Buzzy Says : Where is Brandi

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  1. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    By Ryan Wilson |

    ‘Gabbert is AWFUL, the Jags stink, Tebow is the answer!’
    Tim Tebow may be gone but he will never, ever be forgotten. That’s an overreaction, but the reality is that his name will come up whenever we’re confronted with a struggling starting quarterback, especially one from Tebow’s hometown.

    In that sense, Blaine Gabbert is the perfect patsy. For any number of reasons, he’s been among the league’s worst passers since coming into the league in 2011. And while the last two offseasons we’ve heard some variation of “This will be Gabbert’s last chance to prove himself,” he’s looked more like the Benjamin Button of QBs, regressing each year. At this rate, he’ll need diapers by Week 12 (perhaps a slight exaggeration, perhaps not).

    And although we can all agree that Gabbert has been terrible, Tebow wasn’t, isn’t and never will be the answer in Jacksonville. Owner Shad Khan may have wanted to trade for Tebow last offseason, before the quarterback opted for New York, but new general manager David Caldwell made it clear this spring that Tebow-to-the-Jags wasn’t happening.

    Never say never in the NFL, right? Sure, fine.

    But the Jaguars aren’t looking for short-term solutions. This will be Gabbert’s last best chance to prove himself, and if he fails, the team will begin the rebuilding process with their guy, not some schlub off the quarterback scrap heap who is more sideshow attraction than missing piece to a punchless offense.

    So, yes: Gabbert is awful. And the Jags do stink. But unless the question is “Quick, name a quarterback who would be less effective than Gabbert,” the answer in Jacksonville will never be Tebow.

    BUzzy Says: I dont know about That

    • SB says:

      Hopefully, she’s done talking about football and Tebow for good. She has no football knowledge and she gives women in football a bad name. And I’m not sure how she ever expected anyone to take her seriously with the name Sports “Babe” Brandi. Awful!

      If you want a woman’s opinion on football that matters, check with Lindsay Jones.

      • Sage says:

        Sorry, but I disagree completely. She’s got knowledge and perspective that comes from well outside the contemporary echo chamber.

        And it’s nice to see a writer who is not too pretentious to call herself “Sports Babe” or to visit places like this and talk with us. In my book, she’s much more of a pro journalist than the house lackeys writing at the Denver Post or at most other large media companies.

  2. ck says:

    Here’s what I think of Ryan Wilson’s piece of you know what that does not pass the litmus test: “Some schlub off the journalism scrap heap who is more sideshow attraction than missing piece to a punchless reporter and HIS OPINION stinks on top of that!”
    And as far as Brandi goes…wondering the same thing?! Not everyone is an expert at football even those pretending to be!!!

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