Tim Tebow survives first Patriots cuts


Tim Tebow
Elise Amendola
Time Tebow is one of three quarterbacks on the New England roster.


Tim Tebow survived the New England Patriots’ cut to 77 players on Monday.

The Patriots must make two more moves before Tuesday’s league deadline to get to 75. The final roster cut comes after the fourth exhibition game later this week.

Nine-year NFL linebacker Niko Koutovides was among those released.

Koutovides, who played the last two years in New England, saw action in the final 14 regular-season and both postseason games last year. He made eight special teams tackles and one on defense in the regular season, then made one stop in the playoffs.

Also released were wide receiver Kamar Aiken, rookie cornerback Brandon Jones, cornerback LeQuan Lewis and rookie long snapper Mike Zupancic.

Rookie defensive lineman Cory Grissom and tackle Markus Zusevics were placed on injured reserve and defensive lineman Armond Armstead and wide receiver Mark Harrison were placed on the reserve/non-football injury list.

In addition, cornerback Stephon Morris and defensive lineman Scott Vallone were re-signed. Morris had been signed May 3 and released Aug. 1, while Vallone had been signed Aug. 1 and released Aug. 19.

The Patriots, coming off a 40-9 preseason drubbing at the hands of the Lions in Detroit last Thursday – with Tebow not playing a down — host the New York Giants in the preseason finale Thursday, then open the season at Buffalo on Sept. 8

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6 Responses to “Tim Tebow survives first Patriots cuts”

  1. bigfan says:

    He will be playing against the Giants this Thursday. Then it is on to the final 53 man roster.

    Do remember this is game 4(way different than game 3) of the preseason coaches are making the “Final” roster they have to make their run at the Super Bowl with.

  2. shaztah says:

    Of course he did. I will say he will make the 53 man roster and spend this year developing and become the #2 next year. I still believe in my prediction that he will sign another 2 year deal after next year or during it and in 2015 Brady will retire and Tim will be the new face of the franchise with a new offense that will look sime of similar to what the 49ers and Redskins are doing. Bill knows the tides are changing with more mobile athletic QB’s coming out of college and the days of the statue in the pocket are coming to an end. I have always believed that if Tim was not forced to change his motion he would have been just fine. I watch Russel Wilson and Kapernick and they both drop the ball down to their waist before they throw but I guess that is ok for them but not for Tim. He was extremely accurate with the old motion so the question is how long does it take a person to develop accuracy while learning to throw? Do QB’s throw with great accuracy in Jr. High? How about High School? Most develop in college, that is 6-7 years after they start playing. Tim is like that kid and has to learn all over again and needs consistant coaching to do it.In year one he was learning with someone who believed in him and was doing better. In year 2 no one cared to teach him because he was not wanted and they did not believe in him. He still won games even with all of that. Year 3 was a total waste of time, you know no one bothered training him or believed in him. So yes Tim has been in the league for 3 years(4 this year) but has had almost no coaching or consistency. This year the NE Patriots believe in him and are providing him with a coach just for him and an offense just for him too. I doubt BB would have wasted his coach’s time or the energy if he did not have a plan. He knows it will take time for Tim to learn “the most complex offense” in the NFL. Time will tell but I will always believe in Tim because he can do anything that he sets his mind to.

  3. jason says:

    I agree for the most part but so long as brady is healthy and can perform he’s not gonna retire for atleast 4 years and he shows no sign of not being able to do that other than injury and as much as i’d like tim to start for the patriots oneday i wonder if tebow is willing to stay there that long. They aren’t trading brady either.
    Dont forget with the other teams like seahawks, 49ers and the new crop of QBs they run read elements less than 10% of the time. Its great to have a QB that can move but its all about execution of the offense that can win not just type of offense. The new crop still is very good in the pocket. Thats what tim needs and i think another team will trade for him or he sign with another team but minus injury to brady its gonna be 4 or more years with brady and he isnt beating brady out. In that offense no QB is beating out brady much like no one is beating brees out in new orleans or rodgers in green bay. And brady has said his plans to play for as long as he can and its completely realistic to see brady play thru the 2016 season. Minus injury to brady its almost zero chance that doesn’t happen and has been before tim went to the patriots and kraft is all for that so is belichick from interviews they’ve given. i think it might be tim with another team starting cause i wonder how long he’d be willing to wait if an option somewhere else comes up.

  4. Brandi says:

    I wasn’t sure about this signing when it happened and I’m no closer now. Belichick has liked Tim since he was at Florida. And he’s always liked having Players with different skills that afford him the potential for lots of different looks. If Bill Belichick was a Baseball Manager, he’d love Pitchers with a good Change-Up. Sometimes you can strike a Hitter out with it. But what you can almost always do is keep the other guy off-balance.

    The basic strategy of any Offense is to create mis-matches. For years the Patriots have done that by throwing in just enough twists to keep opposing defenses never quite sure what’s coming next. Plus, Bill has always liked going for it on 4th and short. Well, having Mr Automatic on 2 Yard Plays can’t hurt.

    Tim’s being a Patriot can be beneficial for the Patriots in many ways. But the ways it’s good for Tim, I’m still struggling with somewhat.

  5. David Oliver says:

    Audio of Tebow Interview Aug 26, 2013 – and Questions about his Faith:


    GO TIM !!

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