Broncos-33 Colts-39 Final

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  1. andrea says:

    Go Colts!!!

    • ck says:

      Andrea: I posted on the other and guess you answered my question, ha, ha!
      Agree w/you, GO COLTS!!!

    • David Oliver says:

      Tim Tebow to St. Louis Rams discussed but unlikely..

      By Gregg Rosenthal
      Around The League Editor (NFL.COM)
      Published: Oct. 20, 2013 at 08:14 p.m. Updated: Oct. 20, 2013 at 09:12 p

      Desperate times call for desperate conversations. In St. Louis, that means the possibility of adding Tim Tebow to the roster.

      A Rams source told NFL Media columnist Michael Silver on Sunday that the team has at least internally discussed the possibility of signing Tim Tebow, though it is highly unlikely it actually will happen. Rams quarterback Sam Bradford hurt his knee during Sunday’s loss at Carolina, and two team sources told Silver they believe Bradford suffered a severe injury.

      Bradford will undergo an MRI on Monday. One source says he’s “90 percent sure it’s not good” and another source says the mood around the injury is “very negative.” It sounds like there is risk of Bradford missing the season.

      A little Tebow talk shouldn’t be a complete shock. The Rams were one of the teams that inquired about trading for Tebow in 2012 before the Denver Broncos dealt him to the New York Jets.

      Kellen Clemens is the Rams’ backup, and no other quarterback is on the roster. They need to add someone to the mix, but we can’t imagine them wanting to bring in Tebow unless he had a real chance to get on the field.

      As Silver reported, it’s highly unlikely Tebow will be signed. But the news is a reminder: Tebow’s story, like a cockroach, never truly dies. It just hides in the corner, waiting for another chance.

      • ck says:

        David Oliver: “A cockroach” and does that person have a way w/words! Well, if that translates into persistence and WINS then he could have a point!!!

    • ck says:

      Andrea: If you want a laugh then read Woody Paige’s column at the Denver Post: “They looked like barnyard chickens being chased by a hatchet!” 😀

  2. ck says:

    Tebow had 7, count them, 7 straight wins and he could only maintain 6…not worth the $96 million imo!!! GO TEBOW!!!!
    DEN 17 & IND 33 w/sec. remaining in 4th qtr.!!! Final: DEN 33 & IND 39 THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ck says:

      Score was in 3rd qtr. w/DEN 17 & IND 33…oops, got ahead of myself just a little, te he! And a BIG TA-DAH at that!!! What a “LUCKY” NIGHT FOR THE COLTS!:D Chickens are coming home to roost on Elrot!

  3. ck says:

    Now, that was worth watching!!!!

    • Sage says:

      I’ll root against the Broncos as long as Smelway or Fox are involved. Maybe longer.

      • ck says:

        Sage: You are alright in my book and I believe you are right about that b/c “Smelway” a.k.a Elrot & Fox inc. are a big part of the problem w/their stinking thinking plus their undeserved treatment of T2!!! Otherwise, think the Bronco Fans really wanted T2 to be their QB and can’t fault all of them for that! Glad you are on this site and enjoy reading your more than wise comments, Sage!
        GO TEBOW!!!

  4. andrea says:

    I see crybaby Peyton Manning is making excuses for the loss last night.”I was tired – an emotionally draining week”.

    Kansas City still undefeated and they get NO media publicity.

    Wonder if the Bronco’s will win their division?

    The only thing I am certain of is IF the Broncos make the playoffs – it will be “one and done” Peyton Manning.

  5. Rickdove says:

    teams that need tebow: Rams, browns, Bucs, Jaguars
    teams that want the 1st pick in the draft, Bucs, Jaguars
    teams that afraid to win games with tebow: Bucs, Jaguars

    This leaves tebow with two teams Rams and Browns. If the Browns wanted tebow they would have taken him by now. So the Rams are the only team left unless the browns change their mind soon.

    • Lynn says:

      I have no opinion on the Ram’s interest in Tim, but they were interested in him in 2012 and the powers that be there today came into power in 2012. Also, Wikipedia says the majority owner is a Christian, that word today can mean almost anything, but it could also mean he is a biblical Christian.

      • betty baxter says:

        I also noticed that the offensive coordinator was a quarterback at University of Florida under
        Danny Wuerful.

        • ck says:

          Betty Baxter: Didn’t know that and thanks for the info. Danny W. was @ UF recently standing in for Mr. Two Bits who retired and is now in his 90’s!

    • Lynn says:

      “There is a “very real possibility” that coach Marc Trestman and general manager Phil Emery will move on from Cutler, according to NFL Media columnist Michael Silver… It’s worth noting that Trestman reportedly played a key role in the decision to cancel contract talks with Cutler during the offseason… don’t be surprised if (Cutler is) the headliner in an offseason blockbuster trade for the second time in his career.”

  6. Bigfan says:

    Timmy MUST go to a team that capitalizes on his strengths if he has any chance of starting. For a team to jump horses to Timmy’s game at this juncture in the season would be a steep challenge. IMHO I think this is at the root of why for the moment.

  7. David Oliver says:

    Please – Some NFL team / owner /G Manager /Coach:

    Break the Fear Based – “TRENDY” – Effective MEDIA / NFL BOYCOTT
    OF TIM TEBOW playing in the NFL.

    LET HIM SHINE FOR YOU – Like he did for Denver !

    Show some guts ! Do what can be success for your team – THIS SEASON !!

    OBTAIN TIM TEBOW’s QB Contract NOW !!

    DO NOT TAKE the GUTLESS PATH OF – discreetly trying to have the worst record in the NFL, by making no real effort to win NOW, in order to Obtain a HIGH DRAFT PICK for NEXT YEAR – ROUTE!

    This process should be OUTLAWED – WHAT A BETRAYAL To ANY TEAM’S FANS!


    • ck says:

      David O.- Know your heart is in the right place, but we the faithful should start taking action; i.e., write letters and do what Denver Fans did for T2 b/c they got RESULTS and that is what counts. Most of us are probably guilty of letting someone else do the hard work instead since “actions speak louder than words” and need to take my own advice on that too!
      (Have to admit it was a little entertaining watching Luck take on the Broncos at someone’s LOS no less b/c that is how T2 felt when someone took his rightfully earned place @ QB!!! Don’t have to wonder what Elrot was thinking after that game, ha, ha!)
      GO TEBOW!!!

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