why 99% of NFL players say its very different from college football but stat and fan guys don’t or won’t buy that.
          Much like why does playing from the pocket matter, because the GMs and coaches care greatly about that and make it matter. Its the same reason comp% is somewhat important regaurdless of what many fans think, the GMs and coaches have concern about that and slightly about a few other stats here and there.
          What’s always forgotten by most fans is that its not what they view thats important but what the people doing the hiring view as important and most of those things all come from tape not really a bunch of stats. Example, if you were deadset to run the triple option would you take peyton manning….no. around the NFL they see tebow as not being able to perform from the pocket and every team wants pocket skill set or they want to replace or change the QB into that or get one that can at some point. No team has gone all in on spread option or read option. Redskins ran the most at 96 plays last year and teams are working on pulling it back like the seahawks who want wilson to be a pocket passer that can run much like rodgers does. They aren’t doing constant spread or read or even 10% of it. I’m for it but the league as a whole isn’t until after years it stays and QBs doing it don’t get hurt doing it since they get the biggest contracts. Even RG3 if he can’t make the change to being able to do it from the pocket and run at times isn’t gonna make it, its not long term what they want. Tim has that issue because power running QB isn’t an option long term in the minds of anyone that can give him a starting job. its why long term tim changes or doesn’t make it long term unless a GM and HC wanna go with that and even if meyers came in would the GM let meyers go power running QB…odds are no, belief of injury and money issues long term.
          I get not liking the NFL for how they are but watch them grow again this year still yet, like it or not, agree or not they do know what they are doing and i disagree with them at times on things but they prove right for their business over and over again.

        • jason says:

          Like i said i’d give tim a starting job and build but i understand completely from the NFL why teams won’t unless he changes. The NFL is different from college and players have to change and adapt, its not optional if they do its do it or done. Its their sandbox, we buy the product or don’t and every complaint fans have come up with has shown growth so for them they’re getting it right. I even know plenty of tebow fans that wish tim was playing and are mad he can’t get a spot but they still follow, watch and buy the NFL product. At the end of the day based on everything they know what they’re doing no matter how much that hurts the feelings of some that think they don’t and disagree with what they do.

          • Hoot says:

            Maybe the Jags not getting Tim is a complement. They don’t want to win so they can ensure their chances of a top pick…

  2. Jean says:

    If I were a person that had purchased Jaguars season tickets I would be very unhappy.

  3. bubbaelvis says:

    Jason is right. I would go a little farther and say that GM’s are looking for the next Peyton Manning. You can’t blame them because when you find that guy you win games for a long time. I personally believe that thinking is flawed. How many of those guys has there been in the past 10 years or so. You can name a handful-Rodgers, Brady, Brees, maybe Roethlisberger. There are some close but not quite. The point being there are a handful of teams with a QB like that and everyone else trying guys, discarding them and starting over still looking for their magic QB. Why not go in a different direction and build around a guy like Tebow who can win, has proven he can at every level he has played, but does it in an unconventional way. While you’re winning with him you can bring him along as a pocket passer giving him time to grow into it. Isn’t that what happened with Steve Young?

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