Buzzy Says: I find or hear no new news on T2 Or the Jags or Bucs and the other team rumor

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21 Responses to “Buzzy Says: I find or hear no new news on T2 Or the Jags or Bucs and the other team rumor”

  1. lex says:

    sounds like all are just rumors only.

  2. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    Yes i am beginning to think it is all rumors I caN GET NOTHING OUT OF THE TEBOW CAMP OR THE JAGUARS

    • Lynn says:

      I believe it was started by Tebow fans on Twitter.

      • Tisa says:

        Good grief, Lynn. Are you ignoring the sources for the posts Buzzy has made? They are all minor media sources, other than USA Today. I have seen very little conversation on Twitter about this. One post came from @TebowFanClub on Wednesday, only forwarding one of the media articles. Most comments to that were of the “I will believe it when I see it variety”. Most of us hope Timmy will not be forced to accept an offer from the Jags. I tweet with a lot of Tebow fans. They are not discussing it because we have learned that the media uses Timmy’s name at every excuse just to get attention. By the way, you do realize that you are posting on a Tebow fan cite. Many of the people on this website have known Timmy for the better part of a decade. We have watched him build this fan base first hand at practices, Gator Walks and other personal appearances. My family sorely misses the days when we could just find him around and about on campus when we went to Gainesville. It is difficult to see how things have gone for this much loved young man since he left UF. I can assure you he does not feel the same way about his fans as you do. When you make the repeated tweets that you do regarding your negative attitude about the fan base, you are causing many to wonder about your agenda. The last time I saw Timmy was in March at a fund raiser in Mobile, Al. He was asked point blank by the MC what he thought of the bill boards and other things and he just said that he is blessed with a passionate and enthusiastic fan base and that he appreciates the love and support, and, of course, the prayers.

        • Lynn says:

          “He was asked point blank by the MC what he thought of the bill boards and other things and he just said that he is blessed with a passionate and enthusiastic fan base and that he appreciates the love and support, and, of course, the prayers.”

          Tim never says anything negative about anyone or anything, nor does he venture into things/people he cannot control. I respect him for that and would say again that we would do well to follow his example.

          • Tisa says:

            You could start by letting go of the fans. You can’t control them and the negative comments are unwarranted. Your opinions about their influence can not be proved.

          • Lynn says:

            Tisa: I don’t know if I have explained this here before, but I was a late comer to Tebow fandom. During Tim’s run with the Broncos, my husband was both in prison and dying of emphysema. As a young widow last November, I discovered Tim on YouTube one night when I was watching something unrelated. I first listened to him speaking at a Prison Fellowship Prayer Breakfast and then heard him sharing the gospel in a prison. He won my heart in a big way and I began reading, watching, and listening non-stop for about six months. I think it gave me a unique perspective seeing most of the story both in hindsight and all at once; also, like I said, I listened to what everyone on all sides was saying.

            I have studied the question of why Tim is polarizing and I think the answer is a multitude of things and that is why it is so hard to explain/define. One thing I learned is that people don’t always tell the whole truth about what motivates their emotion about Tim, pro or con, but if you stick with them, over time they show all their cards face up. I am not going to try to explain to you all I learned, but it has been educational and will help me with relationships going forward.

            I also learned some things about myself such as I need to be careful not to confuse defending the gospel and my Savior with defending America and our religious liberty. That to me, is a fairly deep subject that I have just begun to understand.

            As to your statement that I cannot prove the fans have hurt Tim I will say this: I know absolutely that Tebow fans have hurt Tim with Broncos fans and Jets fans; many of them, not just a few, despise Tim for the sake of his fans. I was able to win the respect of a couple of the most ardent haters who thought I was not like “other Tebow fans,” and in turn I was able to convince them to see him more objectively. Most I did not impact but I did learn some things about what makes them tick.

            I could write more about both the Broncos and the Jets management, but that is enough. If you want to see me as the enemy, that is your prerogative. I don’t believe that I have attacked any Tebow fan personally or questioned motives, but I have tried hard to encourage some to reconsider their tactics. Whether I am right or wrong, I would hope that you could see my motive is for Tim’s good, but I believe strongly that I am correct.

            A couple of times I have thought that I had posted here for the last time, and soon enough I will be finished because it’s been almost a year now and although I will always follow Tim and be a fan, I believe that God has other more profitable things for me going forward than Tebow blogs. Blessings!

        • ck says:

          Tisa: God bless you and hope you know am in total agreement. Thanks for articulating what we have felt being T2’s Fan and glad he appreciates how “ENTHUSIASTIC” a fan base he has!!
          Btw, said a prayer for safety b/c of TS Karen.

  3. Lynn says:

    Ryan O’Halloran ‏@ryanohalloran 3 Oct (Jaguars beat writer for the Florida Times-Union)

    No truth to latest Tebow rumors


    Ed Haywood ‏@ed_haywood 18h

    @ryanohalloran Source?


    Ryan O’Halloran ‏@ryanohalloran 16h

    @ed_haywood reliable ones

  4. Lynn says:

    “When you make the repeated tweets that you do regarding your negative attitude about the fan base, you are causing many to wonder about your agenda.”

    The funny thing is… on some sites they wonder if I am Tim’s mother because I am so pro Tebow, and like you suggest, some question if I am pro Tim at all. That is ok, I can think for myself and speak for myself, and I am not too prone to the herd mentality.

    • Tisa says:

      Did you read the rest of that conversation about you as his Mom? The person had gone to your cite and saw that all it was about was Tebow and his fans, nothing else. He was being sarcastic about the devotion to protecting Timmy from his fans. They think you are a troll. You never respond to my questions. I am trying to understand you.

      • ck says:

        Tisa: I am more than certain that person was a little annoyed, ha, ha! Maybe instead of changing the site’s name, we should change his/her to
        “MOTHER, MAY I?!!” Just kidding or NOT!!!:D

      • Lynn says:

        Tisa: This is for you:

        ME: I believe that Tebow has the second best passing records in SEC history, not that college records are hugely relevant now. But if you want to argue he was not a great college QB in every way you lose the argument every time.

        HIM: ARE YOU TIMMY’S MOTHER??? The banter you’ve created here is fodder! If you read the post you can determine where I’m heading (you probably don’t even need to do the research) with it….I hope! …Although the SEC and Florida are two totally different viewpoints, let’s take a look from yours now! Tim Tebow DID take the SEC record from Herschel for rushing TD’s at 51…Now, as for taking Florida passing and comparing it to SEC passing… Furthermore only Danny and Georgia’s current QB Aaron Murray even crack the top 40. So I’m not so sure that being “the second QB in the SEC” is really that highly regarded. Point being, unless he lead the SEC in ALL passing stats SEC Q’s (especially Florida Q’s) are kicked around the league yearly hoping they really had something to do with that national championship. However SEC RB’s with those types of accomplishments usually find a home.

        So, if you want to see YOUR SON kicked around the league for a couple more seasons by the Jags and Raiders of the world good luck with that!

        However if you’d like to see YOUR SON playing a 7-8 year career as a “slash” type player…..well he’s already shown he can run the football….and he can even connect on an occasional pass or two. Good luck with your campaign!!!

        ME: I stand corrected, Urban Meyer states, ”Tim Tebow is the second most EFFICIENT passer EVER TO PLAY COLLEGE FOOTBALL (not in the SEC as I stated in error). Sam Bradford was first.”…(re: Tebow at 9:23)

        Buzzy Says Please girls every time this happons One of the commenters Gets Mad and quits coming here You are Both Fans Please quit Cutting each other.

  5. Tisa says:

    Buzzy, we need to change our name to the “Tebow Herd Zone”.

    Buzzy Says : you are both fans slow it down a little

    • ck says:

      Why, she is absolutely right, you know?!!! And, yes, we acknowledge your stance on the subject…but, you said you wanted comments, ha, ha!

  6. ck says:

    Yea, THZ (The Tebow Herd Zone) does have a ring to it, you think?!!

    Buzzy Says : Dont Stir the Pot

  7. Tisa says:

    Buzzy, out of respect to you, I am done with this subject. I’m not getting anywhere anyway. I just believe Timmy’s platform with his fans is very important to him. But, I’m done with this particular issue. Have a great day and GO GATORS!!! GB!

    • David Oliver says:

      Bottom line, my opinion – there still is an apparent, covert, VERY Effective NFL Boycott of Tim Tebow playing QB in the NFL.

      Fear has many not wanting to EVEN consider him for their Team, because of the “HUGE” anticipated NEGATIVE reaction from the rest of the league ownership and the “Inflamatory Sports MEDIA, IRATE – Inflamatory ANTI-Tebow Hate campaigners who would ridicule them constantly, and severely, for making this “controversial” choice.

      HE IS The “Most POLARIZING” player they KNOW !

      Polarizing decoded… to MEAN.. TOO MUCH CHRISTIAN !!

    • ck says:

      The Gators won against Razor Backs!!!:D

  8. ck says:

    Well, the NFL needs to look how they are projecting to their ticket buying fans, if they want polarizing! Looks like we will have to do something or be complacent which is what they are expecting…no chance of that happening, not if you are a fan of T2s and want to see him play QB!!!
    GBPT2!!! Glad the weather improved too along w/clearing the air!:D

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