Buzzy Says : No New News To report T2 is in LA Working out

 By Mike Freeman



Tim Tebow hasn’t been spotted on radio or television for weeks. He’s done no interviews. He’s just about disappeared from Twitter. There have been sporadic sightings, mentions on TMZ and blips across various social media, but he is talked about in the same way people swear they saw Tupac in Vegas. Tebow has practically removed his electronic footprint. He’s gone dark. Or rogue. Or darkly rogue.

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18 Responses to “Buzzy Says : No New News To report T2 is in LA Working out”

  1. SB says:

    Just a long shot speculation, but maybe the Cardinals will bring him in. There’s an article on that Palmer may be on thin ice after last night’s game with more INTs. Remember a few months back when Arians was describing the type of QB he wanted and many thought he was talking about Tebow? I wouldn’t mind seeing him go there.

    • Sage says:

      I’d love it if this were so. Yet it seems Arians had a capital opportunity to get Tim this summer.

      Brandi thinks one of the younger Bidwells may have the insight. If I could chose any team for Tim, it would probably be Arizona. People in the sunbelt are a little more light-hearted than some of the a-holes in the northeast. They can appreciate a guy like Tebow.

    • jason says:

      The only problem with arians is he doesn’t believe in anything but a pro set long term for the NFL so that woild have to change or tim for tim to be who he would want. Arians had knocked everything but a pro set he just wants the QB to also be mobile if possible like everyone else does but still didn’t have any intent of changing his offensive mind set. Maybe something will change.
      Rams seems much more likely than cards. Wouldn’t be to bad of a deal if that happens.

    • jason says:

      I’d think the bears could work for tim but its no telling with what mind set teams have on QBs and offense right now.

  2. Lynn says:

    Tweets about Tim from LA yesterday:

    Kelsie Hendrix ‏@hendrixkelsie 15h (17 Oct)
    I am convinced I have the best bible study ever. No matter how big of a star, still down to earth to meet? #lovethesepeople #GodIsGreat

    Kelsie Hendrix ‏@hendrixkelsie 15h (17 Oct)
    Thanks to @TimTebow , I got a play by play of #Gravity tonight… I’m still gonna go see it after your warnings!

    Steve Fusek ‏@stevefusek 16h (17 Oct)
    Just got off an elevator in LA hotel and saw Bubba Watson and Tim Tebow

    Chris Swanson ‏@ChrisPSwanson 3h (17 Oct)
    Tim Tebow is at USC, throwing passes on Howard Jones field again today

  3. Portia11 says:

    “Steve Fusek ‏@stevefusek 16h (17 Oct)
    Just got off an elevator in LA hotel and saw Bubba Watson and Tim Tebow”

    Now that would totally fan girl this Grammy! Thanks for the smile, Lynn.

  4. ck says:

    Can’t believe the Gators lost two in a row!!! They need Tebow!!!

    • Tisa says:

      I know! I’m sick about the way the season is going.

      • ck says:

        Tisa: I am thinking that Trey Burton would be a huge help if they would let him play more b/c he is almost like T2 and at one point broke a record for touchdowns. Hope they at least go to the SEC conference and not looking forward to them playing the rival (disliked imo) team… “Criminoles”–i.e., Dillard’s Bag, etc.! Certainly miss Tebow playing!!!
        One day it will finally happen and hope it is soon too!!!

  5. Sage says:

    Here’s a tweet from Brandi’s feed:

    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 21m
    All right. #TEBOW RT @NFL_ATL: From @MikeSilver: Rams have discussed signing Tim Tebow.
    Retweeted by Brandi

    I do think Tebow could thrive with a Jeff Fisher (sp) defense.

  6. Sage says:

    Brandi also has a nic shot of Everbank Field, posted 10/20/13, at 7:30 EST.

  7. andrea says:

    Kansas City wins again!!! And the 120 million dollar QB(Flacco)goes down in flames again!!!

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Did you see the half-time report on the Colts…happened to be channel surfing and was curious about the score soooooooo it looks like Buzzy already posted it and IT IS ABOUT TIME!!! What makes it even better is this is the reason Elrot wanted the season to tank: “LUCK!” How LUCKY can you get…too funny!!!

  8. linda says:

    Looks like KARMA is biting the patriots….I KNEW KARMA would get them

    • Lynn says:

      Be nice to the Patriots; Tim just may return to N.E.

    • ck says:

      Yes, Linda, that is true and of all teams to lose to…THE LOWLY JETS!!!
      They are in desperate need at this point as they would benefit from someone who knows how to WIN and we know who that is: T2!!

      • jason says:

        The patriots are the winningest franchise since 2000 so they’re gonna be just fine and as their record shows they’ve done great and winning more than any other franchise. Its plenty to knock about franchises that misused tim but its no knocks that standup against the patriots. It just sounds silly and bitter. The 3 teams that had tim are likely all going to the playoffs. Why isn’t karma taking down more games from all those teams.

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