Tebow earning rave reviews as Patriots punt protector

Tim Tebow .


Tim Tebow threw eight passes for the Jets last season. Chances are, barring an injury to future Hall of Famer Tom Brady, the backup celebrity-quarterback will never see meaningful action under center with the Patriots this season.

Tebow has spent the majority of training camp working out as a quarterback –participating in meetings, practicing in a red, non-contact jersey and running the third-team offense — but coach Bill Belichick could still have a few tricks up his sleeve that the Jets may have envisioned, but weren’t able to implement effectively.


“I think that we’ll use Tim wherever we feel like he’s best for the team,” Belichick said at the start of camp, “and I know that’s what he’s committed to doing as well. Whatever that is.”

Tebow has spent time catching balls with skill position players, perhaps a sign of some use at tight end, but this past week he’s returned to special teams, where he spent part of last season with the Jets as the most famous punt protector in NFL history.

Tebow had mixed results, giving up a blocked punt, while also executing some fakes, but Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko has been impressed with Tebow’s ability to play so many different roles.

“He’s a very versatile athlete and a pretty good quarterback,” Mesko said, according to the Boston Herald. “I think last practice [Saturday] was the first time I kind of [was] involved more in the situations and was into the game more. He did a great job. I’m not really commenting on other teammates, but he’s definitely bringing something else to the plate.”

Mesko also joined the countless teammates and coaches over the years to appreciate how he helps off the field.

“He’s a pretty good guy,” said Mesko. “I love what he brings to the team and what he brings to the field.”

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  1. David Oliver says:


    Bill Belichick hints at running Wildcat (in practice) and why Patriots have Tim Tebow 08.07.13 at 11:58 am ET

    By Mike Petraglia
    Bill Belichick surveys the practice field in Philadelphia. (AP)
    When the Patriots signed Tim Tebow the day before June mini-camp, there was immediate speculation as to the reason why.

    Were the Patriots signing him as a quarterback, tight end, receiver, running back or something else?

    The speculation did not end there. Would he even make the team? What reason was there for him to be on the roster?

    On Wednesday, before the second of three practices with the Eagles, Bill Belichick was asked about the read-option offense that has become quite the sensation among some NFL offense coordinators and defensive coordinators charged with stopping it.

    Do the Patriots have to prepare for seeing more of it now?

    “I mean we got into the Wildcat,” Belichick said of defending Philadelphia’s version on Tuesday. “It was something we prepared for every week. Some teams did it, some teams didn’t. Most every team that we played a couple years ago had at least shown it at some point during the year – maybe not necessarily against us but against another opponent, whoever their Wildcat-type player was.

    “I think there are a lot of quarterbacks in the league that aren’t going to run a read, riding the side or that option type of thing. Then, there are quarterbacks that are capable of running it, whether they do or don’t, depending on their scheme, offensive coordinator and coach and all that. We definitely have to run it and be ready for it but I don’t know. I don’t know how it’s going to go.”

    What is very possible is that the Patriots acquired Tebow to give their starting defense a different look during practices during the regular season, whether it’s a Wildcat or a read-option, and it’s very much like Belichick to have a player on his roster smart enough and diligent enough to serve that singular role. Belichick has already commended Tebow for his work ethic and his intelligence in meetings.

    Both figure to serve him and the Patriots well going forward.

    The Patriots and Eagles moved their practice up to 10:15 a.m. in Philadelphia, as to avoid bad weather predicted for Philadelphia later in the day

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