Preseason Blitz: Tim Tebow has minus-1 yard passing in a full half of work

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This time, a national-television audience got to see the Patriots’ Tim Tebow quarterback experiment.

Round two didn’t go any better.

Tebow struggled during extended playing time in last week’s preseason opener, and on Friday night he got the entire second half against the Buccaneers, in a game shown nationally on Fox. He struggled again. To say the least.

Two throws, his first one of the game and another on second down in the fourth quarter, were so far away from any target it was hard to tell who he was intending the pass to. In the fourth quarter, he sailed a pass well over Kenbrell Thompkins’ head and it was picked off.


His one highlight, before a nice first down run late in the game, was a 15-yard run on a (USA Today Sports Images)third and 11. It was wiped out because of a holding penalty.

Tebow finished 1-of-7 for minus-1 yard passing. That’s in a full half of work. The only completion he had was on a bubble screen that was tackled behind the line of scrimmage. He wasn’t responsible for a first down until a 12-yard run at the two-minute warning. He finished with 30 yards rushing, but his rushing ability has never been questioned. He continues to regress as a passer, and if he doesn’t reverse that trend he might not be in the NFL much longer.

Perhaps the Patriots believe Tebow could help them out in a severe emergency in the regular season, perhaps with a heavy read-option attack, or contribute somewhere other than quarterback. Or, perhaps they feel he can develop as a quarterback if he spends more time in the organization. But right now, it’s hard to see what other reason the Patriots would have for keeping him on the 53-man roster.

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15 Responses to “Preseason Blitz: Tim Tebow has minus-1 yard passing in a full half of work”

  1. tawk2 says:

    And so it begins all the negative stories. We will hear about Tim being cut all day today. Collin Kapernick was 1 for 3 with negative yards as well. But the press says he only played one series, so that’s alright.

    Anyways it will be a long week, I just pray Tim can do better in the next pre season game and that Bill and Josh do not give up on him.

    I seen that Skip Bayless said that the option was not even played last night with Tim. I just hate all the negative comments out there right now, and with the bad play last night it only fuels the fires.

    Anyways I still believe in you Tebow, keep your head up and never give up!

  2. Brandi says:

    It’s the Pre-Season. Belichick said over and over last night “Training Camp is not over.” Pre-Season Games were always sort of a joke. But now that there’s only 2 weeks of Camp, 12 Practices, and almost none of them with any significant contact, Premies definitely aren’t worth much in evaluating. About all a Coach can do is look where Plays went wrong and try to determine how much is design, how much is the poor communication you’d expect this early, how much is a communication problem that needs to be fixed and how much is the Players themselves.

  3. bigfan says:

    I did see Tim play/stay in the “Pocket” (which is what I think the coaches wanted to see last night) and Tim was not at all accurate with his throws however his form and zip on the ball was noticeably improved. That definitely shows he has improved…accuracy excluded!

    You can bet Tim is out there this am working and improving.

    • Brandi says:

      I didn’t see the Game. I had in on the radio in the background. I’ll look at the film later. But it sounded like the Pats stepped back a bit from last week when it looked like they were running an Offense more closely suited to Tim. They have some decisions to make; and Brady’s injury scare brought alotta that more to the fore.

      If Tom goes down early and hard, the Patriots have to decide if they’ll insert Mallett or Tim and a different Offense. Either approach has its merits and its problems. They also have the long term and it’s been sounding for almost a year like Ryan Mallett probably isn’t it. If, as much of the speculation has been, the Pats end up trading him, there’s some decent rationale behind doing it this year. But not if the Pats feel that leaves them with a hole to plug. If they think Tebow could be that plug, the options the Pats have are greatly increased.

      I still would like to see them try Tim as a “Cutter” Back a bit. He and Brady in the same backfield. A Cutter is the ultimate “Wildcat” arrangement. He could literally be anywhere on the Field on any Play, including behind Center. It would add a dimension to the Patriots Offense that would make an already tough to slow down Pats O almost unstoppable AND give Tim the opportunity to be very much a Feature in their schemes.

      • jason says:

        I look for belichick to do something like that or atleast have it in the playbook. What i’d expect to see of it will be at some point in the second half of the bills game to give rex a headache on a short week of prep. Just things like that let tebow be an asset to the team for eating up practise time. He can benefit without playing much.

  4. shaztah says:

    All I know is some people even his fans must have expected a miracle. Of course after 14 years with the same system Tom Brady is going to be “Tom Brady” and after 3 years with the “SAME OFFENSE” Ryan Mallett will look good and after 2 months into his 6 offense Tim will look rough. People need to be realistic about things. When he first signed with the Pat’s how many of his fans stated that they hoped he would sit this year and learn the system and get better. It is going to take at least this year to “LEARN THE MOST COMPLEX SYSTEM” in the NFL. They need to showcase Mallett so that he has a chance to make a team as a possible starter and Tim will learn everyday. If after this year they don’t see improvement from Tim then let him go. I heard last night how Mallett in his first year in the system he sucked so bad that is why they had 3 QB’s. I think Bill and company will give Tim time.

    • rickdove says:

      I agree with your thoughtful explanation on why tebow looked bad. However, he looked pretty bad even for a rookie. I’m hoping things start getting better soon..

    • Sage says:

      I don’t expect Tim to look like Brady, Mallet or Manning. But he’ll have to complete passes at some point. We know he can. He did well in such a system during his rookie year.

      • Tisa says:

        I agree with you, Sage. Timmy is going to have to show that he can pass. Last night kind of baffled me. I had read about a lot of good things last week and then he comes out the way he did last night. I know he is out there this morning “fighting to get better”, as he said last night. I wonder where the Timmy I know went. I looked for him to step it up at the end and get a touchdown any way, any how. I hope Bigfan is right and that he was doing things the coaches wanted and they saw what they wanted to see. I am praying for a great week of practice and a breakout game next week. God Bless, Timmy, I know he must be extremely frustrated this morning.

        • Sage says:

          One thing I gather about Tebow is that he is disciplined in doing what he is told, and that he will weather the criticism from those who don’t know the whole story.

          Last year, I was surprised by 2 passes he made during Jets preseason games. Both were roll-outs to the right, and he missed badly. As someone said, when he misses, he misses quite visibly. Interstingly, absent an interception, the flagrant miss isn’t any more costly than a close incompletion.

          Although I haven’t viewed or reviewed the game, I’m wondering how the offense’s total production was while he was in. If the offense is getting more ground yardage while Tebow is under center than otherwise, coaches probably don’t care whether Tim himself is gaining those yards. The scoring drive last week was physical and impressive. It appears they could have scored in the closing minutes last night as well.

          Last night’s stats were ugly, but people probably forget that a half with only a few first-downs isn’t so rare.

  5. Bubbaelvis says:

    I watched the whole game on Fox and went to bed disappointed. In retrospect, I think Bigfan is probably right. Tim did stay in the pocket and that is probably what the coaches wanted to see. I was also a little surprised they didn’t have him in the read option type offense he ran against the Eagles. However, when I thought about it they play the Bucs early this season so maybe they didn’t want to show anything. Whatever the case is, he didn’t throw the ball well. I am really hoping they have long range plans for him and these are baby steps in his development. The Patriots seem to respect him and will give him a fair chance. By the way what is the “cutter” position/offense? I see this posted once in a while and wonder if anyone has seen a team use this.

    • Brandi says:

      A Cutter Back is a Back used in some Option Offenses that is sort of the Wild Card Player. On any given Play, he can be in a slot, at the Line, anywhere in the Backfield, including behind Center and very often is sent in Motion. He could end up Running the Ball, Catching the Ball, Blocking or Throwing the Ball. It takes someone capable of doing all of those things. Lots of versatility and tons of athleticism.

      Depending on how they’re used, it’s like having a 2nd QB on the Field who also can do everything else.

  6. lex says:

    thank you for the explanation, brandi.

    i do have a question and that is are there currently any teams that utilize that particular kind of talent?

    • Brandi says:

      It hasn’t been used YET in the NFL. But I’d be surprised if we don’t start seeing some of it. Buffalo might end up being the first. The Redskins and Eagles are already set up almost perfectly for it as are, to lesser extents, the 49ers and Seahawks. When the Jaguars signed Denard Robinson, they officially listed him as “Offensive Weapon”. He could easily be a Cutter back. But would the Jags try to run such an Offense? And, if they did, does anyone think Blaine Gabbert could run it? Chad Henne…maybe. It would certainly add a desperately needed twist for them.

  7. Bubbaelvis says:

    I also thank you for the explanation Brandi. It sounds like it would be the perfect fit for Tim. He could contribute as the cutter back while still developing as a QB. It would make for some entertaining football. How about it Patriots?

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