Buzzy Says : Jones-Drew, Robertson ,Tebow would be one hell of a running threat with the Spread Option.

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9 Responses to “Buzzy Says : Jones-Drew, Robertson ,Tebow would be one hell of a running threat with the Spread Option.”

  1. shaztah says:

    I was just telling my hubby the same thing. MJD would LOVE Tim.

  2. Lynn says:

    I posted some of yesterday’s Tebow Twitter news on a different article for you… This just in…

    Ben Albert ‏@hermthegerm13 6 Sep
    Well Tim Tebow just stopped by the batting cage weight room to work out. Nbd

    Ben Albert ‏@hermthegerm13 8 Sep
    @1ivansito4 Tim Tebow was here;)

    Ben Albert ‏@hermthegerm13 5h (9 Sep)
    Just workin out this morning with Tim Tebow. Nbd

    Ivan E. ‏@1ivansito4 4h (9 Sep)
    @hermthegerm13 bro, Tebow is at Madison too. (someone in Tebow jersey; not really Tim)

    Ben Albert ‏@hermthegerm13 3h (9 Sep)
    @1ivansito4 he must own a teleport

    Ben Albert ‏@hermthegerm13 4h (9 Sep)
    Me: “Hi my name is Ben” Tim Tebow: “Hi I’m Tim. Nice to meet you Ben” -True story

    Lori Ann ‏@opraiseHim7 3h (9 Sep)
    @hermthegerm13 That is VERY cool! Is he working with the throwing coach there at USC? He has worked with him before. Have fun!

    marlene k certain ‏@mkcertain 1h (9 Sep)
    @hermthegerm13 Wow, What an opportunity. Tebs is the man!!


    USC Women’s Lacrosse ‏@USCTrojansLax 56m (9 Sep)
    Training with Tim Tebow in the building, not a bad Monday! #FightOn


    Nikki Kloss ‏@nikkikloss 1h (9 Sep)
    Afternoon workout alongside Tim Tebow? Okay! Welcome to JMC man! #USCstudentathletelife

    Todd Headlee ‏@ToddHeadleeAZ 30m (9 Sep) (I believe that this is the real Jeff Whilde)
    @lovelaw2 @nikkikloss Those young women must have been over the moon. So glad that Tim is such a gracious celeb. He is a true pro! Go Tebow!

    Nikki Kloss‏@nikkikloss 5m (9 Sep)
    @ToddHeadleeAZ super nice guy for sure, more than happy to pause his training for the photo! Maybe a little overwhelmed by all the ladies

  3. Lynn says:

    This again that I posted elsewhere yesterday:

    I believe Tim is at USC working for Tom House, Brady’s accuracy coach. There have been at least three tweets of people seeing him and at least one with a picture. Tim’s name is mentioned on Twitter so many times that it is impossible to read all the tweets. It’s quite amazing actually. Tons of calls today for the Jags to sign him, lots from the Vikings and a few from the Browns.

    Tim worked with Tom House some last off-season but didn’t finish the task because it was too close to training camp with the Jets. I guess House is actually a baseball coach, but does some work with QBs also, including Brady and Brees. He does some real high tech stuff with the body covered with electrodes and hooked to a computer combined with high-speed photography so they can really see the throwing motion as well as slow it down for analysis.

    Evan Sawyer ‏@sawyerevan2 6 Sep
    Just casually working out with @TimTebow in the SC baseball facility. I guess he’s giving up on football. #mlbbound

    Paul Smith ‏@PaulSmithESPN 5 Sep
    @TimTebow was at SC today, what a beast.

    From last year:

    I found this from 2011, Tedy Bruschi answering a question about McDaniels being heir apparent to Belichick: “It’s rare that a coach who departs from a Bill Belichick staff comes back. There is always reasoning for the moves Bill Belichick makes; that’s all I’ll say.”

  4. Bubbaelvis says:

    I want to see Tebow play this year but I would hate to see him on another team that doesn’t support him. I still think there is something up in New England. They treated him differently then just another QB trying out by putting in plays just for him and basically having a coach assigned to him. Now he is working with Tom House. I know he has worked with him before but I find it interesting. Maybe this is Billichik’s version of red shirting.
    On another note, I can totally see Tim rocking Philly’s offense. Why Kelly didn’t grab Tebow when he was available is beyond me. He would be a natural in their offense and would add another angle that people would have to stop. Anyway, I am confident he will be back and playing soon.

  5. The Mascot Army says:

    Thanks for the info.

    Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind watching Tebow in Canada this year?

    Buzzy Says I wouldnt mind But dont think T2 will go there

    • Sage says:

      Would Canada take him? From the Cannucks I’ve heard mostly arrogance that their league is too good for Tim.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        I read the Alluettes have his rights and are the dynasty of the CFL. They had the Tom Brady of their league and last year were saying they werent interested in Tebow. However, this year, their Tom Brady is seriously injured and they have said they would be interested if Tebow called them.

        I’d love to watch him play this year. He does well up there and the cowards in the NFL could justify taking him.

        • ck says:

          Why should Tebow settle? The NFL might just implode on itself if you have enough patience…couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch!

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