Video and Audio from Urban Meyer’s ESPN ‘Car Wash’ Circuit Today

By 11W Staff – 31 July 2013

Meyer stopped by the “Debate Desk” at the First Take studio. First Take, being First Take, managed to work a Tim Tebow encore into the set:


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24 Responses to “Video and Audio from Urban Meyer’s ESPN ‘Car Wash’ Circuit Today”

  1. Bigfan says:

    Sincere! Urban knows and so does Bill…just wait and see all you naysayers!!

  2. tawk2 says:

    Thanks for posting Buzzy, I seen this yesterday via a comment on here. I love how Meyer always has Tim’s back. I know Stephen A. will not quit bashing Tim even though he promised not to talk bad about Tim anymore.

    I think though Meyer was holding back when asked if Tim could succeed now as an NFL quarterback, I think he knows Tim has to wait for Brady to be finished playing so he did not say anything to jeopardize Tim being in New England. Meyer knows what Tim is made of and knows he will go far in the NFL if only given a chance.

    • Bigfan says:

      Steven A. Smith (SAS) will be reminded of that promise for sure when the time comes…Skip already has it qued!

  3. shaztah says:

    Well at least the guy pointed out some positives on Tebow but couldn’t help but take a jab at the end.

    If you ask me all of this is a HUGE improvement for Tim since he used to be supposedly REALLY, REALLY bad at practice. Just imagine how well he will do in game action when given the chance.

    • tawk2 says:

      Thanks shaztah, It’s so funny how they always try to demean Tim in the end. I heard that on day one of practice that Brady was 6 for10 and threw and interception, Tim was also 6 for 10 and threw two interceptions, but Tim was horrendous that day. I have also noticed that several Patriots fans have tweeted that Mallet is not that good in practice, I have not heard much about how he is doing.

      Tim will show them all when it’s game time and he is given a fair shot!

      GO TEBOW!

  4. Lynn says:

    An excerpt from I something I posted elsewhere today:

    When Tim was signed by the Patriots in June Tedy Bruschi said, “These coaches in N.E. get intrigued by projects… (but) I don’t really think Tim Tebow’s a project. I’d call him more like a crusade, because Josh McDaniels, this is his guy. This is his guy that he drafted in the first round. He knows him very well and he feels like he can fix him… and when coaches get on that kick about trying to fix somebody and think we can get him playing good football, I think Tim Tebow is on this team for at least a year. I mean he is on this roster. They brought him in to learn under Tom Brady… but to teach him also. They want to fix him and help him become a quarterback because they feel there they can do it better than the Jets and (Broncos). … They want Tim Tebow to play quarterback.”

    I vote with Bruschi, Tim could play so badly in training camp that he loses this opportunity (and in that sense, he must earn his spot on the roster). However, both Belichick and McDaniels know well what they are getting with Tim so he would have to be really, really bad to lose his place on the team. Beyond that, they may or may not play Tim in some non-QB way this coming season, but that would be secondary and it is highly likely that they are all onboard with developing Tim’s full potential at QB and that is the bulk of the plan.

    Initials reports from today’s practice are mixed (per Paul Perillo at, but what I found most interesting is that they are running more zone-read option plays with Tim. So it would seem that although Tim is a student of Tom Brady, the plan is not for Tebow to be a Brady clone. That I think is kinda neat.

    Here is video of Damien Woody’s and Tedy Bruschi’s comments on Tebow as a Patriot and the above quote begins at 4:00. Remember that Bruschi was a Patriot for his entire 13-year NFL career and Woody, drafted by N.E. in the first round, played for them four years… they know the N.E. Patriots, and they know Belichick and McDaniels up close and personal, in the trenches so to speak…


    • Lynn says:

      More reports on practices today:

      Luke Hughes ‏@LukeFHughes 3h
      Tim Tebow had easily his best day in Patriots camp. Seemed decisive with throws and pretty accurate.

      Luke Hughes ‏@LukeFHughes 3h
      Tebow also spent a lot of time working 1-on-1 with Brian Daboll on mechanics again.

      Luke Hughes ‏@LukeFHughes 2h
      Tebow spent some time after the game throwing passes to a young kid on the field. They even ran some plays. #TheMoreYouKnow


      Derek Havens ‏@PatriotsHaven 3h
      Tebow has struggled again today. Two interceptions (from what I’ve seen) a lot of low balls. He continues to hold the ball for way too long.

      Luke Hughes ‏@LukeFHughes 2h
      @PatriotsHaven @ColumnsIVCards Definitely holding the ball for too long, but he was more accurate. Any improvement is news at this point.

      Derek Havens ‏@PatriotsHaven 2h
      @LukeFHughes @ColumnsIVCards I agree, Luke. Also holding the ball higher since working with Daboll


      Mike Reiss ‏@MikeReiss 2h
      Last Patriots player on the field after practice: Tim Tebow. He is throwing passes to a young fan in a No. 5 Patriots Tebow jersey.

      Mike Reiss ‏@MikeReiss 2h
      Photo: Tim Tebow with a handshake for a young fan who was catching passes from him after practice.

    • Lynn says:

      More on Today’s Tebow Report:

      Chat with Mike Reiss

      Rob (Boston)
      Mike I see the Pats only keeping 2 QB’s this season with Tebow as nothing more than a trade piece. I know Rex failed at getting that done, but I feel that with a strong preseason showing, BB could get something solid for him. Thoughts?

      Mike (12:57 PM)

      Rob, I don’t think anyone would trade for Tebow. I didn’t put Tebow on my initial 53-man roster projection, but after the first 5 days of practice, I’ve had a change of heart. I THINK HE’D BE ON THE TEAM IF WE WERE MAKING A 53-MAN ROSTER RIGHT NOW.


      Ben Volin ‏@BenVolin 1h
      Reader email: “I’m a Seminole and hate the Gators, but you gotta love Tebow.”

      Ben Volin ‏@BenVolin 2h
      And now Tebow is obliging the fans who patiently waited for his autograph. Practice ended 40 minutes ago

      Ben Volin ‏@BenVolin 11h
      On Football: All rational logic points to Tebow sticking with the #Patriots in 2013

    • Lynn says:

      Training camp Day 6 practice report
      Posted by Matt Pepin, Staff August 1, 2013 07:41 PM

      TOP PLAYS (five listed)

      • QB Tim Tebow showed really nice touch on a lob to Dobson for a touchdown, over DB Justin Green.


      Tebow is never going to have a perfect practice, but his accuracy was much better Thursday. In goal line seven-on-seven 7-on-7 drills, he hit Danny Amendola on a quick out for a touchdown, threw a square-in to Aiken in the back of the end zone for a touchdown, and also had a nice lob to Amendola in the back of the end zone for a touchdown. Tebow ran a few read-option plays ? it could have just been to help the defense prepare for it down the road ? and once again ran the scout team in the two-minute 2-minute drill.

      After practice, Tebow threw passes with a teenage kid wearing his jersey for 15 minutes, then obliged the small throng of fans who patiently waited 40 minutes for his autograph and a few pictures.


      • Ryan Mallett had a few reps with the ones, while Brady took a few with the twos. Tebow played almost exclusively with the threes, except for during a goal-line drill.

      • tawk2 says:

        Thanks Lynn and to all who have given information on Tim at training camp. It sounds really good, I know there are still those reporting who keep saying Tim is not doing well, but I feel they are not reporting the whole truth. Anyways thanks again for keeping us all up to date.

  5. shaztah says:

    WOW 2 positive articles in one day by 2 different people. This one basically say the same as I said above about practice and Tim 🙂 Still scared for preseason because the media will focus on Tim’s mistakes way more than mallet’s or anyone else’s for that matter.

  6. TheMascotArmy says:

    Thanks guys, you ate real time savers for me!

  7. David Oliver says:

    From the Boston Globe
    Count on Tim Tebow making Patriots roster
    By Ben Volin

    It’s true that the Patriots have only kept two quarterbacks on the roster in three of the past four seasons. And the two-year-old rule that eliminated the third quarterback designation, and allows teams to keep 46 players active on game day, certainly discourages teams from keeping a third quarterback.
    But here’s a news flash for anyone who thinks Tim Tebow is battling for a roster spot with the Patriots and may not make the team come September:
    Tebow isn’t going anywhere.
    The Patriots would never say it, of course, but when they signed him in June he all but had a roster spot locked up barring some sort of catastrophe (of course, given the events of this summer, you can’t rule out anything with the Patriots).
     Everything you need to know about Tebow
    Keeping three quarterbacks used to be the norm until 2009, when Bill Belichick started going with just one backup for Tom Brady (although they kept three as recently as 2011).
    The Patriots can cut Tebow before the regular season with no penalty, of course — his two-year, minimum salary deal doesn’t have any guaranteed money — and he might end up being inactive most weeks, perhaps all 16 games.
    But all logic points to Tebow staying a Patriot for at least 2013 season. Here’s why:
    He’s not a “camp arm.”
    Every team has three quarterbacks in camp, and some teams have four, even if they only plan on keeping two for the regular season. That’s because teams need “camp arms” — guys who can work with the scout team receivers, take a majority of the snaps in the preseason games, and keep the starter’s arm fresh during five grueling weeks of camp. If the Patriots were interested only in having a “camp arm” as their third quarterback, they couldn’t have made a worse choice than Tebow, whose biggest weakness is his pocket passing.
    Tebow struggles in seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 drills, missing badly on throws and rarely getting the timing of the offense down right.
    It’s much harder to evaluate wide receivers when Tebow is throwing the ball.
    He’s a scrambler and an improviser — a darn good one — but when it comes to slinging the ball from the pocket, Tebow is not NFL caliber. At least not yet.
    Mike Kafka, the No. 3 quarterback cut when Tebow was signed, would have made much more sense if the Patriots were only interested in a “camp arm.”
    Plus, the Patriots know what Tebow brings to the table — offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels drafted him and spent a year with him in Denver, after all — and they know better than anyone that Tebow is a long-term project.
    Why bother signing him if you’re only going to give him a month to prove himself? Instead, he likely will get an entire year.
    “It’s hard to gauge things at this point,” McDaniels said Monday about evaluating a player like Tebow. “But I’m sure he’ll listen and take the coaching the way he always has and try to work to get better every day.”
    He’s useful.
    Let’s be clear — the Patriots plan on developing him at quarterback. He has only spent time in the quarterback meeting room, and 99 percent of his time has been spent working on his skills at the position.
    But there’s no question he brings more to the table than a traditional backup.
    Yes, he can line up at fullback or tight end in a pinch, and his presence on the roster will give opposing defensive coordinators something to think about in terms of the trick plays Belichick might be concocting. Monday night, he worked as the punt protector three times, and he can be a secret weapon on fake punts.
    Additionally, Tebow’s mobility could be useful during the season when helping the Patriots prepare to defend the read-option, which is all the rage now in the NFL. The Patriots only face two read-option quarterbacks this year — Ryan Tannehill and Cam Newton — but who knows come playoff time?
    And they’re going to have to trade Ryan Mallett before too long — his contract runs out after 2014, and he almost certainly would leave via free agency instead of re-upping in New England to spend another three years behind Brady, signed through 2017 (and now talking like he wants to play well past 40).
    Tebow now gets the first shot to prove that he can be a capable No. 2 behind Brady, which would allow the Patriots to trade Mallett next offseason.
    The Patriots need more guys like him in the locker room.
    Lord knows they need more high-character guys these days. Aaron Hernandez hasn’t been the only bad seed to come through the locker room the last few years, of course.
    When it comes to representing the organization, no one does it better than Tebow. He spends 30-45 minutes signing autographs and taking pictures after most practices, long after the other players have escaped to the locker room.
    The next time Tebow is caught up in a genuine off-field controversy will be the first. He has a knack for always saying and doing the right thing, and capping it off with an All-American, “God bless.”
    Tebow is also insanely competitive and refuses to be outworked.
    His exploits in the University of Florida weight room, in which he often took on the linebackers and linemen, were legendary. On days he doesn’t sign autographs, he spends 20-30 minutes after practice working on his throws with the coaches.
    “He’s got a great work ethic,” Belichick said. “Great.”
    The Patriots need more people like Tebow in the locker room — a guy who will shut his mouth, work hard, and uphold the “Patriot Way” in the community.
    “Whenever you can get a competitive, first-grade person to join your team, you never know what happens,” owner Robert Kraft said in June.
    “I don’t think there’s any coach who wouldn’t like to have a team full of people like he is.
    “You can’t get enough people like that on your team.”
    Ben Volin can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @BenVolin

  8. ck says:

    Great read and thanks to all as Tawk2 posted…like I said, can get ALL THE T2 NEWS HERE WHICH IS A+++!!! THANKS TO BUZZY TOO!!!

    • tawk2 says:

      ck I too love to come here and get the latest on Tim and not have to read all the non positive stories out there.

      We have a great group of people and a wonderful leader in Buzzy! It’s so nice to have a place to come and support Tim and each other.

      Go TEBOW!

  9. Bigfan says:

    I have decided to make a Patriot practice as long as Timmy is there another “ToDo” on my bucket list!!
    Thanks all for the posts.

    P.S. You know someone has or will make some sort of challenge for Timmy i.e. holding a sledge hammer like he did at the Jets, just to see if what they have heard is for real.

  10. tawk2 says:

    Has anyone heard how Tim did today Friday August 2 in training camp? Thanks for any information.

    • Sage says:

      I haven’t seen much at all.

      • tawk2 says:

        Thanks Sage. I know practice today did not start till around 2:20 so maybe that is why. I can never figure out how to find tweets about practice. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

        I seen that training camp goes through August 15th.

    • Lynn says:

      Practice observations:
      Friday, August 2, 2013 By: Jeff Howe

      Tim Tebow has been running a different offense than Brady and Ryan Mallett. It’s focused more on Tebow’s playing style, and the plays haven’t been run off coaches’ cards, which means they’ve already been installed. This is clearly a case of running plays to Tebow’s strength, rather than forcing him to become something he’s not. –

    • Lynn says:

      Jeff Howe ‏@jeffphowe Aug 2 5h
      These Tebow reps have been installed. They’re not running off cards, so not geared toward defense. Playing to his unique strengths.

      Derek Havens ‏@PatriotsHaven Aug 2 6h
      Tebow has some more zip on his passes today. His accuracy from under center is still a little off, but he has been impressive rolling out

    • Lynn says:

      Friday’s Patriots practice observations
      August 2, 2013 Andy Hart Patriots Football

      The seventh practice of camp included plenty of notable occurrences in terms of injuries, personnel changes and, as always, the latest development in the headline-grabbing life of Tim Tebow .

      Though it wasn’t the crispest of workouts – the offense continues to battle inconsistency, including one stretch where three consecutive short passes from Tom Brady /Tebow fell incomplete, despite working against no defense in group action – the competition continues to be solid on both sides of the ball as the battle for roles, jobs and roster spots continues.

      Tebow running the option out of the Pistol? Devin McCourty getting reps at cornerback again? Read on to find out all the happenings from today’s workout in Foxborough.

      –Maybe the most interesting aspect of the practice was watching Tebow run the option out of the Pistol. Though he’s been running a few option plays the last couple days, this was the most we’ve seen of the Pistol and the option to date. The Pistol formation is one in which the quarterback lines up in a short shotgun with a back behind him. In a couple off the looks Tebow had a fullback lined up offset to his left, while the deep back motioned to that spot out of the slot. Not surprising based on his history and experience, but Tebow looks most comfortable running the option as opposed to the Patriots traditional offense.

      –Brady, Tebow, Forston and a couple other Patriots met with the media after the practice. Tebow declined to comment on the controversy swirling around his former teammate and current Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper.

    • Lynn says:

      Dowling, Cunningham absent from practice
      By Shalise Manza Young
      | Globe Staff
      August 02, 2013

      It also was not a crisp day for the offense — even in warm-ups — with Tom Brady and Tim Tebow throwing to receivers running the route tree with no defense, there were three straight drops.


      Tebow took just five snaps in 11-on-11 work, with just one pass attempt – a completion to Michael Hoomanawanui. Otherwise, he carried it three times and handed off once to Leon Washington. There also was a bad snap that went over his head. Tebow retrieved it and scrambled for a couple of yards.

      He chatted with reporters after practice, and talked about working with offensive assistant Brian Daboll, who has been working with Tebow. At times, Tebow and some reserves have gone to the second field for seven-on-seven work and Daboll is tutoring Tebow.

      After meeting with media, Tebow spent more time signing autographs, to the delight of the remaining fans.

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