Plane towing a Tim Tebow banner will fly over EverBank Field Sunday

Submitted by Vito Stellino on September 28, 2013 – 6:13pm Vito Stellino’s Blog

The Tim Tebow supporters are stepping up their campaign to have the Jaguars sign the former Florida quarterback.

There will be a plane towing a Tebow banner over EverBank Field Sunday during the Jaguars-Colts game.

And there will be a tailgate party outside EverBank Field Monday at 5:30 for the third consecutive week.

Eric Holshouser, the head of the Jags4Tebow group, wrote a long open letter advocating the idea of the Jaguars bringing in Tebow.

He said he thinks David Caldwell is a very good general manager and he added, “I’m not trying to make the Jaguars or anyone in their organization look bad.’’

He wrote, “My goal is to dispel the negativity surrounding the Jaguars and Tim Tebow in hopes the people will see the opportunity the team has. I really believe this is a win-win scenario.’’

He said that despite his unconventional style, Tebow has better statistics than Blaine Gabbert.

And he said if Tebow plays poorly, they can always cut him.

“He is an experiment with little risk,’’ he wrote.

Caldwell, though, said at his first press conference in January that he had no interest in Tebow, “even if he’s released.’’ He’s been released by both the Jets and Patriots since then and the Jaguars have passed both times. And the Jaguars seem committed to giving Gabbert another chance beginning Sunday now that his hand has healed.

But that hasn’t stopped the Tebow supporters from continuing their campaign to bring him to Jacksonville

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26 Responses to “Plane towing a Tim Tebow banner will fly over EverBank Field Sunday”

  1. Sage says:

    Brandi ‏@RblSports 3h:

    While there’s some Tebow Fans who want him in Jax, I still don’t trust Shad Khan. & I wouldn’t let Dave Caldwell pass out the cheesesticks.

  2. Tisa says:

    Someone is wasting a lot of money.

  3. Tisa says:

    Anyone know how many people attended the Jags game? I heard the free beer did not encourage too many people to attend.

  4. andrea says:

    I’m just happy that the Kansas City Chiefs keep winning.

    • Sage says:

      Ya, and they play physical defense that may allow them to compete well head-to-head with the Broncos.

      • ck says:

        Would like to watch that game; although, it looked not so good for PM when he was tackled last night (happened to briefly tune in caught that scenario) and how bout the Jets? Guess they are having a really winless season too and to think, they had the SOLUTION LAST YEAR!!! YEA, IT IS LAUGHABLE ALRIGHT!!! THANK GOD FOR HUMOR!!!
        GO TEBOW!!!

        • ck says:

          Have to change Jets winless to mostly winless (they have two games they haphazardly managed to squeak out a win by ONLY one point)! Otherwise, they are still a MESS W/REX ETC.!!! WONDER WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT THAT TAT NOW?!!! EXTREMELY FUNNY IMO!!!

  5. andrea says:

    Forgot to add – the great Eli Manning is 0-4.

    • jason says:

      What did eli do to you. I saw that you said karma hit eli and now another knock on eli…..whats the issue with eli and what great evil did he do?

      • The Mascot Army says:

        He didnt do anything, but it’s bizarre how different QBs can play identically, and be regarded completely differently.

  6. andrea says:

    I am a little stunned by how for years I have had to listen to the so-called experts(Sportswriters,pundits,broadcast announcers,General managers)say what an elite Quarterback he is.The so called experts are now saying stuff like – “well,he has a terrible front line,the receivers are not that good,waaaaaa,waaa,waaa”.

    Kinda makes you wonder if Tebow was 0-4 on a team – would the blame be on a Tebow or would it be considered a team failure?

    Jason I’m sure you will know the answer to this one – I don’t have to tell you.

    • jason says:

      Well if its all about winning playoff games and super bowls he does is win those right.
      His ability even when down keeps him whers he is and has earned him credit in the eyes of many.
      And since you opened the door how many denver wins did you view as tebow wins and when they lost blame everyone but tebow?

      Eli shares blame on this season but even before it went bad you had some issue with eli. I’ve also heard plenty of blame laid on eli for this season. Eli looks really bad this year and his run maybe over.

      If tebow won 2 super bowls in his career would you take issue with him being paid as much as eli?

      • andrea says:

        I’m unaware of how much money Eli Manning is paid – Joe Flacco is the $120 millon dollar man.

        Regarding Tebow’s Denver season – I view the wins as a team win and when the teams lost it was a team loss.

        Since I do triathlons(an individual sport)I know the difference betwwen when one must do the whole thing by themselves(swim,bike,run)and a sport when there is a collection of players that work together to win or lose.

        I’m sure if Tebow was starting on a team this year and was 0-4 no one would be saying it was a team loss – you and your experts would be creaming him.

        As I recall the Denver year,Elway fired McDaniel and Tebow asked for a meeting to see where he stood.Elway had the perfect opportunity to release him or trade him at that point.The Great Elway did nothing and the team went 1-4.I am unaware of season ticket prices in the Dever area,but here in Baltimore my brother pays 92.00 a game (8 regular games and 2 exhibition games)for a total of 920.00 for the year.I would guess it is around the same in Denver.So fans who did not want to waste a thousand dollars for another losing season in Denver put up a billboard ad in Denver asking Tebow to play.Tebow was inserted into the lineup and the team made the playoffs.

        I just cannot understand why a billboard ad would set so many people off.
        My favorite Tebow story however came from New York Jason.Remember when Tebow took his shirt off and ran in the rain.Someone actually wrote on a blog that when Tebow took off his shirt -he was sending a signal to his Christian supporters to attack New York City the following weekend.

        Yet ,I am constantly reading in the mainstream media that the Tebow Christian supporters are the whack jobs.

        What you fail to understand is that the Tebow circus is a media creation.Tebow only wants to play football.

  7. andrea says:

    I also forgot to mention the $120 million dollar quarterback also lost today.

    • Sage says:

      It’s pretty funny. Romo will win a gentlemanly 9 games this year, possibly 10, but possibly less.

      • ck says:

        Sage: Doublespeak is rampant in the NFL and, yes, it is hilarious to watch their antics, especially since they are self destructing by their own actions!!! NFL: “NOT FOR LONG!” Someone got it right!!!
        As for Eli, not doing so great either and don’t have to wonder!!!

    • ck says:

      Andrea: They don’t like the truth, do they?!! Keep telling it like it is and you have my support also for THE FACTS!!! GREAT POSTS!!!
      GO TEBOW!!!!

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