Jacksonville Jaguars: No Tim Tebow, But Free Beer If You Buy Ticket

By Jordan Webb j.webb@hngn.com | Sep 26, 2013 02:35 PM EDT

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Jaguars Stadium

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The Jacksonville Jaguars won’t sign Tim Tebow, but the team will give you the next best thing if you attend a game: free beer.  Seemingly desperate for ticket sales, the Jaguars offered free beers with the purchase of every ticket.

Unable to get fans into seats with a 0-3 record, the Jaguars announced Wednesday night a limited-time special ticket promotion for next week’s home game against the Indianapolis Colts.

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The Jaguars clarified the stipulations of the offer Thursday morning.

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Twitter (Screenshot)

While the free beers, or at least the chance to see Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson live, may sell some additional tickets, it isn’t going to be the boost in sales that the signing of Tim Tebow would bring – at least according to the “Jags-Tebow Why Not?” rally organizers.

The rally, held every Monday outside EverBank Field, has one mission: “(to) make it clear, we the fans, want the Jacksonville Jaguars to bring in Tim Tebow.”

Their rallying cry, as their website proclaims, is “when you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.”

Per the organizers’ website: “…I am not saying Tim Tebow will ever be a great NFL quarterback, but my point with the Jaguars has always been this: What’s the worst that could happen if they signed Tebow?  That fans might actually want to buy a ticket or click on the TV and watch them?”

The Jaguars have said before they have no intention of signing Tebow, but with dwindling ticket sales, “Tebow Time” might be the only solution to fill seats.

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  1. Tisa says:

    Maybe you need to be drunk to enjoy a Jaguar game???

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