Setting Odds of Tim Tebow Making New England Patriots’ Final Roster

By Zach Kruse

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Setting Odds of Tim Tebow Making New England Patriots’ Final Roster
By Zach Kruse(Featured Columnist) on August 23, 2013 7,762 reads
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Next Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports Tim Tebow’s odds of making the New England Patriots’ 53-man roster were not significantly reduced when the third-string quarterback failed to play a single snap against the Detroit Lions on Thursday night.

However, Tebow remains less than a 50/50 bet to make the team, and he’ll likely need a strong performance in New England’s fourth and final preseason game to convince the Patriots that he’s worth keeping around as the third quarterback.

Overall, Tebow’s absence from New England’s 40-9 loss to the Lions has been mostly overblown in terms of its impact on his eventual roster spot.

According to Ian Rapoport of, the Patriots’ plan was to always play only two quarterbacks. That script played out as planned. Starter Tom Brady played the entire first half, completing 16 of 24 passes for 185 yards and an interception. Backup Ryan Mallett, who threw for 96 yards and a score on 22 attempts, took the third and fourth quarters.

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One reason Tim Tebow didn’t play last night? Plan was always to play 2 QBs in Week 3. Patriots did the same thing last year in Week 3.10:02 AM – 23 Aug 2013
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Tebow was one of just three healthy players who didn’t see a single snap Thursday.

Bill Belichick’s decision to keep Tebow nailed to the bench during the preseason’s third week certainly doesn’t bode well for his chances of seeing the field once the regular season begins. Teams typically treat the third exhibition game as a dress rehearsal for the real games, with those players expected to play meaningful roles getting an extended regular-season tune up.

However, the decision does not doom Tebow’s chances of being one of the 53 Patriots selected for the final roster come Aug. 31.

Last season, Belichick also played only two quarterbacks during the third preseason game. While Brian Hoyer, the third-string quarterback back then, was cut the next week, New England’s roster situation is certainly different this summer.

The Patriots’ decision to keep or cut Tebow will likely rest on Belichick’s affinity for the depth at running back, receiver and tight end. If there aren’t enough roster-ready players at those three offensive positions, New England could still keep Tebow as a developmental third quarterback.

There’s always the possibility of Tebow’s roster spot hinging on the fate of tight end Rob Gronkowski, who is currently recovering from offseason back surgery. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, any decision from the Patriots to put Gronkowski on the regular-season PUP list could create the roster flexibility needed for a third quarterback on the roster.

Still, Tebow needs to make a statement during New England’s preseason finale against the New York Giants.

Buzzy Says : this is about Pro Tebow as the news gets

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8 Responses to “Setting Odds of Tim Tebow Making New England Patriots’ Final Roster”

  1. shaztah says:

    No mention of Mallett being 11 of 22. How about he was 4 for 12 at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Of course not! I can’t wait until 8-31 and Tim is still on the Pat’s roster so that the people will stop running their traps about things that they know nothing about!

  2. Sage says:

    When Tebow was a rookie playing for McDaniels, he scored a handfull of TDs as a substitute for Orton (if memory serves). Someone who can do that has value. Of course, Tim has lots of value in other regards, too. My guess is that BB believes he’s worth a roster spot, even if he is not expected to start or even to be second string.

    It’s not like Tim merely duplicates skills held by some other player. He’s totally unique. Put him on special teams for the Jets, and he recovers an onside kick.

    • Tisa says:

      I think your comment about Tim being unique is what Belichick repeatedly says about him and that is the reason why I think BB will believe that he is worth a roster spot.

  3. tawk2 says:

    I too cannot wait for Tim to make the 53 man roster so that everyday there is not another story about Tim being cut.

    I keep praying all will work out for Tim. I guess we will all know soon, when the 53 man roster gets posted.

    I agree with you all in your above comments.

  4. Brandi says:

    Two years ago Tim Tebow was Voted by NFL Players as one of the 100 Best in the League. Today, the talk is will he make 1 of 53 slots for one Team. What transpired in between? Really…absolutely nothing. How in the world it’s been allowed that absence of Playing Time can be perceived as absence of Ability is beyond me.

    Y’All know my feelings about NFL Media…**For Entertainment Purposes ONLY** Heck, these are the same people who mocked “Soccer Style” Place Kickers and called the coming Option Offenses a “Gimmick”…which, by the way, they also called the current “NFL Offenses” when they first hit the League.

    NFL Media isn’t going to change until NFL Fans demand they are more substantive, thoughtful and do actual Analysis instead of 30-second soundbites that become the pro-forma Conventional Wisdom. When real substantive issues are discussed or real analysis takes place, people change the channel. Until that changes, this type of aggravation will continue.

    Joe Montana went through much of the same “bad rap” stuff Tebow has because he “can only be successful in that gimmick Offense”…the West Coast Offense. None of this is new. It just seems magnified with Tim because “Media” is at everyone’s fingertips and Tim Tebow is the Most Popular Player in NFL History.

    If his fans can’t change the rhetoric, who the heck can?

    • ck says:


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