The NFL Tim Tebow Report 9/1/13

1. San Francisco 49ers  maybe

2. Denver Broncos       NO

3. Seattle Seahawks     NO

4. Atlanta Falcons      No

5. Baltimore Ravens     No

6. New England Patriots  ?

7. Green Bay Packers    NO

8. Houston Texans        No

9. Cincinnati Bengals    No
10. Minnesota Vikings     ?

11. Chicago Bears        No

12. Indianapolis Colts    NO

13. Washington Redskins   Maybe

14. St. Louis Rams        Maybe

15. New York Giants       ?

16. New Orleans Saints    Maybe

17. Dallas Cowboys       MAYBE

18. Detroit Lions        No

19. Pittsburgh Steelers  Maybe

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Maybe

21. Miami Dolphins       No

22. Kansas City Chiefs    No

23. San Diego Chargers    No

24. Philadelphia Eagles   Maybe

25. Tennessee Titans      ?

26. Buffalo Bills         Maybe

27. Carolina Panthers     No

28. Cleveland Browns      NO

29. Arizona Cardinals     No

30. New York Jets         NO

31. Jacksonville Jaguars  NO

32. Oakland Raiders       Maybe
?=4  Maybe=10  No=18

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33 Responses to “The NFL Tim Tebow Report 9/1/13”

  1. tawk2 says:

    And so the list begins, I guess we will all have to wait and see where Tim lands. I guess the rumors of Tim being in Buffalo were just that. I have not seen anything on it. But when the Patriots signed Tim it was kept really quiet as well.

    Hopefully we will hear something sooner than later.

  2. jason says:

    Problem is that players given a last chance so to speak with belichick and then cut don’t tend to get another chance. Hopefully he’ll improve and get another but when he was signed by the patriots he had no other team making any offer. Odds are that won’t change for this season now. Maybe a bunch of injuries happen that could give him a shot this year but the view going around is that if belichick couldn’t do it then don’t waste time.
    I hope that changes but thats whats going on now.

    • Sage says:

      Maybe this wasn’t such a good opportunity after all.

      • jason says:

        Hard to tell. Belichick is a very hard read. I’ve loved the guys style since the giants. What he really thinks about a player he keeps close and uses many tactics to reach his goal. It could be anything from him really believing in tim and tim failed to him wanting mcdaniels to stay long term and wanted to show him tim was a bad idea by mcdaniels. Thats what i respect so much about belichick is that he’s transparent Rex Ryan or many other coaches are. Its also why kraft took brady out of belichick’s power as far as trade or contract goes.
        What was the real reason behind belichick’s moves may never be known.

      • ck says:

        Sage: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” This smokescreen w/Patriots was just that…have my suspicions regarding all the double dealing. Obviously, there is something wrong imo when you keep stating a player is “OUTSTANDING” AND THEN DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT IS EXPECTED! What’s your take, Sage?

        • Lynn says:

          CK wrote, “This smokescreen w/Patriots was just that…have my suspicions regarding all the double dealing. Obviously, there is something wrong imo when you keep stating a player is “OUTSTANDING” AND THEN DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT IS EXPECTED!”

          Smokescreen, double dealing, something wrong, doing the opposite of “what is expected…” Really?, pretty negative and judgmental about what is unknown. If nothing else, Tim had a lot of one-on-one coaching with Brian Daboll a lot of the time he was in N.E. There is no reason to suggest that he was in any way wronged by the Patriots.

          There are a lot of great players cut to reach that required 53-man limit, a few of them are brought back later. This is likely Ryan Mallett’s last year as a Patriot. We have no idea what is in Tim’s future and it may very well still include the Patriots.

          • ck says:

            Guess stating the facts will get you branded judgmental? Did he not say Tebow was “Outstanding”? Yes, he did the opposite of what you would expect for someone found to be OUTSTANDING!!! Smacks of everything I stated and will defend my right to my opinion period! Thanks for the constructive criticism where it was not required!!
            Maybe the Patriots did T2 a favor in retrospect b/c who wants to sit behind someone when you are qualified to lead as an OUTSTANDING NFL QB!!

          • ck says:

            Feel free to take on the person who stated in his post that “BB is a hard read and transparent” at the same time…what kind of observation is that when it contradicts itself?!!!! Go figure…as an expert that happens to be a figment of his VAST IMAGINATION OR AS SOME SAY A LEGEND IN HIS OWN MIND!
            Excuse me for venting as I should be more like T2 and find it near impossible at times in light of the above!:D

          • jason says:

            CK it was suppose to read that he’s not transpant. I missed a word in it, forgive me.

            And besides when do i claim to be an expert which i have never done. You seem to think every expert that doesn’t agree with you is blind and whatever else you choose to call them. Say whatever you feel about me and be as grumpy and angry as you want to its no skin off of my back. I’m all for you saying whatever you think about something but its really hard to sell that you, me or any of us on here know more about whats best for the patriots than belichick does like it or not. No one has to agree with him cutting tim and i wished he would’ve kept him to be the starter oneday when brady left but based on his record of success i’d say he’s more than backed up that he knows better than you and me no matter how you feel about it. Rex and fox i’m with you on.
            Belichick nope even though i don’t like the move but your still free to say whatever you feel just lke i am.

        • tawk2 says:

          ck I too agree that we should be able to express our opinions. As for Belichick, I too wonder how he could tell the press often that Tim was improving on a daily basis and outstanding, but yet cut him from the team! I too have a difficult time with this. If Tim was not up to making the team then Belichick should have said this. I wish I could have been at training camp to see Tim with my own eyes and make my own opinion.

          I think there is more there than meets the eyes so to speak, I just wonder what Belichick really thought of Tim? We may never know.

          ck never think that you cannot vent or express your opinion. Our opinions are what makes us different from each other, if we all shared the same ones what a boring world this would be.

          • ck says:

            Tawk2: Thanks for your kind words and will try to edit myself so I don’t offend which is very unT2-like, I might add. Anyways, I have to admit that my theory is that they wanted to make it look like they gave him a fair chance in order to placate the NFL and the Tebow fans at the same time only it was just for show imo (deals behind the scenes due to how corrupt this venue has become). Feel like boycotting the NFL altogether after all the stunts they have pulled w/T2!!! At least we can still watch the Gators without all of this garbage going on behind the scenes or can we?!!! Sure makes one wonder…HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

    • Lynn says:

      “Problem is that players given a last chance so to speak with Belichick and then cut don’t tend to get another chance.”

      Not so, Bill Belichick has many times brought back players he released and sometimes he brings someone back multiple times in the same season.

      Belichick, Kraft, and Brady are now all three on record saying Tim could possibly be called back. Tedy Bruschi, a former Patriot, now with ESPN said this:

      “I could envision a scenario where he is initially cut and not on the 53-man roster, but he comes back at another point down the line. Maybe multiple times, sort of like they did one year with Ross Ventrone. He was on the roster. He was off the roster. He was on the roster. He was off the roster. It sort of depended on the overall health of the team that week if the Patriots could keep Ventrone or had to go in another direction. Receiver Deion Branch has been in that situation, to a lesser degree. I could see Tebow being that guy this season as people in the organization would like to see him around and see if he can continue to be developed.”

  3. bigfan says:

    One thing is for sure Timmy can’t sit this out and hope things will change next year and get a camp and try again to make the roster. Give it a couple of weeks and maybe that outside chance comes through IF is does at all? If not then his options are the AFL or the CFL as a starter only.

    Timmy, time is now to play not ride it out training and practicing with the hope of next year or the year after.

    Timmy you are a competitor, you need to be competing! If that means the AFL or the CFL as a bridge back to the NFL where you can start and compete and hone your skills, what’s not to like??

  4. Bubbaelvis says:

    I wouldn’t put a no beside New England. Yes he was cut but that doesn’t mean they think he isn’t good enough. Teams make moves based on their needs at the time and a 3rd QB just wasn’t a priority. I have a feeling that the Patriots are not finished with Tebow. Billichek said he had improved, his word was definitely improved but he probably hasn’t improved in the pocket enough to supplant Mallett. I don’t think Billichik would put as much time and effort as he did putting in the read option plays, assigning a coach to him, etc. just for one camp and done. He is a smart guy and sees potential but he is also patient. Billichik is also a risk taker and probably playing the odds that Tebow doesn’t get picked up so he can still use a roster position at this time for a more pressing need and if the situation arises he can still cll on Tebow.

    • Sage says:

      Some of the new coaches (e.g., McCoy) are probably short-timers. One of the more plausible scenarios is that Urban Meyer will be hired into the NFL and give Tim a shot.

      It’s looking, though, like a watched pot. I’ll need to find other pursuits. I expect Tebow to flash when I least expect it.

      • bigfan says:

        Good analogy…

        The Urban Meyer, BB relationship is interesting. It could have been something a simple as giving Timmy a shot (and team training and practice so he would progress)with a little or a lot of a favor mixed in and let they chips fall where they may.

        It’s been just a few days so keep hope alive and lets see what unfolds after this week and next??

        I just hope this is not the desert for Timmy however that may be what he needs for God’s plan to be revealed???

  5. tawk2 says:

    Below is a quote from a story today where Steve Clarkson pretty much said Tim needs to go to the CFL. We have to remember that Clarkson only worked with Tim a little over a couple of days several months back. I don’t like him coming out and talking to the press about Tim right now. It seems a few months back he tried to take credit for fixing Tim’s mechanics, but then the two quarterback guru’s who have been working with Tim all this past off season said that Clarkson was only there a couple of days and worked briefly with Tim. I think he wants his time in the media again, but that is my opinion. Anyways it has only been a couple of days now, for all we know Tim may be talking to a team now, just like he did with the Patiots behind closed doors.

    I also seen a story where Belichick when asked about Tim possibly coming back, he did not close the door on that happening either. So we will all just have wait and see how this all unfolds.

    Quote below by Steve Clarkson

    “It’s time now to maybe just reconsider a different path to his ultimate dream. Tim might want to look to the CFL because he may have run out of options in the NFL,” Steve Clarkson told USA Today on Sunday. “Sitting is not an option for Tim. He’s ultra-competitive. He needs to stick to his strength, which is being in a competitive environment.

    “Anyone who wants to work on their craft the way Tim does, he just needs to give himself a couple of days and really decide, ‘Is this what I want to do?’ Clearly, football is still in his blood.”

  6. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    I change NE to ?

    • tawk2 says:

      I don’t know Buzzy, Bill pretty much left the door open in a sense, he said they have players who leave and come back all the time, when asked about Tebow. So I don’t know if you can really read anything into this or not. I guess we will have to wait and see.

      Have you heard anything about any teams interested in Tim? It seems pretty quiet, although it was really quiet with the Patriots were talking to Tim. Hopefully we will learn something soon.

      Thanks again Buzzy for all you do.

  7. Tisa says:

    According to Twitter, Tebow is in Jax, playing golf. David Nelson tweeted a picture of himself and Timmy from somewhere. Both were cut Saturday.

    • tawk2 says:

      Thanks Tisa for the update on Tebow. I am praying so hard that he gets signed by another NFL team but this time by one that truly wants him.

      I come here each day in hopes of reading that a team has come forward, I am trying to stay away from any stories about Tim because the bashing is far outweighing the positive right now. I do break down though and punish myself and read one, I guess I am always in hopes that there will be some positive news.

      I am so lucky to be able to come here am so proud to be part of such a great group of people who all support Tim and each other.

      Anyways thanks again.

    • Larry says:

      Tisa, that pic of David Nelson & Tim was from February. I don’t know why some people are retweeting it now, but some are.

  8. bigfan says:

    Clarkson was on ESPN this morning and he made it perfectly clear he was not Timmy’s QB coach right out from the shoot, only that he evaluated Timmy for a few days and then made recommendations on what he needs to work on to improve…that’s all.

    Mind you Clarkson ain’t no piker and is very highly regarded as a QB guru.

    I am in his camp about Timmy not sitting this one out. I mean if nothing else he will get practical game experience instead of working out in air in his shorts with the hopes of getting a camp invite NEXT YEAR. Who knows would the AFL help with his release and progressions…couldn’t hurt from what we have seen.

    • tawk2 says:

      I know this morning he said he only taught Tim a little but months ago after being on TV and taking credit for fixing Tim, the other quarterback gurus came out and said they had been working with Tim the whole off season. I don’t know if Clarkson forgot to mention the other people who were working with Tim all the time. I know this morning he did say and clarified that he only worked with Tim for a few days. I was lead to believe by the other quarterback gurus or coaches that Clarkson only spent a few hours with Tim.

      I too hope Tim gets to play somewhere as well. I think we are all on the same page when it comes to that.

    • tawk2 says:

      Here is the link to the story from months ago, this is what I read, but it may not have been true.

  9. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    Yes He is in Jax channell 4 had a pix and video on the 6 clock News

    • Tisa says:

      Well, Buzzy, just run on over to the Tebow household and give Timmy a big hug for all of us! I’m glad he is home. He will draw strength from being with his family.

  10. ck says:

    Glad to read he is back in Jax!:D

    • tawk2 says:

      I too am glad to hear Tim is back home with his family, they are what he needs right now. Thanks Buzzy for letting us all know.

  11. Tisa says:

    Guys, let’s discuss issues, not attack each other. If you want to do that, there is another site called “Tim Tebow Girlfriend Forum”. I got referred there from Twitter once and that is all those folks do is condemn each other and their opinions. They sound like a bunch of my high school students. One visit was more than enough. We can just say we disagree with the opinion of others and let it go at that without dragging out derogatory adjectives for each other. I know I don’t really know you guys but some of us have been posting for a while and I have a fond place in my heart for you, and that includes you, Jason, even though we have often disagreed. God Bless!

    • ck says:

      Tisa: That was very nice of you Tisa to say just that and have to agree that what you stated is true enough…count me in too as not really knowing the people who post, but they certainly do grow on you; especially, when you find yourself agreeing…a lot!!:D

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