Tim Tebow and KISS, a match made in … well, feel free to fill in the blank on that one.

But the members of the legendary rock group, now owners of the Arena Football League’s expansion franchise in Anaheim, Calif. — LA KISS — officially extended a contract offer to the unemployed quarterback Monday.

The deal would be for three years and could be worth unspecified “millions.” Tebow is the first player LA KISS has targeted.

“Acquiring Tebow would not only be a great investment for the team, but his exciting style of play would definitely send shockwaves through the League,” said KISS bassist Gene Simmons, a.k.a. The Demon, in a press release.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to see him with an LA KISS uniform on, and for the LA KISS fans to be rockin’ their Tebow shirts and jerseys.”

FOR THE WIN: KISS bringing pro football back to Los Angeles

KISS is obviously best known for its heavy licks, outrageous costumes and iconic black and white face paint.

Tebow is best known for his winning persona, team-first attitude, wobbly passes and, most notably, devout lifestyle. When he was accessorizing his mug at the University of Florida, he opted for eye black which referenced his favorite scriptures.

KISS has long denied suggestions that the band’s name is an acronym with one “S” referring to Satan. (But they’re not exactly Stryper, either.)

Even if Tebow was amenable to the entertainment DNA of these potential employers — he “is currently reviewing the offer” according to LA KISS — his camp has long resisted overtures from the Arena league and Canada. KISS is dangling the famous story of Kurt Warner, former Arena star turned two-time NFL MVP, as a carrot to Tebow, whose avowed dream remains making it as an NFL quarterback. The AFL is known for its pass-centric approach, and KISS believes it is fertile ground for Tebow to hone the aspect of his game NFL observers find most lacking.

“Similar to how Kurt Warner blossomed in the NFL after becoming one of the greatest quarterbacks in AFL history, we feel our league is the best place for Tim to refine his skills and gain valuable repetitions. We have tremendous faith in Tim’s ability to succeed in the AFL.” said team co-owner Brett Bouchy.

But give LA KISS and the band credit for this: They understand marketing and hype — how many KISS songs do you know besides Rock and Roll All Nite? — and aren’t hiding their intentions with this ploy.

“Tim Tebow is one of the most recognized and respected athletes in sport.” said Paul Stanley, KISS’ longtime frontman.

“His joining us would mean great things for his fans and for our team, especially from a business standpoint. His credibility within the sports arena is paramount and with our commitment to bringing football without compromise back to LA, we’re excited to see how this offer turns out.”

Your move, Tim

As for KISS, they wouldn’t do something purely for publicity, right?