Buzzy Says: Well its 4:30 Nothing New said from the Jags Presser and No Presser from the Tebow Camp

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  1. David Oliver says:

    Yes — it is a bit frustrating….

    • ck says:


    • David Oliver says:


      Since you were part of this original sharing…

      Have you seen anything from this same source,
      sharing what happened or why it did not happen
      as you said he indicated it would..

      Would be nice to have an updated status on this
      News Bulletin’s trail from origin to our reality
      status today?

      If you have not had an opportunity to check into
      what this source is saying now – could you do so
      and share what you can find out about what happened?

      Thanks !!

      • David Oliver says:

        Tim Tebow Would Be Worth the Media Circus for the Jacksonville Jaguars

        Why not?
        At this point, that’s the question the Jacksonville Jaguars’ front office has to be asking itself when it comes to making a decision on whether or not to bring a former Florida star into the fold and let him have a go at running the offense at EverBank Field.
        And yes, we’re talking about Tim Tebow.

        We all know that the media circus that comes with the former Heisman Trophy winner can be unbearable at times, but for a franchise headed nowhere fast, why not take a chance on a player with a career record as a starter (8-6) that’s head-and-shoulders ahead of your current best option (Blaine Gabbert, 5-22)?

        Sure, the distraction of his mere presence would be disconcerting, but it’s a distraction that takes the sting off of the idea that this Jacksonville team hasn’t been competitive since drafting Gabbert as the 10th overall pick in 2011.

        And yet, head coach Gus Bradley is showing confidence in Gabbert at a time when no else in NFL circles is ready to do so.’s John Oehser explains:
        In the words of Sheryl Crow, a change would do you good.

        It’s a harrowing time to be a Jaguars fan. The team is off to an 0-5 start, Gabbert has been horrendous, management just traded former first-round pick Eugene Monroe toBaltimore for “multiple third-day draft picks” and 2013 first-rounder Luke Joeckel was lost for the season on Sunday to a high ankle fracture.

        Oh, and Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos are the team that looms on the schedule in Week 6.

        And so the age-old NFL question awaits: is it better to tank for the top draft pick when you know the season is virtually over, or do you owe it to the fans to do everything in your power to remain competitive on a weekly basis?

        If the answer for the Jaguars is the latter, Tebow is the man to call.
        We know that the media firestorm that awaits will be swift if Tebow rides in on his chariot to save the day. Heck, a group of fans has already created a website at the domain name with the question “Why Not?” as the obvious theme of their efforts to persuade management.

        As noted by Fox Sports’ Twitter account, those same folks have taken to the air—literally—to spread their message of support of a Tebow signing:
        Should the Jaguars sign Tim Tebow?

        Yes, without question.


        Yes, but later in the season.


        No, they don’t need him yet.


        No, never.


        Total votes: 2,481

        There’s no right answer in Jacksonville this season. The Gabbert experiment is a disaster, Chad Henne is nothing more than a serviceable backup and the losses will continue to pile up until something is done about the state of the offense.

        The world will continue to remain split on whether or not Tebow deserves another chance to be a starting QB in the NFL. His stats and throwing motion say no, but his record as a starter and will to win side with those in favor of yes.

        Why not, Jacksonville? Don’t let the media circus scare you away. If it’s Tebow time yet again, there will be droves of fans ready to welcome him with open arms. You could have done better, but at this point you’re already doing worse.

        • David Oliver says:


          Should the Jaguars sign Tim Tebow?

          Yes, without question.


          Yes, but later in the season.


          No, they don’t need him yet.


          No, never.


          Total votes: 2,481

          • shaztah says:

            This is all I know:


            Casey Jonesposted toJAGS-TEBOW WHY NOT?

            This is what I heard last week from 2 different friends/sources in the Jag office….they were talking to Tebow’s agent & the Jaguars offered him a contract at 7:30pm on Thursday. And if that went well with both parties, to agreed to hold off on announcing it until Monday. Then it got quiet on Friday…my guy wouldn’t call or text me back & I started thinking 2 things, It went well Thursday & he was told not to tell anybody or the deal fell Thursday. On Saturday another friend of mine compared notes with her connection & it was almost identical. Which made me believe what I was told was the truth. Everybody was saying the same thing….wait till Monday. I know nothing is 100% because I wasn’t there but it was coming from reliable people. So we will see today.

          • David Oliver says:


            Thank you very much for your detailed “background” posting here,regarding:

            “Monday Tebow Announcement” (Casey Jones postedtoJags-why Not)

            I am sure many will appreciate your updated sharing here!

            Time wil tell… Thanks Again!

    • David Oliver says:

      Here is Jan 2012 B/R article on Brady’s QB Coach that shaztah has shared, is working NOW with Tim Tebow…..

      Tim Tebow: Tom Brady’s QB Coach Claims He Could Fix Tebow in 2 Weeks

      Behind every successful NFL quarterback is a sage-like coach. Or two. Or three. Or a dozen.
      In the case of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, one sage-like coach has been around for quite a while: Tom Martinez.

      You’ve probably heard about Martinez at one point or at several points throughout Brady’s storied career. He’s had a relationship with Brady ever since he was a teenager, and he has played a big part in shaping Brady’s career, which is one of the greatest in NFL history.
      Martinez did an interview on 790 The Zone in Atlanta on Thursday. He was asked the usual questions, such as how his relationship with Brady started, other quarterbacks he’s worked with over the years and how his health is holding up these days (his search for a kidney donor is ongoing).

      Inevitably, the conversation turned towards Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Because, you know, every conversation involving quarterbacks or the NFL has to involve Tim Tebow.

      Martinez was honest about what he thinks of Tebow., here’s what he had to say:
      I think Tim Tebow is willing to do anything that people tell him to do. He’s like Brady in the sense that he’s an internal warrior. I think when he started in the NFL, whoever they put him with, I personally kind of disagree with the mechanics he was given. He’s trying to prove the same thing Brady was trying to prove.

      And then the big question: How soon could Martinez fix Tebow if he were to give him a call?
      “Two weeks. … I could give him what I call correct mechanics in two weeks,” said Martinez.

      You heard it here first. Martinez thinks he can do in two weeks what the Broncos haven’t been able to do in two years. In essence, he thinks he could be Tebow’s Yoda. Yoda was able to turn Luke Skywalker into a Jedi Knight in a matter of days, and Martinez could turn Tebow into a capable, mechanically sound quarterback in a mere fortnight.
      With all due respect to Martinez and the work he’s done throughout his life, he’s overestimating his abilities just a little bit.
      Martinez said that he disagrees with the mechanics Tebow was given upon his entry into the NFL, but the truth is that Tebow’s mechanics have always been a mess. His footwork needs a lot of work, and his throwing motion is still that of a situational left-handed relief pitcher, not a quarterback.
      The point has been made over and over again that this is just how Tebow throws. Everyone agrees that he needs to be fixed, but so far efforts to fix him haven’t yielded any returns.
      I’m not saying that Martinez couldn’t succeed where others failed, mind you. I’m just saying he would need more than two weeks. If Tebow were to give him a call, Martinez would not be staring at a quick-fix project. He would be looking at a break-him-down-build-him-back-up-again project.
      Would it be worth it for Tebow to give Martinez a ring? Should he go out of his way to get himself fixed?
      Seeing as his mechanics can’t get any worse, I’m going to say yes.
      source article:

      • Lynn says:

        David: This article is about Tom Martinez who died just weeks after this was written. Tim is now working with a high-tech baseball coach, Tom House, at USC. If you do a web search you will find info about his work with QBs.

  2. bigfan says:

    One has to wonder?? Mr. Jones…really now?? As far as I am concerned if your credibility on these matters was ever suspect it should be now!!

    Rumors what tasty morsels they are!!

    When Timmy went to New England we were all pleasantly surprised. That is what we can expect I think how it will go down.

  3. The Mascot Army says:

    I’d take Canada. Nowadays, sundays go by, I dont even turn on the games anymore. I’m like “boring..,” and they are. It’s even worse with my faith in NFL competence shaken as it is by what I see starting at QB in the NFL. The cowardice turns my stomach.
    I’m starting to watch hockey again, and it really puts football to shame the more I think about it. Nothing dynamic in conventional NFL play.
    Somebody let me know when Tebow is playing again, and I’ll tune in somewhere.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      What a huge waste of what is probably a 7 year window for Tebow’s professional career. Entertainment thieves.

      • ck says:

        It’s time for some action in the form of not watching and I intend to do my part; so I hear what you are saying b/c I barely watch as it is now!!! Agree, not much entertaiment w/out T2!!! HARD TO TAKE THE HIGH ROAD WHEN DISCRIMINATORY SABOTAGE/BOYCOTT CAN WORK BOTH WAYS!!!

      • Sage says:

        The games of 2011 were the most exciting that I ever watched. It reminded me so much of the old Elway days, which were often hair-raising. With Elway, they’d struggle to move the ball for 2 quarters and need a first-down to preserve the win, and they’d just barely pull it off with Dan Reeves razzle dazzle like the shovel pass.

        Honestly, folly like this as well as what we see on the political scene have me thinking biblically. I don’t know the Bible especially well, but the message that rings out continually is that mankind is fallen and continually being gulled into error on a grand scale.

  4. rickdove says:

    With as many QB needs as there are in the NFL right now, if tebow cant find a job in this environment, its going to take miracle. I believe in miracles.

    • David Oliver says:

      I am not familiar with Facebook –
      Does this Casey Jones – have any more info NOW
      its Monday about his BRIGHTER DAY NEWS – or
      explain what has or has not happened YET…

      Confusion and Disappointment so far…

      Are we still supposed to be optimistic –

      Why not a a bit of an update ???

  5. bigfan says:

    I guess we in the electronic media days do we even hear that much from Timmy for his fans that have Faith, Hope and Love for him as a brother because the media hacks will misconstrue that too!!

    We get that message loud and clear!

  6. bigfan says:

    Timmy you need to play! You can’t afford to get “Barn Sour”!!

    • David Oliver says: Cleveland Browns QB conversation today:

      Do not even start with the tebo stuff. The Brownies have enough problems finding good team players they don’t need stupidity.

      by LeftLaneJimmy on Oct 7, 2013 | 4:05 PM up reply rec flag
      Why Not Tebow?
      He’s as valid of an option as any of the above mentioned. “Stupidity” is not at least trying out a proven “winner”

      by Scottsdale Guy A on Oct 7, 2013 | 4:50 PM up reply rec flag
      Tim Tebow cannot be considered, He is under an NFL BAN for being “TOO POlarizing” code = “TOO CHRISTIAN” !
      by 7wombat on Oct 7, 2013 | 6:11 PM up reply flag
      AND his starting Record, of course cannot compare to QB Thyler Thigpen’s GREAT !! 1-11 record as a starter.
      by 7wombat on Oct 7, 2013 | 6:18 PM up reply

      Tebow Not Even Considered? Seriously????
      Tim Tebow has more football success in his little pinky than any of the above named potential Browns QBs have had their entire career. Tim has the playing experience in regular season and playoffs to handle the pressure. The idea that he’s not even being given a tryout is truly mind-boggling.

      by Scottsdale Guy A on Oct 7, 2013 | 4:46 PM reply rec flag
      Not Mind Boggling, But Hate Mongering, He is Too Polarizing – Hater’s Code Word for “TOO MUCH CHRISTIAN” !
      by 7wombat on Oct 7, 2013 | 6:24 PM up edit 28 reply flag

      Kellen Moore
      The winningest college football QB is lanquishing on the Lions bench as a 3rd stringer. He did great this year in the preseason. His time has come to be a starting QB in the NFL and the Browns would be a perfect fit for him. Kellen Moore deserves a look.

      by runnerjohn on Oct 7, 2013 | 4:50 PM reply rec flag
      As a Bills fan
      I can confirm that the only question that Tyler Thigpen is an answer to is “who is the last guy you want to QB your team”?

  7. The Mascot Army says:

    I dont care if rumors pan out every time. I still think its interesting to know what is being said. Thanks for sharing.

  8. shaztah says:

    Just a little tidbit about me because I live in Gainesville where Tim was considered a “GOD”. I am the hiring manager for McDonald’s here we have 10 stores that I am responsible for staffing and I see between 200-300 people a week. I spend time in our stores and everywhere I go people go on and on about how they would LOVE to travel the 1 1/2 hours to Jacksonville just to see Tim play. Even our UPS, Fed Ex and Cintas guys say that their coworkers would buy Jag tickets to see Tim. For me it is a 2 edged sword. I want to see Tim play BUT I do not want him to go to a team who has came out very publicly and said they did not want him, or a team that would only use him for a few weeks and then cut him. I still have a feeling that something is going on with NE. Tim is still in LA working with Tom’s QB coach, maybe they wanted him to keep working and promised to re-sign him this year so that he can study and work with the playbook all off season and be the #2 next year. Tom Brady is showing that he is getting older and it is not as easy as it used to be for him. All just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

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