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 Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why has Tim Tebow not been hired yet?

A while ago I proposed The Nuclear Option: that Tim Tebow should start the 2013 season not on a roster rather than accepting a backup position.  My theory: several starting quarterbacks would be be injured or benched during the first half of the season.  Their backups would prove to be inadequate, creating openings for new starters.  If Tim were on a roster as a backup, he would be unavailable to fill those positions.So far, everything is proceeding as I have foreseen (bonus points if you can name that movie).  The season is not even half over, and 9 teams do not have the same starting QB they began the season with:

  • Rams: lost Sam Bradford to season-ending knee injury. Backup Kellen Clemens starting.
  • Browns: benched Brandon Weeden, then lost Brian Hoyer to season-ending knee injury. 3rd stringer Jason Campbell starting.
  • Bucs: benched and released Josh Freeman. Rookie backup Mike Glennon starting.
  • Jaguars:  Blaine Gabbert out for several weeks with injury; backup Chad Henne starting.  
  • Vikings: benched Christian Ponder for Josh Freeman.  Freman out with concussion so Ponder starts again.
  • Bills: EJ Manuel out for 6 to 8 weeks with knee injury.  Backup Thad Lewis starting.
  • Texans: Matt Schaub out with ankle injury.  Undrafted rookie backup Case Keenum starting.
  • Bears: Jay Cutler out for 4 weeks with groin tear.  Backup Josh McCown starting.
  • Eagles: Vick out for several weeks for injury.  Backup Nick Foles is out with a concussion.  Third stringer Matt Barkley starts if both are out.

But one event has not unfolded as I had foreseen:  nobody has hired Tim Tebow yet.  WTF?

Seriously, the Rams thing has put many of us over the edge.  Til now we have accepted various explanations and tried to be patient.  However, watching the Rams bring in a cast of bums with demonstrably worse performance than Tebow is more than we can bear. So just what the heck is going on, and why can’t Tim get a job in the NFL?  Everybody has their theory, but nobody really knows.  Here is a rundown of some possible explanations:

1.  Tim has been blacklisted.  The NFL is a competitive league and self-interest trumps all other considerations.  If a GM thought he could win with Tim, he would be more than happy to thumb his nose at the powers that be.  Unlikely

2.  Tim is not good enough.  Most Tebow haters go straight to this, of course, but it’s pretty easy to disprove.  Simply do a comparison of Tim’s career stats to the QBs hired instead, who presumably were good enough.  Brady Quinn lost a head-to-head quarterback competition with Tim in Denver, and has a losing record in Kansas City.  His career passer rating of 64.4 is 10 points lower than Tebow’s career passer rating of 75.3, and Quinn is not a running threat. Unlikely

3.  Nobody wants the circus in town.  While this is undoubtedly a consideration, I generally consider it overstated.  If a team thought they could win with Tim, they would ignore the media. Bill Belichick gave a seminar on how to do that this summer.  What kind of questions do you think a head coach would rather be getting asked: questions about Tim or questions about why the team can’t win? Unlikely

4.  Tim is waiting on the right situation.  It is possible that Tim has declined invitations unless he has a fair shot at competing to start for a supportive coaching staff.  Given the damage that the Jets situation did to his career, that would be smart.  Also, there is still a slim chance that Tim is working on his mechanics at the behest of Josh McDaniels and is declining other offers in anticipation of being called back to the Pats at some point.  With any other team that would be crazy, but Tim just might trust Belichick and McDaniels enough to do so if asked.   Possible

5.  Tim is not a good system fit.  Tim is not a classic passer, and does best in a system built for a mobile QB, especially one with a heavy dose of read option. Unfortunately, most of the teams who have lost quarterbacks use some variation of the west coast offense or another pass-heavy system.  Probable

6.  Tim is a bad choice for backup.  First, his skillset is different from most other QBs, so the gameplan and playbook would need to change.  That is not practical in the middle of a game.  Second, if the starter struggles, everyone wants Tim to play, and it causes controversy and distraction.  The Jets learned this the hard way.  Bring him in to start, or not at all.  Probable

7.  There is not enough time to learn the playbook.  Most teams have turned to their backup when their starter was injured or benched.  This year, only the Vikings have tried to bring in a new starter from outside with only one week of practice. The result was abject failure and unceasing mockery.  Think any other coaches want to look like Leslie Frazier did?  Highly Probable

The real answer probably varies by team and situation.  I believe the overriding factor in most cases is the lack of time available for a new quarterback to learn the system.  Most teams will turn to the backup QB already on the roster, because he knows the playbook and has been practicing with the team.  With the exception of the Vikings, that has been the pattern so far.  The other quarterbacks hired have been backups to the backup, so the team doesn’t have to convert a running back into a QB in case of injury.

Let’s take the Rams.  They use the west coast offense, a complex system that relies on precise timing and quick decisions.  A new quarterback with no previous WCO experience cannot jump in and master that offense in a few days.  Kellen Clemens with 3 months of practice probably has a better chance of winning on that team than Peyton Manning with 3 days to learn the new playbook.  Of course now they need someone to back Clemens up.  I do not believe for one minute that Jeff Fisher thinks Brady Quinn is better than Tim Tebow, but Fisher needed someone fast.  Quinn was available, experienced, and unlikely to have fans chanting his name the first time Clemens throws an interception.

Does that mean the Nuclear Option has failed?  No, the timing is just not quite right.  Times are not desperate enough yet.  A few teams have discovered their backups to be surprisingly serviceable, like the Bills with Thad Lewis.  However, others will be reminded in the next few weeks that their backups were backups for a reason.  They will also realize the tomato cans they brought in as emergency replacements were free for a reason too.

Crucially, both the Rams and Browns have their bye weeks coming up, the Browns in week 10 and the Rams in week 11.  That break gives them an extra week of practice to integrate a new QB and tweak their offense if necessary.  Both teams can see what their backups do in weeks 8 and 9, and hope to be pleasantly surprised.  If not, they still have one last chance to bring in another starter and try to salvage their season.

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27 Responses to “Over Forty Athlete (Tks shaztah )”

  1. The Mascot Army says:

    Great read. I’m partial to 4, and I think this Tuesday will go a long way towards validating/invalidating it.

  2. jason says:

    Farve has gotten calls now over tebow. Unless the patriots trade mallet and pick tim up its no chance of tim getting a shot this is. The only concern about the patriots is that they brought in and worked out some QBs before they cut tim.
    It looks done for this season for tim but i still think belichick cut him and told him to go keep training with house knowing that he wasn’t going to get signed or offered by anyone else. Fisher even said the other day that tim isn’t gonna be an option for the rams. Its just far too many that have ruled him out and say its no interest in tim as QB to see him having any options to turn down. If belichick thinks he’s their future he would’ve kept him unless he knew he had no shot anywhere which is dead on what belichick does. Having him train for the team and not have to pay him.
    Its just hard to see anyone giving him a shot this season at playing based on what’s said and the views held around the league by people.

    • tisa says:

      We are all speculating that Belichick has some intention of looking at Tim in the future. I am beginning to have a sneaking suspicion that he didn’t like what he saw in training camp and cut him. It might explain why no one will even give Tim a try out. I don’t like it, but if it’s true Tim’s career is over. When I look at the folks that are getting calls it really makes me have serious concerns. As far as this season and the Patriots go, they have so many other issues at other positions, I can’t believe Belichick is spending his days worrying about how to get Tebow on his roster.

      • ck says:

        Tisa: Know you do not want to believe that b/c you are one of his BIGGEST FANS!!! And, no, it is not known for sure and, yes, it is just a lot of speculation/hype at this point.
        There is a bulletin board out in front of a church that we drive by and it states: “When there seems to be no way, God makes a way”–continue to believe that too! Now, will probably be accused of being in denial, but that is o.k. as it is subjective anyway.

        • tawk2 says:

          ck, amen. I too am not counting Tim out of the equation. I guess I am delusional too, lol. I just cannot believe that no one will give Tim a true chance. Come on Man, even Brady Quinn is playing! So tired of what is going on. I really feel if Tim got a true chance he would light up the NFL! I too am tired of a lot of people saying the entire offense would have to be changed for Tim, I have seen Tim play out of the pocket in his rookie year under McDaniels and he put up some pretty impressive numbers. Another thing is that most coaches build their offense around the strengths of their quarterbacks. All we can do is keep praying and not give up on Tim. Thanks for believing in Tim and not giving up on him.

          • ck says:

            tawk2: Know you are a HUGE FAN too and thanks for agreeing!:D Been wondering when you were going to post…glad you are a believer also!!!

  3. Cartman says:

    I’m with, sadly, Jason on this. If you’re calling Brett Farve at this point it’s over. And tanking for Teddy? There are a couple of teams competing for the worst record. Perhaps ever. I can’t see teams tanking purposefully so early in the season with no guarantee they’ll even get the first pick.

    Tebow has a winning record in the NFL. He did better in his first 15 starts than some future hall of famers.

    Multiple teams are currently fielding bona fide losers with little chance of ever becoming winning quarterbacks.

    It seems like there is an unspoken fear of looking like an idiot in the media if one signs Tebow. As if GMs and Coaches would rather lose than face the criticism of signing Tebow. Because everyone says Tebow can’t play. He sucks. So they would rather sign someone who does actually suck, but doesn’t come with an entire nation of sportswriters, commentators, and fans, saying they suck.

    Unreal — but probably true. Seeing this unfold this season has turned me off to football. I check in to see if someone has finally come to their senses and hired Tim, but I’m not watching games.

    • Sage says:

      This is why, if Tim ultimately ends up in the A11 league, I’ll watch with enthusiasm.

      The NFL and a good percentage of its fans are contemptible.

  4. David Oliver says:

    Home » Sports » Time for Jaguars to get serious about Tebow
    Time for Jaguars to get serious about Tebow

    October 18, 2013 8:13 pm Category: Sports Leave a comment A+ / A-
    William SandmanBy William Sandman | gargoyle@flagler.edu

    Week six has now come and gone on the NFL season and the Jacksonville Jaguars are still without a win. They were predicted to be at the bottom of the standings this year by everyone, but they have evolved into arguably the worst team in NFL history.

    They have begun to trade players away that are in the last year of their contract, and prior to their week six game against the Broncos, they were given the second largest betting line ever by Las Vegas casinos who set Denver as 27 point favorites over the Jaguars.

    Due to their poor performances and lack of any kind of interest in the team from the Jacksonville supporters, attendance continues to decline. The Jags tried to pull a desperation move at a recent home game and gave away free beer in order to entice people to the stadium. That is what this season, which is only six weeks in, has come to for the Jaguars.

    In a country where the most popular sport is football, they best thing they have to draw people to the stadium is free beer.

    Now this begins to beg the question lingering over arguably the most popular player in the National Football League. Well, technically he’s not in the National Football League, but Tim Tebow, despite not playing for any team this year and not being a starting quarterback since 2011, is still the consensus most popular football player on earth. He has a cult following and draws thousands of fans to the stadium. Plus, he was raised and played high school football in Ponte Vedra, Florida, before going on to play college ball at the University of Florida. Couple that with the fact that he is immensely popular and a hometown hero and it couldn’t possibly turn that down, right?

    Before we go over the reasons why Tebow should be signed (chiefly the fact that he would bring in revenue and make the team more competitive) we should cover the reasons why he shouldn’t be signed (and why they’re irrelevant). People would say, “He isn’t the future of the franchise, why bother?” Well, he would bring in money and frankly quite a lot of it through ticket and apparel sales. If the Jaguars had a quarterback who was young, talented and needed playing time, the argument would shift immensely.

    But they don’t. The two quarterbacks fighting for the starting job in Jacksonville right now are Blaine Gabbert, a draft pick bust who has never panned out, and Chad Henne, a journeyman veteran who would be a solid back-up for a team with a legitimate starting quarterback. Surely Tebow can’t be any worse than those two. Since the beginning of the 2011 season, the Jags are 7-29. Tim Tebow’s record as a starter in the NFL is 8-6.

    So the question still remains why not?

    That question is being asked, or rather screamed, by Jags fans. From chants at every game pleading to Jacksonville management to sign him, to the plane trailing a “TEBOW, WHY NOT?” sign over the stadium at a recent home game, the fans are starting to turn the pressure up.

    Peyton Jones, a Flagler College student and avid football fan said, “They (the Jaguars) need a quarterback and Tim Tebow needs a team. Plus with the read option wave taking over the NFL right now his style of play would be perfect.” Jones brings up a good point. The read option offense, which favors mobile quarterbacks, has taken the NFL by storm over the last year. Tebow was one of the pioneers of the offense when he ran it at the University of Florida, so he is well acquainted with the system and its nuances.

    Tyler Deborde, another Flagler College student and a big Florida Gators fan, said the Jaguars would be stupid not to sign Tebow. “Look at what Tebow has done with his career. Wherever he has gone he has won. It may not be pretty all the time, but he gets the job done,” said Deborde. Another good point is made there. Tebow won two National Championships while at Florida and he won the Heisman Trophy as the nation’s most outstanding college football player. “Tebow could certainly come in and at least make the Jaguars competitive,” he said.

    It’s not only average fans who feel this way though. Some heavyweights have started weighing in on the subject as well. Most notably Skip Bayless, one of the hosts of ESPN’s “First Take” took to Twitter recently saying, “Would Tebow make his hometown Jaguars relevant/competitive/watchable? YES. Will they sign him? NO. Would I wish them on him? NO.”

    Skip clearly is of the same opinion as many of the Jaguars fans. It would definitely make the Jaguars worth watching if nothing else. Everyone wants to see what Tebow could do if given the chance to be a starting quarterback in the NFL and would definitely tune in. Shad Kahn, owner of the Jaguars, is a very well respected businessman and would be foolish not to take this opportunity to milk the Tebow cash cow.

    The Jaguars have nothing to lose by signing Tebow and everything to gain. The worst possible outcome from that signing would be that the Jaguars continue to lose games this season. If that turns out to be the case, things aren’t all bad. They would profit immensely from the revenue he would bring in, they would still get a high draft pick and Tebow fans everywhere would praise the Jaguars for giving him another chance at being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

    • ck says:

      David O.: “Everyone wants to see Tebow…” Yes, that is very true and refuse tuning into negative pseudos spouting untruths mostly to get attention…”just b/c someone says something does not make it THE TRUTH”!!!
      Great post btw and we need more positives NOT NEGATIVES by Mr. Wart!!!

      (Better clarify that one or else Mr. Buzzzzz will be not so happy…meant to say something nicer of course…Mr. Wrong!!! Will have to use spell check in the future, ha, ha! :D)

  5. Bigfan says:

    As long as Timmy is expecting a call this season he has to stay as close to “Game Shape” as he can so I see nothing new in what his brother said.

    I also think Timmy and his agent know there has to be a “Fit” to make it work more so at this juncture which leaves few choices. This calling Farve sounds fishy to me…more of a media lark…Bret is done and he knows it.

    The 29 approaches and so does tonight and Sunday come Monday only God knows??? Keep praying for Timmy!!

    • Sage says:

      Or, maybe Jeff Fisher is really that dumb.

      Isn’t he the guy who ran off Vince Young, who was a collage immortal and NFL rookie of the year?

      Why, yes, he is. Fisher would have preferred Matt Leinart. Jeff Fisher is dumb as a rock.

      • Sage says:

        Ha ha. I called Fisher dumb as a rock, even as I misspelled “college.”

        Okay, I didn’t say I was smart. I stand by my opinion of Fisher.

        • Bigfan says:

          NFL Coaches have really BIG egos for sure. Many of which see themselves as the smartest man in the room :0

          • ck says:

            Bigfan: You don’t say? That could apply elsewhere too! Not implicating Mr. Bigfan at all so don’t take offense. Just stating FACTS!!!

        • The Mascot Army says:

          Most of my misspellings are due to swype on my phone. Anyway, I’m pretty convinced that the majority of NFL heads are below average intelligence multiply concussed former meat-heads. Every once in a while a guy with slightly above average intelligence makes it up the chain of command and runs circles around the other copycats.

          The worst part is none of them know it.

          • ck says:

            Mascott: Guess the fans are “FED UP” w/Schiano as they have billboards that state: “FIRE SCHIANO”–Also, players are saying it’s worse than being in Cuba! Sounds like he will be looking for another job and soon. Apparently, he is not very popular w/The NY Giants or Bronco’s QB’s either…oops! Looks to be that the fans are going to have their say one way or another!!! MAKE THE NFL LISTEN!!!

        • ck says:

          Sage: Admittedly, will have to use spell check in the future too…confessing as well since being inspired by the example that was set lol!

  6. ck says:


  7. David Oliver says:

    Per: http://forum.gatorsports.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=29606&p=616338

    And They Dare to Slam the Door on Tebow? LOL
    Postby Alvin York » Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:23 pm

    When I first read an article on this subject I was skeptical. The NFL is blackballing Tim Tebow because of his faith and the circus like atmosphere that gravitates to which ever team that takes him? After all each NFL team is like a corporation looking to manufacture a product that will make substantial profits. Tebow’s immense fan following and popularity guaranteed high ratings every time he was before the cameras. Ratings equals profits. Why would any NFL CEO reject a surefire money maker?

    According to a number of articles YOU are the reason why Tim Tebow is a pariah in the NFL. You, the Tebow cult, are the culprit in the Tebow backlash that sealed his fate. In the beginning Tebow mania was an unstoppable phenomenon that took the NFL by storm. Skip Bayless and Stephen Smith enthralled the masses by their ridiculous daily feud of Tebow apologist and Tebow hater. It went on and on and on. Personally I got weary with the sideshow debate. There was another factor thrown into the mix when Peyton Manning”s uncertain medical recovery forced the Colts to drop him only to be picked up by Bronco GM, John Elway, who desperately wanted a quarterback made in his image. Despite his unprecedented cult following and popularity Tebow was shipped off to a gypsy fate ending up in Ryan country that morphed into a sad travesty. By then Tebow’s popularity began fading According to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports Tebow’s worst sin was “Tebow takes the focus off the team”. Now I see the light. If Tebow was a distraction to the rest of the team then the odds go down the team would ever make a legitimate run at the Super Bowl. Hence Tebow’s presence regardless of his cult following or actual quarterback abilities would mandate that particular team’s being outside the small select group of Super Bowl contenders with subsequent eventual loss of TV ratings and profits.

    The Formula is…
    Cult following + Born Again Christian Faith + Circus atmosphere + Team distraction = NFL Blackball

    It’s not fair. It’s not right. But that is the reality.

    http://www.examiner.com/article/has-tim … ed-the-nfl

    http://www.usasports360.com/latest-on-t … following/
    Last edited by Alvin York on Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:03 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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