Have We Seen The Last Of Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow

“I promise you one thing. A lot of good will come out of this. You will never see any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of the season. You will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of the season. You will never see a team play harder than we will the rest of the season.”

That was the speech heard around the world given by Tim Tebow to all the fans of the Florida Gators following a 31-30 loss to Ole Miss in 2008. Following that speech, Tebow led Florida to the National Championship with a win over the Oklahoma Sooners later that season. That speech is even on a plaque outside the Gators’ football stadium. Tebow is a legend in Florida, but everywhere else, Tebow should be considered just another average quarterback who had a great college career and won a few Heisman awards.

Tebow was taken in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos in what was a very surprising and regrettable pick. The questions about his arm and how well he could do in the NFL as an actual drop back passer were constantly asked, but the buzz surrounding Tebow was so big that the Broncos took a shot on him. Although they got a playoff victory out of Tebow, the rest of his career in Denver is very forgettable.

After Denver signed Peyton Manning in the offseason of 2012, Tebow became officially expendable. He was then traded to the New York Jets. Once again, the hype followed him and everyone thought he would push Mark Sanchez for the starting job. All he did was make Sanchez look like Joe Montana compared to Tebow. That experiment failed after one season and he was released.

The New England Patriots decided to jump on him and snatch him up. He played in the preseason and even though Robert Kraft thought Tebow should’ve been on the team, it didn’t work out that way and Tebow was released again. Since that day, there hasn’t been any sign of Tim and the hype surrounding him is now null and void.

Teams have asked Tebow to switch positions and the CFL has even called him, but Tim is a man’s man and is standing his ground stating he is a NFL quarterback and he will live him dream out to the fullest. I must give him credit for not giving up on his dream, but let’s talk reality now. Tebow isn’t capable of being a NFL quarterback because he doesn’t have the ability to throw a football with accuracy good enough to get by. He makes a throw here and there that makes you say, “wow” but every quarterback does that from time to time. What Tebow needs to do is realize he just doesn’t have the ability to make it in the NFL as a quarterback. I’m pleading with you Tim, change positions, go to Canada or just plain go away! The hype you had in college is one thing, the hype you had in the NFL was completely unnecessary!

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32 Responses to “Have We Seen The Last Of Tim Tebow?”

  1. jason says:

    Nope. He is gonna improve in time and get a starting job at some point. Still don’t see why the jags won’t take him but its their team not mine.
    He’ll improve his skill set and fundamentals then the time will come he’ll get another shot in training camp somewhere and win the job which will solidify his job in the mind of a GM or HC and the rest will probably be history. Hopefully he gets everything down that they want.

    • Larry says:

      Thank you, jason. You’re the most objective regular commenter here, so to see you say that is encouraging.

    • David Oliver says:

      The Evidence is that there is still a behind the scenes (Media /NFL Boycott – of Tim Tebow because of he is “Polarizing” (Code Word for – TOO Christian !!) Now they are blatently Establishing this ANTI-Christan Standard in the SPorts Coverage – News Media – ONLY SECRET SERVICE CHRISTIANS Permitted: See this article on Fox Sports – ANTI – CHRISTIAN ACTION – They Got Tebow – and NOW they feel the Rest will FALL!

      From the American Family Association:

      Fox Sports fires sportscaster for his Christian faith
      Send an email to Fox Sports, urging them to put aside their anti-Christian intolerance and reinstate Craig James.
      September 26, 2013

      Dear David,
      Although initially heralded as a great addition to the Fox Sports Southwest sportscast team, the Fox Sports network decided to fire Craig James after learning of his Christian faith…after only one day on the job!

      Craig James was fired as a Fox Sports sportscaster as a result of sharing his religious beliefs publicly. A Fox spokesperson said, “We just asked ourselves how Craig’s statements would play in our human resources department. He couldn’t say those things here.”

      What did James say that was so egregious that he deserved to be fired?

      As a candidate during a Texas U.S. Senate campaign in 2010, Craig James said his Christian faith clearly outlined his position on gay marriage and pledged he would not support same-sex unions. He also stated he was “adamantly opposed to abortion.” Read an expanded story of his firing here.

      Because of his personal faith (and for no other reason), Fox Sports fired Mr. Craig James. Fox is now trying to spin this, saying he wasn’t fired for religious reasons. Sports Illustrated isn’t buying it, Dallas News isn’t buying it and neither are we!

      This is clearly a case of religious discrimination by Fox Sports and an attempt by the network to silence those who stand on God’s word concerning marriage and abortion.


      Send an email to Fox Sports, urging them to put aside their anti-Christian intolerance and reinstate Craig James.We have prepared a letter for you to send to Dan Bell, Vice President of Communications for Fox Sports.

      You can also make a comment on the Fox Sports Southwest Facebook page.

      • ck says:

        David Oliver: As Paul Harvey would say, “Now you know the rest of the story!” Not right and the more people who stand against it, the better. Thanks for providing info. and plan on commenting also.

      • Lynn says:

        David: You may know that the AFA has defamed the name and witness of Tim Tebow horribly. Second, your report proves media bias not an NFL blackballing of Tebow.

        I understood the Craig James firing was specifically related to his past statement on homosexuality and/or legal recognition of gay relationships. I am hopeful he will file a lawsuit, but to be honest, I do not know the whole story and from the outside, we never do. It is doubtful that public outcry will help the cause, WE WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, AND YET WE REPEATEDLY TRY TO WIN BY MIGHT.

        If Fox were to change their position, there would be equal or worse outcry on the left. Craig James may have some recourse under the law that will financially compensate him and set legal precedence that may slow for a moment the same thing happening to another. But it is doubtful that it will really slow the tide because employment is at will and someone can not be hired or can be fired for so many reasons that the rejection of an outspoken Christian in the workplace need never be named as the cause.

        But this is the thing, although Tebow is more outspoken than most, there are many genuine born again NFL players who speak of their faith and their Savior openly and there is no evidence that they are discriminated against in the NFL. In fact, I would not be surprised if a greater percentage of the NFL players are biblical Christians than we have in any other profession. But the NFL wants to win games and distraction to team focus hurts the team – that is why the media circus and overactive Tebow fans both hurt him. There are also honest questions about some aspects of Tim’s game, and he pretty much acknowledges that himself when we continues to work daily with a QB coach.

        If you listen to Broncos fans, Jets fans, and a few Patriot fans – they hate Tebow for the press coverage and for his overbearing fans – they believe Tim was elevated unfairly to starter in Denver because of fan outcry AND THEY WANT HIM TO WIN HIS WAY IN PRACTICE AND IN THE GAME. That is not discrimination.

        I believe Tim will get another chance, maybe due to injury or a losing record, maybe there is plan for him to return to the Patriots – but if not, I am pretty sure Tim wants God’s will even more than he wants to play. I pray faithfully for Tim and love him dearly, but I refuse to create bias against him for his faith by being offensive to the NFL and the other NFL fans. The gospel is offensive, but I should not be offensive… IF TIM’S FANS WOULD JUST FOLLOW HIS EXAMPLE!

        By the way, American Christians need to come to terms with the fact that persecution of Christians is the norm in the world today and the norm through the centuries. A nation founded on Christian principles and dominated by Christians and biblical thought and even true freedom of religion is a very rare thing – and the sad truth is that over time it breeds weak Christians. Our Chinese brethren are praying for us to know genuine persecution.

        • Larry says:


          Exactly. Thank you, Lynn.

        • David Oliver says:

          We are NOT called to be Secret Service Christians – but to take appropriate stands when our brothers in Christ are persecuted – we do still live in one of the only two Nations that orgiginated directly from accepting God’s Word as absolute (as our foundation) and founded on His principles – surrendering those principles in the name of compromise and ignorance of the reality of what is happening today
          in these “God’s Latter Days” is NOT what I will chose to do.

          Check out President Obama’s Inauguration day Breakfast Speaker’s MESSAGE of Rabbi/Pastor, Johnathan Cahn – sent from God to give to us as a Nation – a real wake up Call! – And NOT to have our head hidden in the SAND – Tim Tebow is a key Example – of this “Spritual Warfare”
          ( This Speech was Suppressed by almost ALL -the News Media), Check it out !!!

          • Lynn says:

            David: Jonathan Cahn is big on eisegesis and short of exegesis. He reads into scripture meaning that is not actually part of the text. I am sure he is well intended, but it seems Jesus once said to the well-intended Apostle Peter, “Get behind me Satan!” Certainly, a call for national repentance is appropriate, but using heresy to make that call is not helpful to the cause of Christ.

            This is a rather deep thought, I haven’t completely clarified it in my mind – but do not confuse defending the gospel to which we are called with defending American freedoms in such a way as we compromise the gospel. When Tim Tebow cancelled with First Baptist Dallas last winter and the Christian media crucified him for compromise I realized that we indeed did not know the difference between defending our culture and defending the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are after all pilgrims and sojourners redeemed and called to a life of slavery to Christ and suffering for His sake.

          • Larry says:

            “I realized that we indeed did not know the difference between defending our culture and defending the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

            IMHO you nailed this, Lynn. I’ve realized in the past few years that this is a mistake I’ve been guilty of for far too long.

          • Larry says:

            quote: Check out President Obama’s Inauguration day Breakfast Speaker’s MESSAGE of Rabbi/Pastor, Johnathan Cahn – sent from God to give to us as a Nation – a real wake up Call! – And NOT to have our head hidden in the SAND – Tim Tebow is a key Example – of this “Spritual Warfare”

            I’m not clear on what you’re saying here, David. Are you saying you think Tim Tebow has his head in the sand?

    • Lynn says:

      Jason, I so agree with you. Tim will win his way!

      • David Oliver says:

        AS Christians WE SHOULD Not caving in to our culture’s misrepresentations of terms and using them to reinforce their lies..

        Why do not we call Abortion : The right for any mother to put a murder contract out to have her Un-born Child butchered and torn apart by a Murder Contract Service like Planned Parent Hood.

        I just do not see that accepting and allowing Satan’s Culture to effect our language and speaking of the Truth, to be nothing but
        surrendering to the “Secret Service Christian Mode” that they want us to be!

        Be Bold – Take A Stand For Christ and His Front-Liners that are under attack… With words like “Polarizing” When they really mean TOO MUCH
        Christian.. LET THE TRUTH RING TRUE ! Is Not This What The Good and Faithful Servant of Christ should do…

        Their are serious consequences for those who say they are believers that act like they are ashamed of Christ and HIS Front Line Children..

        • ck says:

          David Oliver: That is what is wrong with this country as people who should take a stand do not and let others dictate who have no business telling others what to do let alone think DUE TO BEING AMORAL!!!! I am glad you tell the truth and still plan on not just talking about doing something, but actually take concrete action in regards to what should be done!!! Kudos to those people who are supporting T2 and now will have a banner also!!! DO NOT LET NEGATIVE PSEUDO T2 POSTERS INTIMIDATE AS THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT AS WE ALL KNOW…”EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE!”

        • Lynn says:

          David: I mean this gently and with respect. I do not believe that you are seeing this clearly. Where in the New Testament do you see your militant attitude and tactics? We cannot judge anyone’s heart/motive/meaning, only God sees the heart, we can only judge actual words and actions. No matter what bias there may be against Tim, he does need to be better in some areas of his game and he is working on them. Given his talent, commitment, and work ethic, combined with God’s blessing, I believe he will prevail no matter the biased media who seem anxious for his career to be over, and even in spite of a small segment of his fans that are proud and controlling and sometimes lack wisdom.

          Are you familiar with Westboro Baptist Church? Do you find their tactics to be biblical or helpful to the cause of Christ (or even the preservation of America)? I would say they are doing great harm. How is your attitude different from theirs?

          Yes, we are to be bold when appropriate, but we are also called to wisdom, discernment, and to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Most of all we are called to love. Do you think that Tim Tebow compromises? We do not see him using your tactics at all. In fact just the opposite; Tim is known for his love for people and his love for his Savior – not for militancy and condemnation. Again, I would encourage you to follow his example.

          You will not change a single heart by using inflammatory words like murder contracts against unborn children. How did Jesus speak to the Woman at the Well? He exposed her sin discretely, in a personal encounter, bathed in love. He did not rail at her for being an adulterous harlot. He saved those kinds of words for the proud religious people who spoke just like you my friend.

          When the Rich Young Ruler went away unrepentant because he loved his possessions Jesus wept because He loved him. When was the last time you wept because you loved a sinner and grieved for their loss in rejecting Christ?

          I do not see anyone being ashamed of Christ or ashamed of Tim Tebow. However, I for one do see a few whose pride is brining shame to both Christ and Tim.

          • ck says:


      • David Oliver says:

        So, your opinion is it is Alright to call one of God’s Latter Day,
        End Time Servants, Johnathan Cahn,(author of The Harbinger) through God’s special provision, called to be the special speaker at Obama’s Inauguration Day Prayer Breakfast – a Heretic.

        And to Condemn brothers in Christ – who reveal the Lies and Real Anti-Christ agenda – against Tim Tebow, Unashamed Servant of Jesus Christ…

        But it IS NOT OK to “OUT” The Murdering Baby Butchers, who use the NEWSPEAK Terms – Abortion & Women’s Right To Choose – as Truely Satan – Led Murders of the innocent… and the Sodomite Radical Host and their war against our children with their recruiting campaign in our Public Schools.

        I just cannot Buy into this “Secret Service Christian “Compromise Jargon”

        Jesus himself said of the ilk of these… Servants of Satan:

        John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  2. lex says:

    just read that the ‘tebow to jags movement’ has hired an airplane to fly
    over everbank stadium sunday for the colt/jags game. at what point during the game, do not know nor what it will say.

  3. andrea says:

    Have to agree with you David Oliver.Too bad Craig James isn’t like Ray Lewis(leaving two dead people in a parking lot- unable to call 911).He would have a cushy job at ESPN.

    Totally disgusting but I am not surprised.

  4. andrea says:

    Sorry Lynn if I offended you. I have no problem with Michael Vick playing in the NFL – he acted like a man and accepted responsibility for his actions and did hard time.
    Ray on the other hand copped a plea deal and never accepted responsibility for his actions.Plenty of innocent people are behind bars for commiting no crimes so I have no pity for Ray Lewis.

    I live near the Baltimore area and no word was ever spoken to him from the mainstream press and sports avenues(broadcast,pundit shows) about the incident.(except there was one article about the homicides in the local paper one week before he retired and the Raven’s fan fury was directed towards the newspaper.)

    I see a big difference between how Vick handled his situation and how Lewis handled his.

    Juast my two cents.

    • Lynn says:

      Andrea: Are you possibly holding Ray Lewis responsible for your dissatisfaction with our judicial system?

      Ray paid the penalty adjudicated just as Michael did; the only difference is our sense of fairness may be assaulted if we believe Ray guilty of murder.

      I would encourage you to put that aside. That is not really difficult for me since I am not very familiar with the case, but the fact is, we never know all the facts in these matters, and the judicial system has spoken.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: If anyone is offensive, it should be what’s his name who decided to offend you for putting in your two cents!!! Agree that actions have consequences so why should that not be the case?!! When did right become wrong…unbelievable how some are thinking that their opinion merits a response from someone w/whom they think is entitled to their OBNOXIOUS opinion…guess they never heard of “PROTECTED SPEECH!” Definitely works both ways and you MOST CERTAINLY have the right to defend yourself!!! I’m in your corner, Andrea!!

      • tawk2 says:

        I agree ck!

        Buzzy Says : enough lets slow it down a notch

        • ck says:

          tawk2: Thanks tawk2 and I know you know what I am talking about! Someone thinking they are an expert and it couldn’t be further from the truth so why let that stand when it is an untruth?!!! However, out of respect for Mr. Buzzy, b/c he has tried to clean this site up from the likes of these undesirables, will refrain from further incendiary comments and take the “HIGH ROAD” in spite of a most disagreeable poster/posters on this site. As my husband likes to state: “DON’T FEED THE FIRE!”

  5. Larry says:

    I posted this above, but didn’t get a reply. So, I’ll re-post it here:

    David said: Check out President Obama’s Inauguration day Breakfast Speaker’s MESSAGE of Rabbi/Pastor, Johnathan Cahn – sent from God to give to us as a Nation – a real wake up Call! – And NOT to have our head hidden in the SAND – Tim Tebow is a key Example – of this “Spritual Warfare”

    I’m not clear on what you’re saying here, David. Are you saying you think Tim Tebow has his head in the sand?

    • David Oliver says:

      To simplify for you — my point is to Exhort Christians to be bold for Truth and Not Compromise and NOT – Have our Head in the Sand..
      and adopt the posture of the trendy “Secret Servant Christian”
      stand of Compromise and Surrender…

      And that the Hate Campaign AGAINST Tim Tebow is An Example of this
      Spiritual Warfare – that many here want to Ignore – and NOT take
      a stand for a Brother who has been unfairly Treatly – To the point
      early on one of the networks a comedian joked about putting a bullet in his brain – Yeah.. it is all about his left handed poor throwing motion ..Right… THINK AGAIN – IT IS ALL ABOUT THEIR CODE WORD –
      “Polarizing” MEANING —- ** TOO CHRISTIAN ***


      • Larry says:

        Those who hate Tim because he’s a Christian would also hate me because I’m a Christian. Therefore, they’re my enemies, too. You do what you want David, but I’ll choose to be bold for Christ by doing what Jesus actually said to do regarding enemies & which the apostle Paul also reiterated:



        • David Oliver says:

          First of all if you are going to try and give scriptual basis for
          your postion why not use the Preserved Word of God from the Textus
          Receptus Manuscripts like the KJV?

          Not from the Westcott / Hort Satanic Evolutionist Darwin Worhsippers
          manuscripts – with their cut and paste and removal of God’s Word
          that in this passage with the removal of one word they present Jesus
          as A LIAR in this conversation with his brothers (the word “NOT”)

          consider this truth:

          John 7
          New International Version (NIV)
          Jesus Goes to the Festival of Tabernacles

          7 After this, Jesus went around in Galilee. He did not want[a] to go about in Judea because the Jewish leaders there were looking for a way to kill him. 2 But when the Jewish Festival of Tabernacles was near, 3 Jesus’ brothers said to him, “Leave Galilee and go to Judea, so that your disciples there may see the works you do. 4 No one who wants to become a public figure acts in secret. Since you are doing these things, show yourself to the world.” 5 For even his own brothers did not believe in him.

          6 Therefore Jesus told them, “My time is not yet here; for you any time will do. 7 The world cannot hate you, but it hates me because I testify that its works are evil. 8 You go to the festival. I am not going up to this festival, because my time has not yet fully come.” 9 After he had said this, he stayed in Galilee.

      • ck says:

        Unfortunately, David, we have at least more than one individual on this site who have nothing better to do than elicit a response and the more you respond to them the more they think they can manipulate and point the finger at you being a fringe!!! Well, we have exposed them ad nauseum and they continue to come back to the site, especially one that was told to not come back and we petitioned Buzzy also!! Believe you know who one of the low character people are as they stink this page up more than not with their inconsistent unstable view regarding support of T2 and then in the same sentence proceed to state what his flaws are when he has more than T2 will ever have!!! At least you are not backing down from speaking what needs to be stated and is more than obvious about others saying one thing and doing quite another; i.e., hypocrites is the term Jesus used and he was so angry he overthrew the money changers, so you do have a point!!! Look at Noah’s Day, they mocked him and who was right?!!!

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