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Tim Tebow is a Quarterback.

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83982-650-366I nearly felt obligated to write this blog post as the many people who know me, know me as a huge supporter of Tim Tebow.  Not only do I think that he is a great person and role model, but I am a 100% believer in his game.

Last week when Tebow was cut by the Jets, it took me some time to really process my thoughts on the situation.  Obviously, Tebow’s role with the Jets was toxic to say the least, albeit, none of it based on anything Tebow had done wrong, however when you look at the Jets plethora of quarterbacks on their roster, including the new additions of Matt Simms, David Garrard, and recent 2nd round draft pick Geno Smith, I still can’t help but think the Jets just cut the best Quarterback on their roster…and for what?  By cutting Tebow, you’ve just watched 4 million dollars swirl around in the toilet bowl.

Now I can understand why the Jets kept Mark Sanchez from a standpoint of dollars.  1 year ago, after their pursuit of Peyton Manning was unsuccessful, they felt it necessary to evoke confidence into their already ailing quarterback, by giving him a 2 year, $20 million dollar extension.  Why they did this, is completely beyond me, but they felt they had to keep him because of the financial consequences of releasing him.  Financial consequences or not, Mark Sanchez is simply the worst starting quarterback in the league and he is not helping the Jets move in the right direction.

Over the past week, I’ve heard analysts say that Mark just needs a situation with a solid offensive line, and good receivers to throw to, with a stout running game…isn’t that what every quarterback needs?  Frankly, you don’t often have all those pieces of the puzzle, and it’s up to your best player, typically your QB, to help fill the gaps.  Mark Sanchez is certainly not that guy, and why people are so ready to give him 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances are beyond me.  And then there’s Tebow.  A guy who has started in 15 games.  A guy who the Jets threw into the game at the most random of times, with some of the most horrific play calling you’ll ever see.  He threw the ball 8 times (6 of which he connected on), and suddenly he is the odd man out.  No butt fumble, no 18 interceptions…but it’s his fault.

And now the consensus is that Tebow can not play.  What has changed since he threw that 80 yard, game winning, touchdown pass to Demarius Thomas in the playoffs with Denver just over a year ago?  Nothing, other than that Tebow hasn’t gotten on the field to play quarterback.  How do you go from Wild card winner to not playing?  It’s the Jets, and their plan to sabotage Tebow.  Say what you will about conspiracy theories, but the Jets simply could not forgive Tebow for how he dismantled the vaunted Jets defense on Thursday night Football the year previous, and they were determined to have their vengeance against him.  And come week 7, when the time was at hand for Tebow to replace Sanchez as the Jets starting Quarterback, Rex Ryan remained with the phrase “I still believe Mark gives us the best chance to win.”… it’s almost as bad as someone standing behind the statement “Water is not wet.”

Come on Rex, no one believes that, not even yourself.  I’m fairly certain you could have brought in Jimmy Clausen and had more success.  The real reason Rex never inserted Tebow was simply because he had built up Mark all season as the better quarterback, and if Tebow came in and proved otherwise, Rex surely would have been out of a job…which like Norv Turner, I fully expect for this to be Rex’s last chance.

But I’m not much for talking about the Jets so lets talk about Tebow.  He was cut this past week, and since then multiple teams have expressed their lack of interest in bringing him in despite their complete lack of talent at the position.  Analysts keep suggesting that Tebow needs to switch to Tight End, while many former players, and TV personalities continue to say that Tebow can not throw, and he needs to switch positions if he wishes to remain in the NFL.

The biggest insult was when he was offered a contract by the Omaha Beef, an Arena football team that offered Tebow a $75 per game contract, where they’d intend to use him as a fullback and tight end.  Seriously?

I’ve done a lot of research to come up with the graphic you see below and I think this graphic clearly defines Tebow’s success and his ability to be great based on what he’s done.  Make a note, that all 3 of these quarterbacks on this list were drafted #1 overall, and were given the reigns of their organization as soon as they walked in the door.  They didn’t have to earn the starting role.  They were drafted and groomed by the organization to be “THE” Guy.  As you’ll notice, that the stats are so similar, all the while Tebow has done this under much more scrutiny, expectation and overall lack of confidence on the part of the organization to allow him to succeed.

TEBOW  stats graphic

Also take note that between, these 3 guys, there are 5 superbowl victories.  1 is already a hall of famer, and the Manning brothers are sure fire hall of famers when their number comes up.  Some things to consider, Tebow has more overall touchdowns, a higher yards per attempt average, a better passer rating, and far less turnovers, in their first 15 starts.  15 games is what Tebow has to show for to date.

Everyone says the guy can’t pass, he can’t be a quarterback…after 15 games.  He took a previously 4-12 team, and then 1-4 team to go 7-4 and win a wild card playoff game.  He’s overall 9-6 in his career.  The guy can play and these statistics prove it.

The fact that there is no NFL team that is willing to bring him in and let him be the starting Quarterback is simply ridiculous to me.  If just 1 team would get behind him, give him the reigns and let him play his game.  That team would not just improve but within a year or two’s time compete for a division crown.

I’m seriously considering taking a year off from being a football fan, and scout.  I find it ridiculous that I continue to have to present these statistics of what Tim Tebow is capable of, when all he has done is shown it on the field.  This blog post wouldn’t exist, all the TV drama wouldn’t exist, all the hype would not exist, if this man couldn’t play.  The fact is he can, and simply put, there are so many people that can’t stand it.  From the fans all the way up to the top brass of the NFL.  I’d love to hear an argument that says he can’t play once you’ve marinated on these statistics for a minute.

Lastly in Tebow’s first 15 games, he has 9 wins to show for it.  Eli had 8, Elway had 7 and Peyton…3.

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6 Responses to “An NFL Blog that intentionally grounds the common perspective.( i think I already posted this but here it goes again)”

  1. J. R. York says:

    Tebow’s Sensational Statistical Success!
    * Tim Tebow vs. Tom Brady & Maurice James-Drew
    * Tom Brady 2O12 Stats
    4827 yards for 401 completions
    Equals 12 yards per completion
    * Tim Tebow 2013 Stats
    91 yards for 6 completions
    Equals 15 yards per completion
    * Brady 12, Tebow 15, Winner – Tebow! Tim Tebow

    • J. R. York says:

      Tebow Sensational Statistical Success
      Part 2!
      * Tim Tebow vs. Maurice Jones-Drew
      * MJD 2012 Stats
      4.8 yards per carry
      * Tim Tebow Stats
      30 yards for 6 carries = 5 yards per carry
      * Jones-Drew 4.8, Tebow 5,
      *** Winner – Tebow!

    • ck says:

      J. R. York: “WINNER!” The facts say it all!!! Ditto x 3!!!
      GO TEBOW!!!!

  2. J. R. York says:

    Joseph Robba,
    Finally, in you I’ve found a stats-minded, level-headed sports writer. Thanks for the comparative analysis between the Mannings, Elway, & Tebow. Belichick, I think, knew Tebow was too good to sit the bench behind Brady for years & Tebow was too smart to stay, when he could look for a franchize-guy role, elsewhere.

    • ck says:

      J.R. York: Believe it was too much competition for Brady as he was used to not sharing limelight with someone who is so phenomenal!!!! GREAT POST AND DEFINITELY AGREE “TEBOW WAS TOO GOOD TO SIT THE BENCH BEHIND BRADY FOR YEARS AND TEBOW WAS TOO SMART TO STAY…!”

  3. ck says:


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