Tim Tebow News: Knicks’ Metta World Peace Says He Loves Tebow, ‘He Don’t Lose, He Wins’

[By Mike Smollins | Oct 08, 2013 10:51 AM EDT

Tim Tebow

Metta World Peace said he loves Tim Tebow (seen here with the Jets) and that the Jets are the No.1 team in the world. (Photo : Reuters)

While Tim Tebow may not have garnered enough support from NFL owners and general managers to take a chance on the free agent quarterback, he does have one supporter in New York Knicks forward Metta World Peace, who said recently that he loves Tebow.

In an interview with the New York Post, World Peace shared his insight on various topics while revealing that he thinks Paul Pierce of the Nets is the best trash talker in the game, that the New York Jets are his favorite football team and the “best team in the world,” and of course, that he loves Tebow.

“Tebow, he don’t lose, he wins,” World Peace told the New York Post. “Name one time he lost. I don’t understand this stuff. He didn’t play. He wins games. What more could you ask for?”

World Peace discussed Tebow a year ago as well:

Tebow played with the Jets–World Peace’s favorite team–during the 2012 season, but was used sparingly before he was released in the offseason. Tebow only threw the ball eight times for the Jets last year, completing six passes for 39 yards and no touchdowns while he rushed just 32 times for 102 yards without reaching the end zone.

While the Jets aren’t even No.1 in the NFL, they are a solid 3-2 on the year after Monday Night’s victory over the Atlanta Falcons (1-4), but World Peace would argue they’re the best in the world.

“I love the Jets,” World Peace told the paper. “No. 1 team … in the world.”

While World Peace didn’t’ agree with the Jets releasing Tebow, but he was eventually scooped up by their division rival New England Patriots and then subsequently released during this year’s preseason. Tebow hasn’t been able to land an NFL job since, but he has told reporters in the past that he refuses to give up on his dream of being a professional quarterback at the NFL level.

Tebow turned down many outside endeavors including a Russian football team that would have paid him $1 million to appear in two games, as he’s hopeful he’ll have another opportunity to play in the NFL again after being a college standout and having a solid campaign with the Denver Broncos in 2011.

While World Peace says that Tebow has never lost, he is in fact 8-6 as a starter. Rumors circulated that perhaps the Jacksonville Jaguars would be a nice landing spot for Tebow’s NFL career to continue, but the Jacksonville brass has yet to budge despite moderate fan outcry demanding for Tebow.

World Peace and the Knicks are set to tip off their preseason Wednesday against the Celtics and the regular season begins against the Milwaukee Bucks at Madison Square Garden Oct. 30.

Though Tebow has yet to land a new NFL team, he has at least one supporter in the basketball realm.



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22 Responses to “Tim Tebow News: Knicks’ Metta World Peace Says He Loves Tebow, ‘He Don’t Lose, He Wins’”

  1. Bigfan says:

    There goes the neighborhood 🙂

  2. shaztah says:

    Don’t know how true this is but thought I would share.


    Give me your thoughts.

    Buzzy SaYS WELL THAT pIX IS TWO OR THREE years old.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      That Caldwell quote reads as fake as a three dollar bill to me.

    • rickdove says:

      Please no, not jacksonville. they are pretty bad and they clearly dont believe in him. On the bright side if this leads to more playing time for tebow then that would be good. If he actually starts winning games with the team everyone expects to go 0-16 that would be good as well. Mix feelings.

      • Sage says:

        If Tim succeeds, it’s more likely to be because he got his toe in the door than that someone actually believed in him. If Tim can have succes again, it won’t be as easy for an idiot like rex ryan to squeeze him out.

    • Hoot says:

      Looks fake.

      It’s the CharlestonONION…The Onion? The Onion is a satire organization and that article and website smells like it.

  3. Bigfan says:

    Who’s kidding who?? Poppy Cock!!

  4. shaztah says:

    That is what I thought too but it was fun to look at LOL. Have you guys seen the latest pics of Tebow? He has lost a lot of weight and muscle. I will see if I can find the one I am talking about and post it here.

    • jason says:

      Odds are house has told him to stop keeping the muscle bulk and slim way down. All that build does nothing to help passing. Plus as he gets into his 30s he’ll be slower by nature and unable to take the NFL beating. He probably should’ve went to house from day 1 but tim did have the idea he could do it all his way not thinking that its the NFL way that every player follows at the end of the day.
      After the pile up run in the preseason notice how belichick changed what tim was doing. Odds are it was something like you’re a QB so don’t do that kinda thing again and tim would run but do his best to avoid contact the rest of the preseason. They just aren’t gonna go for or give a power running QB anything long term and i hope tim understands that now. He can adapt his game and get it done i think but he really has held himself back with what seems to have been the idea that he didn’t have to change a thing and people hiring just aren’t going for that.
      I hope he gets something this year but next year is really the most likely shot for him.

      • Sage says:

        He won’t succeed if he tries to be like everyone else. There are plenty of Tuels and McElroys in the world. One Tim Tebow.

        Watching him play like league-average QB would make me want to puke.

        Live by your lights. If it means no one lets you on the field, it’s on them.

        • jason says:

          I agree but adapting is his choice and he’s choosing to follow that path to reach his dream. he could very well be much like rodgers and do fine that way.
          Either way if he wants his dream its gonna be their way since its their sandbox.

  5. Hoot says:

    Pictures can be tricky because of different angles and the lens. More pictures would be better.

    I’m sure he will take care of himself so he can pass, avoid the tackles, and take the hits.

  6. Bigfan says:

    Being in shape and being in game shape are 2 different things. That is why Timmy needs to play!!
    No overnight sensation stuff is possible…none!! The game is way to unforgiving for that.

    Keep praying for Timmy everyday for God’s will to be revealed in all of this.

  7. tawk2 says:

    It’s been too quiet, I miss Tim playing on the field! The NFL has lost interest from me until Tim plays again, I guess it’s just Gator football for me now. So messed up the way Tim has been treated.

    • Bigfan says:

      Yep. I would like him to play in the NFL however things aren’t looking favorable at this juncture. Sure seems with all the teams running spread options an opportunity would come up…we’ll see.

      As I said earlier I don’t want him getting
      “Barn Sour”!! I am leaning towards Arena ball to keep him sharp??

    • ck says:

      tawk2: Quiet is good…sometimes, not always. Had a computer glitch and not able to comment, oh my!:D

      Read where it takes up to three weeks to complete a transaction when deals are made behind the scenes and don’t believe this is true b/c most that are signed play sooner than that imo!!! Found the number for the “Jags-Tebow, WHY NOT?” which at least supports T2! #904-214-4855.

      Buzzy: You might be getting a phone call b/c he is interested in finding out about your site “tebowzone”. Look at it as a “call to action” and couldn’t thank him/supporters enough for doing what needs to be done in order to make it happen!!! Said he had over two million hits on his website alone!!! Yes, am sticking my neck out and will probably experience some backlash as it goes w/territory.

  8. Stephtebowfan says:

    hi I talked to founder of tebow-why no. He answers the phone! He wants input about what we can do to help Tim. I think the media has had too much negative control of his story.

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