Seattle Seahawks’ 40-10 thumping of the Denver Broncos


Jets 37 Jags 13


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3 Responses to “Seattle Seahawks’ 40-10 thumping of the Denver Broncos”

  1. Sage says:

    Thank you for posting, Buzzy.

    Based on the on-line scoreboard, it looked like Brock Osweiller played about 3/4 of the game, and led the team to three points.

    It’s possible that other Broncos made a turnover near the goal. But still it doesn’t look like Os is any kind of scoring machine. I believe his total was similar last week.

    Until Tebow puts up more numbers, I can’t take a lot of schadendreuda (sp) in that kind of thing, but I probably will when he does. It blows my mind how Elway named Os “our QB of the future” before the kid had even thrown a preseason pass for the Donkeys or won 8 games in the NCAA. Sharp contrast to Elway’s treatment of Tebow.

    C’mon Tim. Get it together ’cause that’s how you belong.

  2. ck says:

    Thanks for posting Buzz and Sage…have to agree that title really got my attention!!! All of T2s fans are vindicated to say the least!!!

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